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Oak Town to Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel]

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Oak Town to Sieghart Mountains [Foot Travel] Empty Tue May 23, 2017 12:43 am

Caius sat the bar swishing whiskey in his glass. The entire crowd at the bar was huddled up around him paying close attention to the TV's. It was almost about that time. In front of him was playing the news about the so called Cell Games created by some bug looking monster. The games would start soon and he had challenged mages from all over the country. The bug man apparently had murdered tons of towns people leaving nothing behind after he was done with them. The fact that such a monster was still running a muck and doing whatever he pleased pissed him off. The Rune Knights were the law enforcement of the country yet they stood by and did nothing. This is why Grimoire Heart sought to change the way it was run. They would have never let things get this bad. Caius took a sip of the rest of his drink and slammed the glass down. With nothing going on in the guild he decided he would go and see these games for himself. Light guilds would be their so he could scout out their mages magics for future operations. If they all fell, he could take on this Perfect Cell himself. He headed out the door of the bar and prepared to gather his things.

It was a few days but Caius had finally reached the area of the tournament. The Sieghart Mountains. It was a very hot and dry place with mountains that extended as far as the eye could see. The only means of navigation were either climbing or using the pathways that winded around them. A piece of paper was in his hand that directed him towards the Cell Games arena so he followed the pathway. It wouldn't be much longer now. As he continued, a giant rattlesnake emerged from the sand and attacked. Caius jumped back right as it lunged at him causing it to wiff. He reached gripped his sword at his side and pulled it out of his sheath. This would be a good time to test it. The snake jumped back for another attack as Caius thrusted the sword foward. Darkness magic shot out and pierced the snake through the head causing it to fall over dead. He admired the sword before sheathing it back in the scabbard. WIth any luck he would be able to end Cell that quickly.


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