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Era to Seighart [Foot travel]

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#1Constantine Librorum 

Era to Seighart [Foot travel] Empty on Wed May 24, 2017 4:01 pm

Constantine Librorum
His trip to Era had proved fruitful at the very least, having visited the cities library multiple times. He had come across a few hidden gems within the hallowed walls, things that would prove useful in the near to distant future at the very least. Now however, now was not the time for him to use such research as he whistled for his companion to come down from the skies to give him a ride to his next destination.

The green lifeform Cell had made a call out to all combatants to be in Seighart for a battle of sorts, and truly this would be the best chance to not only test himself as a fighter but also to possibly scout out potential companions for a future quest he would undertake. It would be a long and arduous one but he knew he'd have to travel out to Seven eventually to reclaim whatever was left of the Initiative, even if it meant storing the rubble and carcasses themselves. He was almost certain that the location was undisturbed, it was too far out into the wilderness to be noticed by any sort of local authorities.

The sun would continuously beat down upon his neck as the long green dragon floated lazily down to a height of three meters, enough distance off the ground for him to jump up too but still high enough for it to be considered floating. It would wait until he was fully seated upon it's back before flying up and away from the cities walls, the town turning smaller and smaller into the background as he returned to his thoughts, mainly on to those of one small platinum blonde midget that he had gotten to know in Crocus.

He wondered where she had went. She had stopped showing up or bothering him after awhile and that could only mean she was dead or had left town. Though if she had left without saying anything then that could only mean that she had to truly skip town without saying goodbye. The thought of that made him slightly sad but he understood that some people just didn't have time for pleasantries if they were truly pressed for time, and he wasn't the easiest of people to locate nor talk too.

He'd look up from the book in his hand as the sight of mountains began to appear in his vision, the thought of the upcoming struggle fresh in his mind. This would be a trying moment and whether or not he was prepared was moot now, he was already on his way and so he had better be prepared. Luckily, he knew there would likely be other fighters there and thus their side would likely have the numbers advantage. Now he just hoped that they all weren't stupid as well.

The green dragon would lower itself as it reached the designated meeting area. Coiling itself about before launching itself skywards until needed once more as Teiho covered his eyes and sighed. After traveling for four days and nights his body would take a bit of stretching to get back into working order. He just hoped that there would be someone around to help him with that.

-Exit into Seighart-

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