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Marigold to Crocus [Foot Travel]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Marigold to Crocus [Foot Travel] Empty on Mon May 15, 2017 4:02 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

It went against the conventions of regular thought and consciousness, the idea that it would make more sense for her to return to Crocus again, after the last time that she had been there, it was hard to believe that this was actually a route that she was taking, that she was considering to go about. Yet, all thee while, and for as much as she may have enjoyed her time in Marigold Town, it was ahrd for her to warrant a further stay than that of which she had been there already. Too much time and too much effort had gone into what she could do there, the lacking of any significant jobs being hardly enough to warrant remaining there, even if the cost of her staying was hardly that of which she had to pay for herself.

The people of Marigold Town had been good to her, far more than what she was ever used to, nor did she ever believe that she had any business receiving as far as treatments go or otherwise went. Whereas in Crocus – ironically where she was planning on going to next – and in Era, where she had previously been, it was hard for her to imagine that it was a logical or reasonable idea that she would be wanting to go there, but that was exactly the case, that was exactly what she was looking to do. It was tough for her to explain, and even Geth, for as little as it seemed to understand as to Leyaria’s past experience in Crocus, was still a bit surprised at hearing that that twas there next destination.

They left early in the morning, early enough such that she coul pay a final farewell to those who had been so kind to her, mostly that of Farmer Jim who had come t vouch for her with his life, and she was honored that he would show such honor and care towards her, some at which,e ven to this dy that she did not believe she deserved at all. All the same, it was a great thing, one to which she was ready to hold dear to her. It was also for that reason that she left early enough for only him to say goodbye. If she had left later, it would be likely that everyone would be here, and leaving him was hard enough. Leaving all of them would have been that much more difficult.


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