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Feels awful [Era to Marigold]

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Feels awful [Era to Marigold] Empty on Tue May 16, 2017 8:50 am


Kenny sat on a bench just outside of a park in Era. It was just about time to go, there was nothing left here for him, he had gone through enough mental gymnastics to off put him for the foreseeable future and now he needed to leave, where he would go, he was unsure but he needed to go where work was. There were a few places he had in mind, Oak and Marigold were the two he had taken the most interest in. Mostly because there were things for him to do in those cities; In Oak there were certainly places for him to go, and there were jobs for him a plenty, in Marigold it was the same, plenty of jobs to do, but not as many people to meet. Decisions, decisions, and then there was magnolia, a place that had peeked his interest well before he came to Era, buuut it didn’t have the flare that Oak had, there was a chance he could go back to Oak and retrace his steps, maybe he’d see that girl and her dog again, or he’d see the pink man, or even that little lady who almost got him to commit a felony a few weeks ago. This was more a decision of rather or not he’d be happy where he went. Two cities were a chance for him to start a new, the other was a chance to try to build bridges, yet he couldn’t decide which was more important. He had already packed his things, his clothes and sword were neatly packed away in his burlap sack, why was being a drifter so difficult? Here he was without a care in the world, and heaps of time to do anything he wanted and he couldn’t make a simple decision like this. Shit… Maybe it was about time he started looking into the Guilds that held these cities, maybe then he could make a choice that’d benefit him, then again what would benefit him as a person? Were there differing guilds? Good guys and bad guys? Kenny wasn’t evil, nor was he good. He didn’t fight for the right thing, nor did he crave to do bad things. Being bad was always more fun, but being good can keep one’s mind at ease. What would he do if he joined a guild? He had already lost two battles to two stronger opponents, one in which he ran away. What good could he do for a guild? It was brutally apparent from earlier thoughts that he wasn’t a good guy, or a bad guy, he was the indecisive guy and boy what he wouldn’t do to have someone make this choice for him. Then again… There was another way to choose.

Kenny plastered a map on the nearest brick wall and stood a few feet away, with a for he borrowed from a local diner he threw it at a random location and where it landed is where he would go, the fork landed a few inches from Era and BAM it said Marigold, so that would be where he goes in search of himself. Neat, he had the mindset, he had the new found determination and now it was a matter of finding his strength and hopefully Marigold would be where he finds it. He took down his map, rolled ‘er up and stuffed her in his pocket, before doing the same to the fork, well, excluding the rolling. He threw his cloak around his shoulders, the collar of his new outfit tailored by the old man protruding from it and now it was time to set off for the unknown.

He began heading out of Era, on foot it would be a long trip, but he had done this once already with… Uh, he had done this wonde already and could do it again. It would take days to walk, and on second he had found himself going through Magnolia, he stopped there for a short time, being sure to grab a beer on his way out before continuing down the road for Marigold.

After another two days, passing through another town, Kenny would arrive in Marigold and the first thing he did was collapse on the street from all of the walking.



Feels awful [Era to Marigold] Empty on Tue May 16, 2017 10:48 am

Kenny's pockets feel lighter. It seems he got pickpocketed and lost 25,000J for using the wrong title.

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