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'Hoping for you'

Kiryu was settled in on the bed right next to Roman. Both had passed out after a long night of drinking and smoking. Snores filled the apartment even so much that the fan couldn't drown out the sound. The timer on the clock hit ten and the the alarm went off. The sound came as a loud wake up call.

A loud ear piercing noise that could wake anyone up. Of course to the two sleeping in the king sized bed it was a reminder that they had shit to do. Both of their eyes opened up and it seemed they said it in unison. “Fuck.” Roman reached over and slapped the alarm to quiet it.

Ever since his rescue he has been living with Roman for reasons. The Guild Master felt that it was only right that Kiryu stuck with Roman after the daring rescue. Not to mention where else was he going to stay? He couldn't stay in the guild hall with no owner. To despite being able to transform he was still seen as a common house hold animal that could talk. Roman of course enticed the idea of having a companion who could conform to his ways. It seemed they became good friends in no time flat really. They could sleep in the same bed with no issue. Then again Kiryu was still a cat even though he was a mythical animal. They stumbled into the bathroom together. Kiryu turned into his human form for a moment. Roman had become accustomed to it over the past couple of days. So it didn't bother him to have a half naked man standing next to him in the morning.

The agreement was Kiryu didn't have to wear anything but pants. Male dong flopping around even if it was temporary before he went back to cat form was a bit much to handle. Not to mention it questioned his sexually constantly. Also it was fucking weird, I mean come one he was a talking cat in reality. A Nekomata wasn't normal even in the magic realm. Essentially exceeds were cat demons that seemed to find themselves attached to a human. Seems Roman was lucky enough to become paired with one.  They both looked into the mirror with tired eyes and brushed their teeth quietly. Taking turns doing what they needed to do in the bathroom. They also had a understanding to never shower together. It was okay if one used the toilet and the other showered but never together.

[Mintues later]

Kiryu was in his human form making breakfast while Roman looked over a mask he had made. After seeing Kruger, it sparked something inside him. For this upcoming bout with the being that could end the world he needed to stay anonymous. Why? Who knows what manner of people were going to show up to this. It could potentially be the end of the world. It was a tournament and people from all walks of life were going to be there. It only seemed right to get a mask fitted at the moment. He didn't need any added heat from others in the tournament. Did not need it to get nasty while the fight was going on. Kiryu did not pay Roman any mind instead he made four sunny side up eggs. They were accompanied by slices of crisp bacon. Something simple that Roman taught him so they could trade off cooking. The shirtless cat man brought two plates with food on them. Roman was sitting on the couch looking at the mask. It boasted a smile but it looked lifeless. It was a special mask that offered no real added protection but it was enough to mask his voice and facial features.

“Are you really going to wear that?” Kiryu asked while stuffing egg into his face.

“Remember what I said. Try to keep a low profile. Folks from all around are going to be there. I...we don't need extra heat.” Roman had to correct himself cause he remembered he was no longer a solo act. He looked over at the nicely pressed clothes ready for the two to put on. “We have been pretty relaxed and we have never fought together. So this is will be new for us.” Kiryu gave a calm nod in response to Roman's words. “Ya I am used to rolling alone this will be interesting.” Kiryu Responded.

The two got dressed and walked outside. Kiryu made sure to go back to his cat form to conserve energy. Roman was not in his usual attire, instead he sported a suit. Purple in nature but this time he wore a top hat for flair to compliment the mask instead of the feathery coat. He strapped the mask on and the magic the surrounded it snapped to life. It served to stick to his face almost naturally. The lenses in the mask gave his eyes a yellow tent. He tugged on the white gloves to make sure they were on tight. His weapon and helmet were attached to the belt on his waist for clear reasons. They were going to battle a threat that saw fit to destroy everything.

Kiryu on the other hand was wearing dark tinted shades with a matching suit. They stood outside of Roman's apartment complex for a moment. Roman needed a moment to bask in his cheeky attire. Kiryu jumped up onto his shoulder. Due to being in his natural state he was smaller and extremely light.

"Kiryu if I go down, run. Don't need both of us to die."

"Ya and come back to what? A empty apartment? Or get reassigned to some other asshole? Pass. "

Roman chuckled at the idea and just walked in the direction of the exit of the city. It was refreshing to have someone ready to die at his side.

"I am curious to why you want to help save the world when you aren't the most righteous person." Kiryu's question was a good one. someone could only wonder why someone like Roman was ready to put his life on the line for a world that saw him as a outlaw.

"It's simple really. I can't have fun if the world is destroyed. Not to mention, if anyone is going to destroy it, might as well be me when I am good an ready."

Kiryu did not respond and only smiled. Roman said one last thing to set the two off on this dangerous path.

"Let's go save the world buddy."

Only time can tell what will happen from here on out.


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