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Crash the Cash House [Akio Hisao]

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#1Akio Hisao 

Crash the Cash House [Akio Hisao] Empty on Fri May 19, 2017 4:50 am

Akio Hisao
Akio sighed as he once again found himself in front of the Martello home. Apparently he had done such quality work the first time, the Martello family had hired him for yet another job. He had not been given much information about the family that the Martello's were after, he was simply told that it was a rival crime family, an older one at that led by a man named Vincenze Tessio. Now Akio had heard the name before and knew this man was not someone that many people wanted to mess with, which is why Akio guessed they were having him complete the job instead of one of their own. There could be no link back to their family in the case of Akio's death.

His job for today was pretty simple, infiltrate a cash house owned by Vincenze, steal their stash, and burn the place down. With a last look at the dark home behind him, Akio looked down at the map and began making his way towards the cash house. It helped that the streets were dark, no lights except for the passing cars which were few and far between. Though the map was harder to read, it would make it easier for Akio to go in unnoticed.

Soon, Akio had found the small abandoned building that was being used as the cash house. It seemed to be an old diner that had not been used in years. The sign was hanging by a wire, the neon sign blinking ever so often because of the short in the wires. Half of the building was collapsed which would make it much easier to get in and out unnoticed. Sometimes Akio wished he had stuck with his magic, just because he found matches a pain to use when lighting something as large as a building, aflame.

Taking the risk of being seen, Akio jumped onto the roof of the building and quickly slipped into a hole in the roof. He landed nimbly on the balls of his feet and looked around the room thoroughly to see if there was anything amiss. He saw nothing out of the ordinary for an old diner, so he walked to the door and peeked around the edge, hearing people talking in the distance. He turned and made his way down the hall opposite of the sounds. He soon found himself at the entrance to a bathroom.

Taking a step into the female bathroom first, he looked around quickly, flinching at the smell of old sewage that had not been properly disposed of when the building had shut down. He saw nothing strange and quickly made his way to the male's bathroom. The tile floor was dirty and all the mirrors were broken while graffiti lined the walls. He frowned at the state of it before realizing there was nothing amiss there either. He sighed as he walked out.

Akio had begun getting annoyed when he stumbled upon the kitchen and happened to notice a note sitting upon a clean table. He took a step towards it, reading what had been written. 'Guys, do not be morons this time. Remember to fix the tile if you are going for the cash.' It was horrible handwriting is Akio could say, but he understood what the note said. The cash was under a tile on the floor.

His search became quicker as he scanned the room for lose tiles and soon found one at the back of the place, covered in litter. He moved the rest of the tile to find a bag under them. Unzipping it, Akio smiled at the amount of cash the bag was holding. He thought about taking it and running for a while, but then he realized he did not want to mess with an entire crime family.

Finding some oil in the back of the kitchen that had not been used, Akio poured it all around the kitchen and diner. He still heard the voices in the back, and he nearly felt bad about trapping the people in the burning building, but it quickly passed. He lit a match and threw it back into the oil, which caught fire immediately. Not staying inside long, he jumped out through the same hole he came in through. He looked back long enough to see the diner explode in fire and hear the yelling before he blended into the crowd.

It was not five minutes later that a crowd had grown large enough for one of the Martello men to step up beside Akio and switch bags with him unnoticed. As they went their separate ways, Akio checked the bag to make sure his jewels were there. With a smile, he took off in a jog towards the forest near the town.

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