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Magnolia town to Sieghart Mountain [Foot Travel]

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Magnolia town to Sieghart Mountain [Foot Travel] Empty Sun May 21, 2017 10:47 pm


The time kon had spent within the Magnolia town district had been lovely not just because of the town itself but also who he was staying with, Alice, a newly recruited rune knight whom he has recently become involved with. They had shared a bed for almost a month without any major arguments between one and another. The people of Magnolia town adored the two of them being well received as a result of them helping out within the community. Kon’s time within the sleepy little town was drawing to a close at least for now as there had been news regarding an individual who had been terrorising the entire country massacring an entire town. The news about this person became so prominent that lacrimas were updating everyone on a point to point basis. It spoke of this Cell as if he were an unstoppable force of nature, though the tone swiftly changed from what he could recall when cell took over the lacrimas. In his take over he announced numerous things most disturbingly his intent to destroy Fiore unless a champion fights him. Who could stop this individual kon didn’t know, himself perhaps he had recently become more adept with his overall skills. But other issues remained first he would have to get to Sieghart mountains something of which would take close to a week walking there however thanks to the aid of his Zebstrika he could be there far quicker than a normal person could.

Seeking to provide Alice with an explanation as to his sudden departure from both the bed and breakfast along with their relationship all together as they were still working things out. Kon swiftly wrote a letter to her in a stylish font taking back from his youth. In the letter he spoke of the reason for him leaving so unexpectedly along with how he wished to continue on their relationship once everything has been sorted out. He would also divulge a bit more regarding his family before giving her a fond farewell and a nice ps i love you. This letter would be placed on the benchtop written to Alice directly. Having packed all of his belongings into his bags and slinging them over his companion, he mounted Sparky and dashed towards the center of Fiore towards where Cell had done the initial announcement where he would continue travelling to Seighart mountains without stopping allowing his Zebstrika to move freely when he needed to sleep. Kon himself had never been this far north before however he had there were numerous notable locations within the Seighart region. What he would most be interested in visiting would be Hephaestus’s shop assuming he could make it through the labyrinthian stairway to it. For now though Kon had a duty to the people of Fiore and that was to try and stop Cell from destroying it. Hopefully with the aid of others he would be able to fight against him.

Total Word Count: 493/490

Base word count from Magnolia to Sieghart Mountains: 700 - 30% from Rune Knight travel discount and Zebstrika mount = 490 words

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