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Crash the cash [Alyssa]

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Crash the cash [Alyssa] Empty on Mon May 22, 2017 2:47 pm

Simple mission today, burn it down. Nothing that Kenny couldn’t handle. Well, Kenny and Alyssa couldn’t handle. This would be their first request together and he was ecstatic! Oh the trouble they could get into whilst doing this, arson was always fun, but he was concerned that she would be against it. Though, her more aggressive personality the other night made him wonder if she was as innocent as he thought she was, not that it mattered. To him she was perfection, and if perfection wasn’t possible she was damn near close to it. He recalled the morning he had, he had left her a note on his pillow about where he would go. It amazed him that he managed to creep away from her without making so much as a peep. He had washed himself up, and dried off as quietly as he could before getting dressed and messing his hair up for the day, he whistled a tune as he strolled down the street to the meeting spot in front of Martello’s place.

He was dressed in light gear today, usual get up replaced by shorts and a T-shirt complete with some average looking running shoes. It felt weird to dress likes this for him, but it was a hot day and his usual all black gear would have him burn up in the days heat. He had known Alyssa would need time to get ready, but given the time he woke up and left it was almost noon now.

Now he stood in front Martello house but with his back the front gate as he waited. He looked down at the map in his hands and crumpled it in his grip as he waited for her to come.



Crash the cash [Alyssa] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 4:56 am

Alyssa awoke with a stretch and a yawn. She could hear Arcane snoring in the corner near the bed where he had crashed while Kenny and Alyssa were out. Thankfully, they had not woken him up when they stumbled in the night before. After a few days with Kenny, Alyssa had realized her best bet to keep him around was to let loose a little bit. After her split had taken control with him, she realized she herself had nearly no boundaries that she would not cross to keep herself close to this man. To her, they were a powerful team. Though they both seemed a bit inexperienced in the art of combat and such, she knew together they could achieve wonderful things. Speaking of the man, where was he? She looked on the bed beside her, only to find a note in place of himself telling her where to come to find him. Right, he had picked a job for them that day.

She slipped out of bed, stretching her sore legs, before pulling on a simple pair of black skinny jeans and a matching tank top. Waking Arcane up, she fed them both before she gathered the belongings that she would need and headed out. Arcane followed her happily, as usual, to the place she would meet up with Kenny. Finally, she made it to the place where he had said meet him. She saw him standing near the gate of a house and she smiled happily before making her way over to the man.

"Hey there, you were on your game today. You know you could have woke me up. You did not have to do this on your own." Alyssa said as she stopped near the tall man. She looked around the house, no, manor, behind them and then back at Kenny. "What type of job are we doing?" It looked a bit sketchy. She trusted the man's intuition though.



Crash the cash [Alyssa] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 6:17 am

Kenny waited patiently, she would come at her own pace though being apart for so long was no fun for him, especially after their last few days together. Kenny truthfully speaking, was still working off the effects of all of the alcohol he had drank, yet the night was so clear. Or was it? If only his mind wasn’t such a mess and the liquor certainly didn’t help his case of trying to keep up his sobriety. Speaking of his angel, he needed to ask her why she became so bold the other night. Not only did she seem more loose and spontaneous but she had him reeling back time and time again when they were drinking and even more when they were done. Yes, he thought she was amazing, but something about her last night had changed his view of her… He had thought even more highly of her truthfully speaking. She handled her liquor better than he could and after last night he knew he had to keep her around no matter what, even if it killed him.

The house was beginning to give Kenny an eerie feeling, what they were about to do was no doubt illegal, even if it was some abandoned joint, did he really want to get her involved in something like this? Sure he had his side project of seeing just how bad she could be, but surely this was a little much. What if she somehow got hurt? Or worst the owners of the thing came back for the money out of nowhere? He would never forgive himself if anything happened to Alyssa. He had failed to protect someone already and if he failed again… He didn’t like thinking about it. Luckily he wouldn’t dwell on his darkening thoughts for too long he looked down the path and saw her coming, as beautiful and angelic as always.

“I know, I know.” he stood up with a cheerful grin on his face before he would hug her, “Sorry about that dear, and uh sorry about the other night too. I didn’t know I could get so drunk.” he would release her and take a knee to greet Arcane with a ginger pat on the head.

“We’re going to be recovering some cash and burning down as house is all.” he said nonchalantly as he held up the crumpled up map for her to see. He would offer his hand and if she took it they would begin down the path the map displayed and arrive at the diner, an interesting little place abandoned and boarded up for the most part, the biggest issue was going in without being seen but he had a plan for that.

“Hey just tell me when you’re ready to head in.”



Crash the cash [Alyssa] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 2:30 pm

Burning down a place and stealing some cash? Alyssa knew this neighborhood was run by many crime families and gang bangers alike. She was iffy about the entire thing as she had never done something so...illegal in her entire life. Her split seemed excited about it though, and lately, her split had gotten more done then she had ever expected to in her entire life. She was fighting with herself currently. Did they need the money? Yes. Did she leave her guild just to remain the same as she was before? No. Technically, living guildless was illegal as it was so currently Kenny's and her own entire life was illegal, and it really felt good. After the night before, she realized she needed to let loose more. She knew the man would not steer her in the wrong direction. Staring at his outstretched had, she let go of some of the higher morals in her mind telling her not to do it, and grinned.

"Let's do it." She said taking his hand. "But we better be making a good amount of cash off of it." She allowed him to keep the map and lead them to where they were going. Why they had to do this in the middle of daytime, Alyssa did not know. They took the back roads through the town and finally reached a little establishment that looked worn down and broken. At least it seemed to be abandoned. She would honestly have felt bad for burning down something that someone used on a daily basis, though that would nip a crime family in the ass. She pulled Kenny to a stop in the shadows as she saw a couple men walk by the entrance of the place.

"This is supposed to be stealthy, right?" She asked, trying to figure out how they would infiltrate the diner without getting noticed. "Plus, do we even know where this money is going to be?" Things seemed like they were going to be a bit difficult for them.



Crash the cash [Alyssa] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 4:30 pm

Yes, yes, Kenny’s plan was rolling into action perfectly. All they had to do was knock the wall down, and find the place. It was simple! But they had to blend in with the scenery. Thus Kenny hatched a scheme that would allow them to get into the building with little to no effort. He looked around at first, seemed like a normal day on the outskirts of Oak, nothing too out of place. “Stealthy?” he repeated, “Alright, first, we need to look for a a few overlapping tiles when we get in there.” he watched as the two men turned a corner.

“Let’s go.” his large frame stepped out of the shadows, just before leaving, however, he gripped Alyssa’s wrist and began casually strolling towards the bar. He would walk up the steps and look from side to side before creaking the door open slowly, it moaned aloud and crept open. “I mean it’s not stealthy but, as long as we get the money and light this place up we’ll be fine...Wait, do you think we have time for a quickie in here?”



Crash the cash [Alyssa] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 7:20 pm

Alyssa followed the man, staying close behind him as they got inside the place. Arcane followed them silently. It was not as stealthy as she had imagined, but it would work for the time being. As they as they got the job done, they would be rewarded. She looked around at the old building and chuckled at his comment. "As much as I would like that, none of this looks comfortable. Plus I'm not just wearing a dress where you can bend me over something and lift it up." She said trying to keep her voice quiet. She was extremely surprised that she had kept her cool about the night before. She was sure he had expected her to freak out and run, yet, she enjoyed herself a lot more than he could ever image, and looked forward to it more. "Let's just get this job done, and maybe I'll be nice and give you what you want when we get back to the hotel."



Crash the cash [Alyssa] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 7:54 pm

He nodded, none of this stuff did look comfortable. There was dust, cobwebs here and there and it wouldn’t be all that fun if he had to keep quiet all at the same time. The hotel it was, though maybe he should cool off a bit before trying anything else. He did get more than what he wanted last night, and he was certain he had the scratches to prove it, but maybe, just maybe for the next few days he could be more… Sensitive? Just thinking the word made him shudder, but if he was to become sensitive to her and her desires he could look more trustworthy in her eyes.

“Gotcha.” he whispered back, and slowly crept the door back closed. So far so good, he would creep along the floor, “Alright, let’s find that money.”

He did a bit of a tactical roll, or barrel roll? A tactical barrel roll? Either way he ended up on his back when his foot loosened a tile and ended up bumping his head as well. “Ow… Alysssa I think I’m hurt.”

Upon inspection the tile he had slipped on was purposely uneven, it was where the money was! But Kenny had no way of knowing given he was incapacitated. "I think that's our tile though... Mind checking while I... Rest me back."



Crash the cash [Alyssa] Empty on Wed May 24, 2017 4:36 am

Alyssa could not help but laugh at the man. She picked up the tile and found a bag under it. Upon opening it, she saw a ton of cash inside of it and she smiled. "Yup, this is our bag." Crouching to place a kiss upon the man's lips as he laid, she patted his chest and helped him up. "Come on, get up. You are fine. A big strong man like yourself cannot be hurt by a little fall." She said, helping him out of the room. Looking around for something flammable, she finally found some old kitchen oil. Taking a match out of her pocket, she sighed. This would be the first truly illegal thing she will have ever done. Lighting the match, she threw it before she could think about it more. Helping Kenny out of the place she had just set aflame, she realized how amazing it felt. She realized that the flames drew a crowd quickly. Blending in, a man walked up to them and took the bag off of her shoulders unnoticed by anyone, replacing it with another. Checking for their payment, Alyssa smiled as she realized they had been rewarded. "Alright, more jewels in our pockets! Let's get back to the hotel."


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