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Magnolia - Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel]

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Magnolia - Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel] Empty Tue May 23, 2017 10:58 am

Adelaide Sokolov
There were many things to think about. Too many things to keep in mind and yet she wished for the first time inher life, that she didn't have found some memories, that her amnesia was still in place. She had woken up late in the day and Ophelia had been drawing on some piece of paper and Alice wasn't sure what she had found but at that moment she had not cared. It was as if she had a hangover. Sure she didn't want to lose all the memories of what had happened the last couple of days, since she arrived here in Magnolia or in Era, or anything. But the facts were not clear and yet there. She had been dreading the decisions that she had to make. She had been working to ignore, she had to be busy to ignore.

Lacie was somewhere around and she wanted to leave Magnolia and yet she didn't. It was her hometown as well as Lacie, she didn't had a monopoly on everything, simply because she had tried to get rid of her. Finally she kicked away the blanket that was half over her and sit up straight on the edge of the bed, "What's that Lia?" she asked as she was simply curious, before she could get up herself, the Clefairy handed her a letter. She had drawn on the enveloppe which contained her name in a fancy handwriting that she had seen only a few times before. Konstantin.

Her eyes scanned over the letter, which made her smile at the ps and a blush on her pale cheeks. She read it for a second time before the message really got to her brain. Right, made sense. She should go too, this is what she had thought about but hadn't made a decision. She had heard the message, seen what happened in Magnolia, she was a knight for crying out loud. She grabbed her stuff, something she had done twice before without telling Konstantin. It was easy to pack, she didn't feel the need to eat but she would buy food before she would make the journey. It would take a couple of days, she should have made her decision before.

It would go a lot faster if the Clefairy would still fit in her backpack, but she had outgrown it. However she did walk faster as a Clefairy than as a Cleffa, so that was good too. it was a seven days travel and she would keep her steady pace because she wasn't planning on making it eight if it wasn't necessary. Ophelia was brave for taking the pace without complaining and waiting till Alice told the breaks. She did try to keep her eyes on the companion to plan the breaks and she did carry her from time to time, seeing it as her own sort of training anyway. She didn't want to leave Ophelia behind. For some reason, she was more glad than ever that Ophelia was with her, she was afraid she would bump into Lacie for some reason.

It wasn't that far anymore and Alice made the decision that no matter Lacie she wouldn't mind to return to Magnolia, she had liked the Bed & Breakfast, the time spending there had been fun and she loved the city. Apart from the Kathedral. She had been in the North, she had been in Oak afterall but she had never been in the mountains of the Sieghart region. Would she be able to find the specific location? Would there be a sign or so? She didn't care she would arrive anyway and find out what to do.

Finally after six days of walking and the seventh day arriving, she shook her long orange hair and yawned, she had walked through most of the night but thank heaven she had just arrived. She definitely needed to sleep but also find a save place to stay.

Magnolia -> Sieghart Mountains: 673/700 10% discount Rune Knights. 630 needed.

Magnolia - Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel] RVxL5Jg
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