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Oak-Sieghart Mountians[Travel by Foot][Akio]

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#1Akio Hisao 

Oak-Sieghart Mountians[Travel by Foot][Akio] Empty on Mon May 22, 2017 1:29 pm

Akio Hisao
Gathering the belongings which he had, Akio stepped out of the dirty little motel he had been staying in. With a few jewels in his pocket, he needed someone interesting to do. Thankfully, he had listened in and heard a rumor of something big going on in the mountains, and he desperately wanted to check it out now. He threw his bag over his shoulder along with his sword and headed out for the long walk ahead of him. Passing through the gates of Oak, he made a silent promise that he would be back soon enough to finish what he had begun there.

Luckily, Akio had a full belly for the walk. He had charmed a beautiful young waitress into paying for his meal and then giving him her number. He would have to save it for later as she looked like she would be good enough to satisfy his needs. He had taken her friend to bed the night before, as she refused to leave with him because she had 'higher standards for herself'. Well, that was a loss on her, even her friend had said so...well after she had finished screaming his name that is.

As he walked, Akio began thinking about what he could possibly be walking into when it came to the event in the mountains. It could possibly be just what he had heard, a rumor. Or possibly, it could be an extreme combat situation which in that case, he may be extremely outmatched. Yet he was ready for whichever outcome. He just hoped he did not end up getting killed.

He was coming closer to the town now. It began getting colder and the animals in the forest seemed to be thinning out to a minimum. Finally, he saw the town he needed to be in. It seemed to be bustling more than usual, meaning something must have been happening. Either that, or everyone had heard the same rumor as himself and gathered to see what all the fuss was about.

-In Sieghart Mountains-

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