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Cheers to new beginnings [Alyssa]

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Cheers to new beginnings [Alyssa]  Empty Sun May 21, 2017 6:14 pm

The chime of a bell signaled the entrance of the guildless fighter. It had felt like ages since he had been here, yet really it had only been months. He had been here on two different occasions, both times with dear friends of his. Today was different from those other meetings, he was with someone, a delightful young woman and cherished friend of his he had met not too long ago. He figured this would be a good place to bring her given they could both probably use a drink and he could probably find intel on the location of his associates. The people he was looking for more than likely weren’t going to be in the bar, given one was a powerful mage and the other Kenny had assumed to be a mage as well were both probably off on quest or bust with their guilds if they were in them.

Kenny held the door open for Alyssa, truth be told he was worried about bringing her here. Given the last time they were in an establishment together she had attracted the attention of one pervert, now they were entering a wolve’s den. He silently prayed it would work out better than the last, they were only partners, yes, but he was still the jealous type and he had found himself wanting to protect her, or at the very least keep her happy and smiling no matter what it took. “I’m happy you came out,” he extended a hand to her. He was curious about what sort of drink she preferred, or how much she could drink..

Cheers to new beginnings [Alyssa]  Qurywgl

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Alyssa looked around the little pub with a smile on her face. She could not wait to get some alcohol in her system. She needed to relax before they began their jobs, and it seemed that he did as well. Taking the man's hand, Alyssa led him to a booth to the side of the pub, cut off from most others. She wanted to be left alone, and she knew she would not be if she was in the eye of the public. Her attire consisted of a black dress, once again, mid thigh, but this one covered a bit more of her chest not needing a repeat of the last incident.

As a young woman approached them, she asked what they would like to drink. Alyssa was a woman of high stature, but when it came to alcohol, she drank like a full grown man. She ordered the woman to bring her a bottle of the strongest whiskey they had in the back, along with a glass, and then she looked at Kenny.

"Let's see if you can out drink me, big boy." She said with a seductive smile and a wink.


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Kenny watched as she entered, she was well dressed, as usual. Kenny didn’t put it past her to dress well. She was a classy young woman, and pleasing on the eyes. Even if he was the jealous type he couldn’t blame anyone else for wanting to look at her she was gorgeous. She took his hand, he followed closely as the two would soon be led to a booth. It worked for Kenny, no one would interrupt them, no one would get in their way and anyone who tried to coax Alyssa with alcohol would simply have their bottle consumed with no thanks.

When a waitress approached Kenny stroked his shaggy beard. His attire was simple, all black to match her, a black T-shirt, pants and boots. He has gotten himself some more clothes after they rested up in a nearby hotel. When Alyssa ordered the strongest whiskey they had kenny crossed his arms and smirked. Looks like one of them would be drunk under the table tonight.

“Heh, well little lady If I didn’t know any better i’d say you were challenging me.” he laced his fingers together and leaned forward, “Luckily for you, I like a challenge.” though personally, he preferred a nice burboun to whiskey.

Cheers to new beginnings [Alyssa]  Qurywgl

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Alyssa smirked. "A challenge it was, sir." She chuckled and waited for the woman to come back with their drinks. Pouring herself a glass, she downed it as she would water and then cast another smirk at the man. "You like a challenge? What do you say we put a little wager on it?" Though she had no clue what she was going to wager since her pockets were thin, she was always one to up the stakes on things. Crossing her arms as she leaned back, her creamy legs on full display as she stretched to the side. Crossing her legs as well, she waited on the man's reply. She slid a drink towards him. "What do ya say?"


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Kenny thought it over, when she downed the drink he was taken aback by just how easily she drunk the whiskey. Kenny downed the drink she slid to him in quickly, another smirk on his face. “Sure, let’s put a wager on it, whoever taps out first loses. Uh, I have no clue what the winner gets, maybe the loser has to do whatever the winner says? That’s a solid bet. I don’t know, but you’ve got a deal!” He didn’t want to lose, not tonight! He would gladly drink all night if they had to. He poured himself a second glass and downed that one too. It was going to be a long night… He could tell, he looked at her legs… Then again, this might be harder than he thinks.

Cheers to new beginnings [Alyssa]  Qurywgl

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Alyssa was beginning to get a bit worried.  She did not know how much this man could drink, and she knew it had been a while since she had drank.  She knew she would be fine unless one type of alcohol was brought into the picture.  She could handle all but one type of drink well.  "That sounds like a fun bet.  I'll even give you some help.  You can order the next round.  Anything you want."  Alyssa said with a smirk.  If he chose the one type that she could not handle, the night would be over.  Now it was just a waiting game to see if he could guess correctly.  She downed another glass as she waited.  "What will it be?"


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Kenny leaned back in his seat and watched her down another drink. It seemed she was holding her own no surprise. After she poured herself another drink, Kenny did the same and soon the bottle would be running on empty between them. He was feeling well, nothing out of the ordinary, the alcohol had a light burn to it his throat didn’t sting all that much, not as much as he liked. When the time came and she asked him what was next Kenny smirked, hm, they tried his whiskey, now it was time for his bourbon. “How about some dark bourbon? I usually just drink it straight, but given this is a very special bet we should drink as heavily as possible right?” their server would return and he would order them the biggest bottle of dark bourbon they had, “Are you ready to drink me under the table? Or… I might get you under there.”

"Bring us a second bottle as well, what would you like dear? Something hard on the palette? Tequila too please!"

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Alyssa turned crimson as the man ordered tequila, the one drink she could not take very well. It was probably the only drink that she handled like a little bitch. Sighing, she knew she had probably lost the bet already, but she was not going to give up. "Maybe you can just drink the tequila? I do not really like the taste." She tried playing it off in order not to have to drink it. Bad things happened when she drank tequila. Her split usually took control within the first few drinks, and she knew the split would happily lose the bet and do whatever the male before her asked.

When the waitress came back with the drinks, Alyssa first poured herself a glass of bourbon. She eyed the tequila and swallowed the lump in her throat. If there was one thing Alyssa disliked, it was losing bets. Thankfully, they had left Arcane back at the hotel. He did not need to see her when she was drunk, the mutt might look at her in a different way. He may even have enough emotions to be disappointed in her.


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How peculiar, she seemed to be against the the little bottle brought to them. Maybe she was a light drinker, having gotten the Bourbon instead of tequila. There was a thing about Kenny and bourbon, when he drank it it only took a few drinks to get him smashed over. He loved bourbon the most, but it didn’t love him. It was what he used to drown memories away, and his favorite drink, but he could not handle it. When she said she didn’t like the taste of tequila Kenny arched a brow and smirked. “Oh? Sure, but how about a little experiment first?” he held the bottle up and popped it open. With a devilish grin he poured both brews in his glass.

“We can mix it up!” he tilted the bottle of tequila over and poured her a nice healthy dose into her bourbon. “Now we can drink both at once.” he raised his glass to her and downed it, hints of the liquid streaming down his jawline as he enjoyed the beverage a little too much. It burned his throat as it went down. He then put the glass down and beat his chest as a fire seemed to ignite in it, the drinks burned all too good. “Y-your turn.” he smiled, as he already displayed signs of the cocktail taking effect.

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Alyssa was already feeling a bit tipsy. The alcohol already taking an effect on her body simply because she had not drank in a while. She took the dangerous concoction and poured it down her throat. It burned but was very good, yet it hit her like a ton of bricks. The room spun for a moment and she chuckled. "Ah tequila, how you must hate me." She muttered finishing the first glass. She could feel the split pushing against the barrier in her mind and she internally rolled her eyes. She would not be able to hold the barrier through another glass.

"You could just let me take control now, make it less painful for you when I break that barrier. I promise I won't do anything that we both don't like." The split tried to convince her. Pouring herself another glass, she looked up at Kenny with a smirk and downed it.

"Have fun, buddy." She muttered not only to Kenny, but to the split as well. It was not often she gave up control, but since the split had not been talking about murdering people for a while, she felt like it was safe to give it a bit of control now. Especially since it was better at reacting correctly to the effects of alcohol. She wanted to have a good time that night and now she would be able to let loose and be carefree.


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Have fun? Well he was hoping they would both get to have fun, even if the burboquilla in his gut was burning him something fierce. She reacted better than he did to the drink, his head swimming as he thought about how he could win this contest. He poured himself another drink, hand already shaky as he would soon throw another drink down the hatch. This one hit him even harder, than the last. Maybe he shouldn’t have tried this out, they could have just ordered food and chatted some more, but nope, he had to be Mr. ‘drink you down.’ and accepted her offer now he was struggling to keep up.

“Don’t quit on my yet Alyssa.” he laughed, he looked to the last little bit of whiskey they had left. They didn’t even finish it, he picked the bottle up by its neck and turned the last little bit up. Now she couldn’t stall between drinks. Whiskey joined the cocktail on the sides of his mouth and beard as he did his best not to let the liquor take him just yet.

“Ready to give up yet?” he leaned over the table and winked, he shook his head as he could feel himself getting dizzy already. Was he drinking too fast? How was she still going? “Maybe a little?”

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The split had taken control. Alyssa felt herself fade into the background of her own mind. She was too drunk off her ass to care what the split did at this point. She felt her mood shift as the split put on an extremely flirty personality, one that even Alyssa would be embarrassed about. She moved herself where she was sitting next to Kenny in the booth, hiking her dress up dangerously short in the mean time. She leaned towards the man, running her hand up and down his chest as she did. The burst of confidence from the split was shocking Alyssa to the core.

"Yeah handsome, I think I'm ready to give up now. You win." She moved in closer where her lips touched his own, tasting the whiskey and bourbon on his lips. As she pulled back, she looked up through hooded eyes, biting her lip and then smirking seductively. "Now what are you gonna do with me?" She asked. She ran her fingertips along his jawline and kissed him once again, before pulling away, making sure as much of her ivory skin was showing as possible.

Alyssa had to give her split this, she knew how to flirt a lot better than she herself did. Maybe she needed to take notes.


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It was no use, he was all but defeated as he tried his best to bring another drink to his lips. He raised the drink, but was just the right amount of drunk to not realize that she had gotten up and moved closer to him. He wasn’t too intoxicated to be oblivious to his surroundings, but he wasn’t the most level headed gentleman in the bar, that was for sure. He lowered his glass and looked across from him, she was gone! She must have vanished to the bathroom for a spell, he felt a hand caress his chest and he looked to his side, smile on his face. “There you are-”

The soft push of her lips meeting his cut him off mid sentence, his eyes wide by her sudden boldness. The past few times they did so he’d initiate them, but for her to do it, it was welcomed, but shocking as well. “Woo I win,” he chuckled licking his lips savoring her taste. When she drew away Kenny saw something he hadn’t seen in her before, it was a sultry expression led by hungry visage, eying him like he was prey. He liked it! They kissed again, though this time he got an eyeful of her flawless flesh. He knew exactly what they’d do.

“W-wow Alyssa,” he caught his breath after the last kiss, “I know what we’re gonna do.” he nodded, “We’re gonna… I don’t know… I concede the bet, all I wanna do is this” he cupped her face in his hands and pulled her into another kiss, this one far longer than usual. It would be deep, flirtatious and a tad bit messy, and when he drew back he would bite her lower lip gently.

“Now you decide what we’re gonna do, cause I really wanted to kiss you like that for a long time so fair is fair r-right *hiccup*”

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The split knew exactly what she wanted to do with Kenny.  She moved his hand to place it high on her thigh with a seductive smile.  "How about we go somewhere a bit more...private?  What I want to do with you is not exactly fit for the public." Her split was being extremely forward with the man, hoping it was not putting him off.  She needed to let loose a little, and being here in this pub was not going to help one bit.  "Might even give you a little strip tease, unless you want to pull this dress off of me yourself."  She presented the idea of leaving, it was now up to him to decide on the next move.  Though, as intoxicated as they both were, she knew it would probably only end one way, and that was him heading back to the hotel with her.


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After the kiss Kenny’s hand had found her thigh, he caressed her creamy exposed fresh, oh she was being really forward tonight and here he thought she was an innocent little thing that just liked to innocently flirt. Oh no, she had many more devilish ideas for the male and given his state of mind right now she could surely get whatever she wanted from him. “Oh? Private? Anything you want hon.” he took the bottle of bourbon in his hand and turned it upwards. Tonight was there night! “Let’s get out of here then.. Wait lemme leave a lil tip.” he reached in his pocket and tossed some jewels on the table before looking back at Alyssa. “Alrighty, I dun think I could take a strip tease… I would rather tear that dresss off of you and takes what I want for the rest of the night” he chuckled, words slurring.

His hand rubbed her thigh, teasingly creeping up to the bottom of her skirt. “Heh, I could tear this fancy lil thing riight off, but i’ll wait.”

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The split took Kenny by the hand and led him back to the hotel room. Once they reached it, making sure not to wake the sleeping growlithe in the corner, Alyssa pulled off her own shoes, nearly falling over from her drunken stupor. She pushed Kenny onto the bed, hands running up his heated chest to pull his shirt over his head. The split gently nipped at the exposed skin of his chest before kissing him as her hands wandered over his chest and made their way lower, stopping as they reached the hem of his pants. She pulled away from kissing his just to raise an eyebrow and smirk. "Come on, handsome. You said you would take what you wanted." She placed his own hand on the very top of the back of her thigh where he dress had ridden extremely too high. "So why don't you take me?" She winked.


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Kenny could barely collect his composure before he would be pulled back to the hotel not too far away from the pub. He had little to no time to speak, or act as she took full control and he happily let her do so. When they reached their room he attempted to take a few seconds to breath, or at the very least prepare a game plan for what he was going to do when they finally reached the bed. He had to be sharp, fierce, aggressive and “*hiccup* maybe a little more sober. When the door finally opened he was whisked inside and stopped just a few inches from the bed before he would be pushed onto the bed, his shirt pulled over his head… So that was the game she wanted to play. He shook the dizziness and sprang a wide toothy grin, accompanied by furrowed brows.

She wanted to have some fun, she’d certainly get it. Kenny’s hand not too long ago place onto her thigh gained a tight grip as his other hand did the same to her adjacent thigh. He sat up and picked her up with ease, before walking her to the kitchen portion of the hotel room, he wasted little time smashing their lips together for a rough drunken kiss before abruptly sitting her on the dining table. Seemed they had dishes to do, no matter, a hand slid across the table where she wasn’t seated and knocked the dishes onto the carpeted portion of the room luckily enough meaning Arcane probably wouldn’t wake up given the only thing he’d hear would be thuds instead of the shattering of glasses. He ran his hands up her thighs, and continued the kiss, he would selfishly steal the air from her as he continued on. Eventually, he would have to stop however, to breath and didn’t give her much time to get a word in edgewise. He remembered that her dress was riding high, he pulled her to the edge of the table and lowered himself with a devious smirk on his face… He couldn’t get started without a proper snack now could he?

The moonlight slipped behind the cover of the growing storm clouds, the room began to darken and soon enough there wouldn’t be a trace of light only the breathing of two intertwined bodies becoming a new could be heard as the room began to fade to black.

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Alyssa had definitely had fun that night.  She had not expected her split to go so far, yet she really appreciated it in the end.  She had also not expected Kenny to be as...talented...in the bedroom as he was.  He must have had much practice and there was usually only one reason for that.  Figures, he would have to be a player.  Figuring he would be gone by the time she woke up in the morning, Alyssa fell into a restless sleep.  Sadly, he even occupied her dreams at this point.  She knew it was going to hurt when he left.
Waking up the next morning, Alyssa had found that she was indeed right, the man had left in while she was asleep.  Only he had left a note, telling her where he had gone and where to meet him for their quest.  She was honestly surprised that he had not disappeared in the night with no trace.  Getting up, she began getting ready to meet the man.

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Kenny couldn’t sleep, he was restless, happy, surprised, remorseful, and one may even say satisfied about the events that took place just a few hours ago. He had done something unforgivable to Alyssa yet, he felt even more attracted to her. There was a cocktail of desire and emotion running through him, he was pleased with what he had done, what he had gotten, but all in the same he was remorseful because he went farther than he thought he could last night. What if she hated him for it? No, no he couldn’t think of such trivial things. It was fun, though the kitchen table would need to be replaced, damn thing wasn’t as sturdy as Kenny thought.

He woke up early in the morning, her form was next to his, one of his arms around her and pulling her into his embrace. He smiled down at her, but he couldn’t stay long sadly. It was time for him to his the road. There were jobs to do and they were still a partnership, so he had already taken the liberty of getting them one well before they went out for the night.

Sliding out of bed, making sure not to wake Alyssa Kenny shifted his position to the bedside. He looked around and stood up. Arcane must have been a deep sleeper, was his first thought. Everything seemed in order, save for the broken table. There was no time to dwell on that, however, he would creep into the bathroom to clean himself up and after a few moments of grooming, he would get dressed. After dressing, he would retrieve a piece of paper and scribble down the location of their next job.

And with that Kenny left her after placing his note on his pillow. After creaking the door close Kenny stretched and took in a deep breath. Shit he felt good today. “Shit I feel good today.” he laughed walking down the hall and to the job site.


Cheers to new beginnings [Alyssa]  Qurywgl

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