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Eyes Wide Open [Houren]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Eyes Wide Open [Houren] Empty Sat May 13, 2017 2:07 am

Houren Vanadis
"I have some business that I need to attend to in another part of town, so I'll have you watch the shop in my place. I remember you from a while back, and I trust that you'll do a good job."

Khalash Saton stood at the entrance way of the shop, spoke those words before exiting the establishment, leaving Houren alone with magical items of all sorts of varieties and many anxieties as to what he could do to protect the place sufficiently. He remembered a request he had done a while ago where he was required to guard some caravans, but in the end, the biggest threat he had found that day was a young couple making out somewhere. The Fire Dragon Slayer didn't get any sleep at all that night, but at the very least, the threat of danger seemed only to be a distant rumor. This was a completely case though, Houren knew exactly how popular the Mag Drug shop was, and he knew that many people had tried to shoplift here in the past, although when it came to his wares, Khalash Saton had the best eyes in all of Magnolia. He was not around right now though, and Houren was left to protect the place in his stead. The Fairy Tail mage was confident that he could defeat anyone who tried to loot the place, but was what a vendor did when faced with shoplifters? Wasn't he supposed to call the appropriate authorities rather than reprimand them himself? And some thieves were sneakier than others; yes, Houren did not fear anyone thief, but rather, he was worried that something might be taken from right under his nose, or if he ended up going against the manual, hurting someone and giving the drug store a bad name.

Sighing to himself, and trying to reassure himself that his fears were nothing more than delusions on his part, Houren headed to behind the counter where there was a note hand written by Khalash Saton that was addressed to him, the Fairy Tail mage with the brown skin and long hair. He didn't know anyone else like that, so he just assumed it was him and opened it up. The letter written by Khalash Saton was short, sweet and most of all, to the point. He instructed Houren that he should not, ever leave his post while doing this request. This is because Khalash Saton does not have any staff, and if Houren was to go somewhere, something could very easily be taken while he wasn't looking. It was a reasonable request, Houren thought to himself, and he made a mental note to himself that he would not leave this post, even if he needed to go to the toilet or if something exciting was happening outside the store.

The second warning from Khalash Saton was somewhat related to the first, but not really at the same time. Khalash Saton instructed Houren, in incredibly good handwriting that did not fit the small, older man at all, to never go into the backroom. This was because there were some valuable items in the backroom that Khalash Saton did not want anyone to know he had, and also because if Houren was in the backroom, he might become so engrossed in it that some thieves would be able to enter the store and steal away some of the goods there. There was also a chance that Houren, himself, after seeing the wares, would be tempted to steal something, even though he was innately a good and honest man.

Actually, all of that wasn't true and was speculation on Houren's part. In fact, Khalash Saton wrote nothing of the sort, he did not mention hidden, secret rare artifacts in the backroom capable of turning a man of neutral alignment to a man of evil alignment, nor did he expand on the point at all. He merely stated that Houren was not to enter the backroom, and as such, the Fire Dragon Slayer decided to take the man at his word and made yet another mental note to himself that he would not enter the backroom under no circumstances. Even if a customer came in and asked for an item that was on sale, Houren would not go into the backroom to look for it. Clearly, nothing in the backroom was meant to be sold, and Khalash Saton was not using the backroom for its traditional intention as a storage or supply closet. Even if a customer came in and explicitly asked for Houren to check in the backroom, he would not move at all. Nothing in the backroom was meant to be sold, nobody besides Khalash Saton himself was meant to be in the backroom at all. Houren would repeat this to any offending customer, if need be.

As Houren practiced to himself internally, some teenagers entered the shop and began to look around the shop. He was suspicious of them since they were, in fact, teenagers, but looking around the shop was nothing. He did keep a close eye on them to make sure they didn't pocket anything though. Eventually, they walked up to Houren himself and began to ask some questions about things an to the best of his knowledge, the Fairy Tial answer coolly. When it became apparent that the item they were looking for was not in this drug shop, and by their description, would not be in any drug shop, they began to get angry and wanted to go into the backroom. Upon hearing that word, Houren jumped over the counter, grabbed both teenagers by the collars of their shirts and threw them out of the establishment, warning them that the backroom was not for customers. After that, there were no more rowdy customers, and none of them happened to be bratty teenagers; Houren assumed word of his sternness had gotten around the block, and at midnight, Khalash Saton returned, took a look around the shop and when he was satisfied that nothing had been duly stolen, he rewarded Houren.


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