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Meeting the Top Fairy [Private-Teiho]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Meeting the Top Fairy [Private-Teiho] Empty on Sat May 13, 2017 9:50 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori was beside herself with boredom. It was a beautiful day and she couldn't find any work, so her and Psyduck were simply lounging, and she hated it. Walking through the city streets, they came across a small park with some benches lining the area, so with nothing to do, the duo opted to take a seat and just people watch. That was amusing for all of five seconds before Tori starting fidgeting in her seat. She could not stand having nothing to do or not having company to converse with, other than Psyduck. But then when she thought about it, he couldn't actually communicate, try as he might.

Unable to take sitting in one place for any longer, the ice mage rose from the bench provoking a confused look from the small duck at her side. "Come on, Psyduck! We gotta go find something exciting!" she cheered, causing the animal to jump up and follow his friend in tow. Without realizing where she was going, the young Fairy accidentally collided with someone on the sidewalk, which caused a chain reaction that led to a small group of people all falling on top of each other. Getting up and rubbing the new knot on her head, Tori apologized profusely. "I'm so sorry, everyone. I should probably pay more attention. I hope no one is hurt." she proclaimed worriedly.

#2Constantine Librorum 

Meeting the Top Fairy [Private-Teiho] Empty on Sat May 13, 2017 12:27 pm

Constantine Librorum
He had been in Era for a week now and after encountering the young delinquent, he honestly had not had much excitement in his life. He had heard that the city had been assaulted recently by various forces and it seemed he was here primarily for the aftermath, which was to say, all he could see was the rubble left behind the supposed powerful mages. Even so, he guessed it wasn't all so bad. The library of Era, while not as extensive as the one in Crocus, held great a many mystery within it's confines, and he could have easily spent days within just cracking open various tomes to learn about the secrets of the world around them. It was to this location that he was heading too right now as a matter of fact, having been given free reign after apprehending one of the suspects of the supposed terror strings that had happened a month or so back. How the local police couldn't find a man parading outside their door step literally butt ass naked, he had no clue.

But of course, it seemed his travels always had to befall some sort of dramatic tragedy as a literal wall of people came crashing towards him. Realizing that he wanted no part of that, he stepped to the side towards the street and then down onto the dirt below as the wave passed him by, striking the people behind him who were not as fortunate to see the calamity coming. He'd turn his head towards the start of the wave, seeing a young blonde haired woman get up with her hand to her head before sighing and realizing the cause. Clumsy people and their clumsy ways.

The young man continued on his way, the groans and moans of the people beside him ignored for his own personal inner thoughts that were far more useful for what he wanted to do. Of course the young woman was at least given a glance, which was more than most people got from him nowadays. That one glance told him a lot about her. One, she was combat proficient, or at least could fake it. Two, she was a fairly simple woman, and three, she had a small retard for a pet. He guessed it fit for her considering what had proceeded. Ah well it was none of his business. He noticed a small bit of a tattoo poking out of her shirt, though not enough to tell what it was exactly, he could at least figure out it was a guild mark. A mage..., he thought to himself as he walked past her, his own guild mark visible in a bright white just at the top of his upper arm. While her being a mage wasn't interesting by itself, like they literally lived in a society dominated by mages, but it was the fact that the mage was so... clumsy. Like literally who didn't pay attention to their surroundings in this day in age. Civilians man...

#3Tori Lancaster 

Meeting the Top Fairy [Private-Teiho] Empty on Sun May 14, 2017 9:30 am

Tori Lancaster
Rising to her feet after the collision and composing herself, she noticed a dark skinned man walk beside her. What really caught her eye was the white mark on his upper arm. "Oh, you're a member of the Fairy Tail guild?" she asked slightly excitedly, always being one to love meeting guild mates out in the field. "I just joined a couple months ago. My name's Tori. You?" she introduced herself and asked for the white haired man's name. After all, she couldn't just call him 'guy she met in Era' whenever they ran into each other. While waiting for his response, Tori could tell that this man was strong, stronger than herself even if she couldn't tell by what measure. Just something about him oozed confidence in himself and if she could just pick his brain a little, she may find something that would lead her to becoming stronger herself.

She had held her hand out to shake it in greeting, and noticed that Psyduck did the same. "Psy!" he said. Tori assumed that meant 'Hello' but she wasn't for sure. "Oh, and this is Psyduck. Nice to meet you!"

#4Constantine Librorum 

Meeting the Top Fairy [Private-Teiho] Empty on Sun May 14, 2017 10:31 am

Constantine Librorum
He had already stepped past her just a bit when he was addressed using the guild he was apart of. It wasn't uncommon for people to notice that he was part of Fairy Tail and even more common when he'd be asked to do something for them for some ridiculously reduced price that he wasn't willing to work for. Thankfully this wasn't one of those moments as the young woman revealed herself to be one of his fellow guild mates. Well that was just perfect. Seeing as she didn't recognize him she wasn't likely sent by Cecilia so his presence probably wasn't needed just yet. Huh, he wondered if Jeremiah ever completed that task he gave him...

"A few months huh... I must have been gone for much longer than I thought considering I don't remember seeing your name on the updated roster..." Now that he thought about it, he had been gone for going on half a year now. He was definitely catching fire for ditching the guild for this long. "Teiho". He stated simply. It was the name listed in the roster and only one person in the country would know his actual name. Though now he had no clue where she had gone so that was a slight concern in and of itself. He'd turn to the little woodland creature, the thing holding out it's hand like it's masters. He'd have introduced Izanami but they were still in public so bringing a massive green dragon down into the middle of town would have been... startling to say the least.

He'd at least be polite and shake the woman's hand before nodding to the companion. With introductions given, he'd turn back towards his destination not perturbed in the slightest by the fact that he had run into a guild mate.

#5Tori Lancaster 

Meeting the Top Fairy [Private-Teiho] Empty on Tue May 16, 2017 10:34 am

Tori Lancaster
Teiho, as he introduced himself, shook Tori's hand before nodding at Psyduck. He mentioned that he had been away from the guild for quite awhile, in fact longer than he thought he had been. But after the pleasantries, he turned to walk away. "Teiho..." Tori thought to herself. She knew that she knew that name but where. After a second, it hit her. Teiho was the strongest person in the guild last time anyone checked, save the Guildmaster, of course. Before she could stop herself, the words escaped. "Teiho, wait! I would love a chance to spar with you!" she said, her head down in a bow of respect. If this really was the same person as the roster and ranking she saw in the guild described, she had to see what kinds of plateaus still awaited her. She had to know what the strongest Fairy Tail wizard could do, so she could strive to achieve that level and beyond.

While waiting for his response, she wondered what his response would be. And should he accept, what might happen as a result. She could get seriously wounded, but she had to take the chance. If she was going to get as renowned as he was, she had to. One could argue that it was almost a matter of pride, and to a degree it was. But not only was it a test of Tori's own abilities, she also just simply wanted to see what her guildmates were capable of should they team up someday against a common enemy. All she could do at this point was wait for him to reply..or simply ignore her. That was a distinct possibility.

#6Constantine Librorum 

Meeting the Top Fairy [Private-Teiho] Empty on Mon May 22, 2017 8:41 am

Constantine Librorum
Timing was just not on this chicks side. Not only was he in a rush, but he also happened to be aware of the rather daunting threat that loomed over the whole of Fiore at the moment. Did he care that the entire country would be destroyed? Not really, but there was a possibility that there would be some weapons or artifacts around that would be useful to him or dangerous enough that'd he'd have to shove them into his Library for further storage until he could get back into contact with the Initiative. Turning back to the young woman, he'd at least give her part of his attention as he studied their surroundings. He'd take into account the fact that the people who had been knocked over were at least picking themselves up and were paying just the tiniest bit of attention to his and Tori's conversation. It wasn't something that phased him in particular but he knew some people were particularly weak to that kind of attention. "A spar would be fine, but not right now. There are more important things that need to be taken care of..." He'd turn back around and continue walking away before stopping and looking over his shoulder. "If you're truly adamant about this spar, I'll be in Seighart before heading to Magnolia. Ask me there if you truly want to battle." And with that he'd continue walking off towards the library leaving the young woman and her pet duck behind.


#7Tori Lancaster 

Meeting the Top Fairy [Private-Teiho] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 9:58 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori would look up from her respectful bow to an answer that she certainly did not want to hear. Teiho did agree to a spar, but not at the current time or place. He instructed Tori that he would be going to the Seighart Mountains before heading back to Magnolia, and if she truly wanted to spar with him, to meet him there. Tori was confused why he would choose a location so far away, and in the completely opposite direction, but it didn't matter. Tori couldn't let this opportunity slip by. "Alright, Teiho. You're on." she would say confidently before he turned away to take his leave.

"Well, Psyduck. Looks like we've got a bit of a journey ahead of us."


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