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Flip Em [Leyaria]

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Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It was a relatively normal day within Crocus, as normal could be at least. For much of her time now in Crocus, it was appearing to be that much more of a contrast against what she had come to identify with the city. No more were there nights of her sleeping in alleyways, praying to God that it did not rain, hoping that there were some means to which she could find food. Hell, instances in which even the bars were open were a far luxury as opposed to her aimlessly wandering the streets, knowing that the city’s stance against migrants and the poor was far from that of what other cities and provinces in Fiore were known for, like Marigold for instance.

But those days were now past her. No longer did she had to resort to that. She was becoming a more known wizard, one who was able to do and often was completing jobs, much like in Era, and much like in Marigold. In both cases, she developed a bit of a reputation for herself as a go getter, someone who get could things done, but it wasn’t strictly for the purposes of doing good. There was a financial incentive, there were jewels that were coming into her pocket, something that she had never had the chance to acquire until now, and having it was great. However, like anything that she was not used to, often she found herself going overboard with her spending, finding herself in a case of constantly having to do jobs to accumulate some degree of wealth, though she didn’t mind, especially now after having been through Marigold.

Having been treated like a celebrity there, she was now in a position to actually make a living, to actually have some means of supporting herself with the accumulated income and wealth that she had gotten there. It made Crocus far better than it had been before, though those jewels were not infinite, and eventually she was expected to take on other jobs, more jobs which meant that a constant stream of jewels were coming in. It was how she found herself in this position, working within a local restaurant in Crocus, the same one that had denied her in the past, helping out in the kitchen, cooking food which by itself was a concept that was largely foreign to her.

It was certainly a different experience, one that she was hardly ready to say beat the other types of jobs that she had been doing. There wasn’t any Magic involved which left her a bit conflicted, but it was also one in which she got to try something new, as well as try foods that she didn’t normally get a chance to try. Having spoken with the man who ran the restaurant, having explained to him that there were so many things in which she was being expected to cook that she herself was not familiar with doing, he couldn’t help but be a bit surprised, if not outright shocked. As such, he made an offer which he rarely did, allowing her to sample and try out the foods that were there, giving her a chance to experience tastes and flavors that were up until that point completely foreign to her, and they were delightful. It may have been too light of a term to describe how it felt for her to try a hamburger for the first time, and the cheeseburger blew her mind. It was incredible how one simple addition made the taste that much different and so much better as a result too.

The owner at the same time recognized that Leyaria’s infamiliarity with the tastes meant that she was quite unlikely to be able to cook the foods to how he expected or watned them, certainly not how his customers were expecting them to go. Instead, he allowed her a chance to learn how to cook, having her shadow one of the more capable chefs who had been aware of the situation regarding Leyaria, particularly her unfamiliarity with foods like this, and for whatever he made for the customers, she repeated for herself, slowly but surely learning how to cook on her own. And in a nice change of pace for Leyaria, whereas with some of the jobs she had been forced to take up, particularly those within Crocus, time seemed to have just dragged on, but now they were moving so much faster, time seeming to have just blown by as she was trying everything to make what she was making just a little bit better. She had made a few hamburgers, though they they didn’t come out nearly as expected or desired, but she didn’t worry too much, nor did the chef. They were making good money and she was learning a valuable life skill that she would no doubt carry with her. It was also something which everyone seemed to take as a boost of moral, just the idea of providing a talent to someone who was clearly sheltered to the point of this all being a foreign thing to her.

It was getting later and later as the night went on, and the restaurant started to slowly die down. After a short period, it eventually came that the back area where Leyaria had been working was starting to close, and it wasn’t long later until they had closed entirely. Leyaria looked at the time, realizing that it had come to the next morning, having passed midnight. Looking at what she had made, it wasn’t much, little more than a handful of burgers, some hotdogs, amongst some other items, none of which she had made with very much particular expertise. In the end though, she felt as though she had done something worth while, and it was a different kind of request, one that she could feel good about, one that she could take with her, not so much like taking out a large wolf that may have been targeting people in Era or something like that. Smiling as she got her reward, Leyaria departed for the night, ready to take a nap and reflect on what she learned today.

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