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Something blue (chelvaric)

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Something blue (chelvaric) Empty Sat May 13, 2017 2:03 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvairc was walking through Orchidia as he had to find a place. He accepted another job. He was doing lots of jobs lately and he was getting a good amount of jewels from it. He wanted to become more experienced so doing jobs was the only and fastest way of doing that. Not that his jobs were that exciting. But eh alteast it was something. He wouldn’t complain to much about It and just do them before he would go off to another city again. He had met some new people in orchidia already and he remit his best friend snow a while ago too. It was a nice meet and he had a lot of fun again. Now he was just on his way for a job and nothing special. He had to aid a detective in his work. So it was a bit more of a brainy and search job then a real fight or just carry stuffs around job. But it din’t matter to Chelvaric as long as he got some jewels out of it it was fine with him. At the least he could maybe learn something and get better at finding animal footprints in the wild when he went out for hunting. He shook his head as he had to find the guy first before even thinking about learning stuffs. He found him standing near a river and he was waiting for chelvaric. Chelvaric didn’t mind that and he followed the man to the location of the job. They had to follow him to a place where some spirit was waiting for them. “I found this huge blue ball you see its floating around near the river I don’t know what it is but I feel very eerie around it like it is pulling me towards it.”, the man said and he walked further. Chelvaric tought about what it could be. Maybe it was a kha’zhu. But that would be weird as they only came into marches and desolated places. But not in the middle of the city. They can’t pull them into anything that will kill them. it was so weird. But he had to be carefull tough since the spirit was probably gone show him his old class mates. But chelvaric was ready for it. He didn’t felt that much thinking about them anymore anyway. So he could withstand for sure. He didn’t know if the detective was gona be able to withstand it tough. But it would be fine he guessed. k

They walked up to the river and Chelvaric saw the blue ball spinning around on the riverbed. They should go close carefully. Scraggy was watching from a distance as another demon would aggravate the kha’zu. Chelvaric sneaked closer and closer and then jumped forward on the last moment. He saw his dear friends around him but he wouldn’t care for it. Yes he left them to die to the demon. But he tried his best and he didn’t had the power back then to stop a powerful demon like that. He hold up his hand close to the being and chanted words. “ka li te du ma tuu”, chanted the words very fast after each other and a magic circle appeared that dispelled the demon back to its original realm. The excorsisme made him fly back from the explosion a bit. But the other guy got knocked out from it and he flew all the way back. Chelvaric walked to the man and took him up his shoulder he had to carry him to the hospital but he was quite heavy tough. He laid him on the ground and dragged him trough the city. When suddenly a random person walked up and said if he could help. He looked a bit like a hot playboy guy. One that would run after any girl. But eh he could use the help so why not and both of them were dragging the body to the hospital. He was thinking why the ghost would be here this was really awkward. It felt off. It wasn’t right for a being like that to be somewhere it would never come. They finally arrived at the hospital and they brought the guy inside. Doctors came rushing and they took the man with them. they were gona make him better fast. The other man asked and chelvaric explained to him about the ghost. They were both happy nothing dangerous had happened yet. As this ghost was known for killing people. But not that it realy could anyway in this city. Nothing was really dangerous enough to killed by. But this smelled like the handy work of dog demons. Why were they here and what did they want from this place. He had to find out before he left this place. He couldn’t let them win again and destroy another time in there endless wake of destruction. He would stop them once and for all he swore it to the night sky as he was looking out of the window. Chelvaric walked up to a can machine and bought him a coke. He opened the can and sipped from it. Who would have thought that he would end up in a mess like this . he looked up at the stars and wondered where snow was right now. Was she doing a job too and was she safe. He didn’t know that but he was longing to see her again. He blushed as he was thinking about it. How could she have stolen his heart so much he wondered. He went back to the guys room to collect his reward before he left the hospital. He lighted a sigy and started walking. Time to relax and enjoy the night scraggy took a siggy too and followed chelvarics bad habits. Don’t do it tough he tought in his mind. Chelvaric didn’t care about living long he wanted to forget what happened years ago. Nobody should have had a childhood like that. It was the wrost fate ever.


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