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More Experimental Hexes[Caius]

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More Experimental Hexes[Caius] Empty on Sun May 21, 2017 10:37 pm

"What do you want from me this time doctor. More of your crazy experiments I assume?" Caius asked. He was currently in the shop of Dr. Stephan Mabuz just outside of the streets in the city. It was some crazy ass doctor that specialized in illegal magic items that helped dark guilds from time to time. Caius had helped him before with his hexes but it seemed that he wanted even more test subjects. It was easy enough and it paid well which was all that mattered to Caius. The spells only did a minor effect to the victim so it wouldn't cause much of a scene that he would be suspected of doing anything. He just had to read off the words of the hexes that the crazy cracker doctor gave him which was easy enough. The doctor would go into the back and then would write the name of the new hexes down and then he would come out in his shop and then he would give Caius the hexes so he could go out and complete the mission.

"Here are ze hexes. This time it will the same as last time. Since they worked before I need to test them out again for constancy purposes. I'm sure you can find some willing participants." The doctor gave the two slips of paper with the hexes on them to Caius and headed into the back to continue his work so he wouldn't waste any time. It was now up to the dark mage to take the hexes and get the job done. The first hex was Decrepify and is the hex which was supposed to paralyze legs for an hour. So in theory it was. Caius would head to a bar to use the first hex. He could just find someone and use the hex on it and then someone would just think they were drunk and that's why they fell over if the hex succeeded. Luckily he knew one that was short walk away so he decided to head out there and he would go to the bar and find his first test subject as he walked through the door and saw it packed.

Caius headed to the back and saw a few biker looking guys drinking some tall brewskies and having a good time. Walking over, he hovered over and watched the game between the bikers. It was a close game and from he gathered there was a bunch of money on the line. Caius picked up on one of the sticks having a small hidden lacrima attached to the end of it which caused an unfair advantage. This guy would make a perfect target. As the cheating pool biker guy went to do his final shot Caius would utter the words of the hex "Decrepify". The biker would then fall limp instantly causing his stick to roll on the ground. The other bikers took a drink and they were pretty drunk and saw the lacrima stick and started to get all pissed off. at their friend that they though was playing fair but in the end it didn't even matter because he was a cheating bad guy THe bikers would then pick up the now useless leg biker and start to beat the crap out of him with some punches and then there were kicks mixed in their too like wam and bam pow. Security would come and break that shit up as fast as it could and figured they were all drunk and brawling. Being bikers didn't help their case that much either becasue they way they dressed tehy looked like thugs that would do this type of stuff. Caius chunked up the deuce and left that place so he could try out his other spell and finally be done with this stupid mission and get his reward and relax.

The next spot Caius would try would be the park in Oak. There was softball game going on in middle of the park so Caius just sat in the bleachers and enjoyed himself. The game was free and it was for a rec league so it was a good way to wind down from the day. But some player was about to get hexed on son. The next spell was Magna which would cause the strength in the persons body to be sapped from them. Nobody would expect it here because they would just thin it was fatigue from all the sports being played. The game just started so Caius decided to let the game play out a little bit before he used his spells. One team was destroying the other because of one big player named Mark McGwire hitting home runs every at bat. He would be a perfect target. Caius got up while he was in the batter box and then would whipser the word "Magna". Mark McGwire however was fine and kept on swining. Caius on the other hand fell his muscles tense and swell up. It's as if someone took a steroid needle and jammed it in his booty. He gripped his hands and felt the strength flow through him. Not only did the spell not work on the target but i had the opposite affect. Caius was done so he had to report to ze good doctor so he went back to the shop.

"I see. So Magna had a reverse effect. This is very interesting indeed. I have many wonderful tests to do and I will holler if I need you again. No go there is much work to be done." The doctor opened up one of his safes and pulled out the jewel reward fro Caius. Caius tossed the money in his bag and then head out back to his hotel room in Oak so he could wind down for the day. The hex was only supposed to last an hour but he still felt pumped up. He was fine with being stronger though so it was a good thing.


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