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The Cursed Sword In The Stone

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The Cursed Sword In The Stone

Someone has struck down a sword into a stone in Orchidia Town and Oak Town. It's not clear who has done it, but the word got around pretty fast. Within no time people from all over Fiore gathered to try to pull it out but no one managed to succeed yet. Will you be the one to pull the sword out of the stone?

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Nobody knows where it came from. A dark katana lodged into a rock suddenly appeared out of nowhere one night. It was located in the middle of one of Oak Town's largest parks for all to see. Bystanders were fascinated by it and attempted to free it from its stone prison. However, the sword would not budge. Rumors soon spread about the sword causing many of the local towns people to give it a try themselves. Some wanted the fame, others wanted the money the sword would bring, but most were just their to spectate for when it finally was freed. From the smallest of kids to the strongest of mages, one by one they all failed. Caius had no work that needed done for the day so he decided to accept the challenge the sword offered.

Caius saw a small crowd around the rock as one short spiky haired man pumped up the crowd around them. "My name is Begeta and I'm the prince of all slaying! Once I get that sword my power will be unmatched!" The crowd cheered him on as he placed one of his feet on the stone and put both hands around the sword. He pulled as hard as he could as the crowd went wild. After a few seconds his face went beet red. Veins popped out of his arms and face as he gave it once last try. His grip broke as he flew backwards on the ground as the crowd sighed in disappointment.

Nobody seemed next it line so Caius walked up to the stone for his turn. The man who failed looked back at him. "Hah. if the prince of all slaying Begeta couldn't pull it from the stone. There it no way you can do it carrot cake." Caius simply ignored the man and continued. Since brute strength wasn't working, Caius took his right hand and gripped the hilt as hard as he could. He pulled on the sword and hoped for the best.


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As Caius pulled up slowly, the sword effortlessly slid out of the stone inch by inch. It was almost like he was destined to have it. After a few seconds, the weapon was completely free as Caius held it high towards the sky in triumph. The crowd went absolute berserk as they surrounded him and started cheering. Mostly it was congratulations but some were offering money for it. Begeta sat there staring in awe with tears in his eyes. "But...it should have been me. I'm the prince..." After admiring it's craftsmanship for a few moments he removed his shirt and wrapped the blade up so it hopefully wouldn't cut anyone. His next stop would be the weapon shop to get a sheath for his new weapon. He forced his way through the crowd and headed towards the market district.


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