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Creepy Cults and Zombies

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#1Gala Nakamura 

Creepy Cults and Zombies Empty on Sun May 14, 2017 12:54 am

Gala Nakamura
Gala headed out of the gates of Era with a light lacrima and a report from the one who had given Gala the job he was currently doing a lieutenant Marwin if he recalled right, what he was told and read in the report was that some zombies were supposedly found in the woods near Era, which Gala had to admit sounded so much more entertaining that his last night job which was guarding a caravan which bored the living daylights out of him. “Hopefully now this might be at least a bit more entertaining and at least I have a weapon or sorts with me just in case” he mumbled to himself as he reached to his side and touched the knife he had attached to his belt it was nothing fancy but he had it just in case he had a nasty encounter.

As he entered the woods Gala headed in the direction that he was told the zombies had last been seen and he turned down his light lacrima so it didn’t stand out as much and he flipped open the report and glanced thru the report, from what was put down the Zombies had supposedly been encountered near the deepest part of the forest and the one who saw them was too frightened to go any further into the woods to get anymore information.”despite that he ran in terror from what he saw I got to admit at least I’m not stumbling into this completely blind and in danger” the young knight muttered as he shut the file and glanced around noting he was getting very very deep into the forest and yet no sign of the living dead at all not once single corpse walking around and no moans at all filled the air.

God I’m starting to wonder if this report was right I know that it was from a higher up but I’v been wandering for at least a few hours now and I have seen nothing that shows a corpse has been her let alone one that is up and moving, I guess I should go further in since this is where the witness stopped after spotting them” Gala grumbled as he kept moving forward and hoped that soon he would find something. "I hope this yields results or else this is gonna get really old really fast” he mumbled to himself as he looked around.

All of a sudden Gala suddenly heard the sound of rustling and he then turned his light lacrima off so he couldn’t be seen and he quickly moved so that he was against a tree in case it was a threat, after a few moments the slayer peeked out from the side. The knight moved thru the brush towards the noise keeping an eye out for any movement around him. The rustling had been to much to be an animal it had to be something big or at least human sized if Gala had to make any kind of guess.


#2Gala Nakamura 

Creepy Cults and Zombies Empty on Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:05 pm

Gala Nakamura
Gala started to move thru the trees and bushes trying to remain as silent as possible as he kept hearing noises and he narrowed his eyes as he suddenly saw light from a few torches and then it came into view a statue of a pagen god long forgotten in Fiore and yet these cultists which was quite a few were chanting and worshiping it along with using many different magical powders and vials that even from his spot far away the red eyed man could tell were not legal to use let alone own and he growled lightly before one of the cultists moving around heard it and looked around the bushes and tree. Gala panicked for a moment and he ducked behind the tree and held his breath as the man seemed to look around then shrugged and went back to patrolling the area without a care in the world.

Gala then moved back and saw that the dead bodies they were messing with were now coming back to life and despite the fact that the zombies were rather dumb they were still a threat and the slayer knew he had to get out of the area without alerting the cultists. The young apprentice quickly moved away from the bushes and trees as silently as he could and once he managed to get far enough away the dark haired man bolted for the entrance of the woods making sure to avoid making to much noise or catching himself on a stray branch or loose rock so he didn’t harm himself. Once he managed to get out of the woods Gala stopped and took a moment to catch his breath and he turned his ight lacrima on so he could see once again and he headed back towards the city so he could give his repot back to the lieutenant.

As he stepped thru the gates the young knight could see the older gentleman waiting for him and Gala nodded to him as he spoke”Sir it seems the report you were given was correct, I went to the spot the witness was at when he said he supposedly saw zombies and at first I saw nothing, but I heard rustling so I want farther in and came across cultists worshiping a very old pagan statue of a forgotten god and I saw with my own eyes that they were resurrecting corpses with illegal substances while they chanted. I almost was caught by one of the cultists but I managed to stay silent long enough for them to dismiss it as an animal and not me. I hope this will be of help to you sir” Gala explained before Marin nodded back to him with interest in his eyes.

Very good son now go get some rest let us handle the rest, if they are using illegal items to bring back the dead then we cannot allow them to keep one worshipping a false god. Here is your reward you earned it” the older man said while Gala was handed a bundle of jewels and he nodded before walking off and waving goodbye to the older knight.


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