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Era to Seighart Mountains [Foot Travel, Solo]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Era to Seighart Mountains [Foot Travel, Solo] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 1:23 pm

Tori Lancaster
The travel from Era to the northern Seighart Mountains would be a long trip, so Tori needed to make sure that they had plenty of supplies for the road. A traveling merchant she spoke to said that it would take nearly a week to travel there by foot, so she would have to prepare accordingly. The elderly man said that he just came from that direction and that he saw several people making their way towards the mountains.

"I haven't the foggiest idea why so many people are going that way, what with that creature waiting there. What did it say its name was again?" he thought out loud. "Cell, I think."

Instantly, a switch was turned on in the Fairy's head. Cell was the name of the creature that attacked her friend, LeeAnn. "Did you say Cell??" she asked frantically, but stopped and her anxiousness was replaced by confusion. "Why is he all the way in Seighart Mountains if he was just here in Era?" she questioned, legitimately confused.

"You mean you haven't heard? He hijacked a lacrima in the Rune Knight Headquarters and broadcasted to the whole country that he was going to blow up Fiore. He challenged anyone that dared to fight him to meet him in the mountains for some kind of games. Dozens of people have been heading that way for days. A bunch of idiots, I say." he scoffed, blatant in his feelings towards the mages whom he viewed as simply suicidal. Tori was overcome by a sense of confidence out of the blue. "Thank you for the info. I'll be heading there now." she said plainly, giving the man a small tip for all the information that he so willingly shared. She wanted to ask for a ride, but figured the old man wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near the mountains with Cell so close by.

Pulling her backpack from behind her, she opened it as she continued to shop for supplies. Getting plenty of bottled water and food, she strung her bag back to her back and was off. "You ready for this trip, Psyduck? We're gonna be on the road a good while." she questioned, curious as to the physical state of her companion. As if to dispel his human's concerns, Psyduck stood up on the tip of his feet and sucked in his pudgy, orange belly before pointing forward and shouting in as loud a voice as he could. "Psy-y! Duck!" as if to say "Forward! March!" before literally marching away, him losing control of his belly almost instantly. Tori couldn't help but giggle at the duck's enthusiasm and marched right alongside the water fowl.

Tori and Psyduck quickly developed a routine for tackling this long route to the mountains. They would walk for around two hours before resting for 30 minutes. To make up for the lost time from resting so often, they would only sleep for six hours at night, having a small and cozy fire to keep them warm and to ward off predators that would stalk them in the darkness. This routine would take slightly longer than anticipated, and the first thing they would do would be to set up camp somewhere secluded. Tori looked for some type of cliff face that would give her a good vantage point of as much area as possible and, sure enough, found one after surveying the area long enough. Finding a very nice little spot on a tall cliff surrounded by forests, Tori decided that here was the best place to set up camp for now. Tori and Psyduck would wait here for something to happen. No matter what, even if she died trying, her friend would get justice.

Tori has traveled to Seighart Mountains

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