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Eyes Wide Open [Seira]

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Eyes Wide Open [Seira] Empty Tue May 23, 2017 4:26 am

Seira yawned and slowly got out of bed. Another day in Magnolia Town. She had been here for over a week now and not regretted it so far. There were a lot of people, although she interacted with only a few but many of them were wizards so there were a lot of stories going around and Seira had been able to gather a lot of information about a lot of people and a lot of places. She also had been working a lot and since there was always a lot to do in Magnolia she wasn’t going to run out of money anytime soon. It was good, really, and even though most of the jobs had little to do with her being a wizard she appreciated how simple everything seemed to be. Seira wasn’t a natural fighter, she would if she had to but generally speaking there wasn’t much she was going to do in regards to fighting other people during missions. Only if she had to, of course, but she prefered jobs that were quiet and simple. A few days ago she had helped out with preparing for a festival like birthday party for some kid for one of the richer people here in magnolia and a job like that wasn’t uncommon. Many of the nobles, who had more money than they could spent, had strange desires and they needed people to fulfill them. Something like that was easy, it earned her a lot of money and she didn’t have to put much effort into it. Travelling away from town wasn’t required and thus Seira was very happy with the way things were right now. Naturally speaking, she had to look for another job for the day but it seemed as though getting connections with everyone had been worth it because when she got out of bed she saw that a white letter envelope had been slipped under her door. It had her name on it written in a familiar handwriting and she already had a guess at who it was from. Seira picked up the letter and opened it. As expected it was from Khalash Saton, the owner of the Mag Drug Magic shop here in Magnolia. The shop itself was about a twenty minutes walk away from her home and she had been visiting frequently, not only because she was somewhat friends with the owner. Khalash sold many magical goods. That included common and uncommon items as well as herbs, potions and the likes. It was quite the paradise for everyone and anyone who was interested in magic and he also often had jobs to offer for wandering mages like herself. The shop had new goods coming in every now and then and Seira made sure to travel to the shop right after that to check out of there was anything she needed. She had obtained quite a few things so far and was very grateful for the opportunity since not many stores like that existed.

Seira opened the letter and began reading it. There wasn’t much written on it, Khalash had simple stated that he needed her at his store for the day and that he was going to pay her well if she showed up. Seira had already figured that it was another job and went into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Afterwards she went down into the lounge of the hotel and ate some breakfast. On her way to the store she also bought some snacks for herself and something to drink since most of the stuff Khalash had at his store wasn’t exactly edible until cooked and prepared in a certain way. When Seira arrived at his store he was already waiting for her and greeted her kindly. “So, I suppose you have something to do for me for today?” The man nodded and walked behind the table that had the cash register on it. “Yes, actually. I’m expecting a delivery of new items today, but my business partners need me to show up at their place and look at them first. I’ll have to grade them, if I like them I will bring them to my store. I need you to watch this place in the meantime. Make sure no one demolishes this place, if teenagers show up with no intentions of buying anything then send them away. We don’t have time for that.” Seira nodded in agreement. “I understand, and sure, I can do that.” He grabbed his stuff and was apparently ready to leave. “Oh, and one more thing. Do not enter the backroom. Ever.” Seira nodded and shrugged it off. “Sure, can do.” With everything being cleared up he took his stuff and left for the day. Nothing much happened for the day, other than a few customers walking in and out of the store. None of them bought anything extraordinary and Seira sold the stuff she needed to without problems. Most of the customers were other mages, as expected, such like Seira herself and a few of them questioned where Khalash had gone, which Seira explained without worrying about too much. Fortunately she did not encounter any problematic people and the hours went by without too much happening. Eventually during the late hours when it had gotten dark already Seira did encounter some teenagers, but before they could argue much she threw them out of the shop. She had to make sure that nothing was damaged and Seira kept that promise no problem. At around midnight Khalash finally returned with a cart full of things. Seira greeted him and he was pleased to find that his shop was still in place and everything looked neat and pretty like before. Seira took a look at the few items he had brought along, some of the wares she had never seen before. They exchanged a few words and then Khalash paid her as promised before he closed for the night. He also mentioned that he might need her help again. Seira left after that.


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