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Caravan Guarding

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#1Gala Nakamura 

Caravan Guarding Empty on Sat May 13, 2017 12:39 am

Gala Nakamura
Gala yawned from his spot at a caravan parked in Era, while it was rather deserted outside at the moment since it was night time the red eyed rune knight was charged with guarding it untill they were ready to leave at daybreak which Gala knew he had quite a few hours left before he was relived and he would be able to go back to his quarters and finally pass out. Thankfully the young knight was ready for this and he had packed a very large container of coffee to keep him up. So here he was moving around the caravan to keep any creeps from getting any ideas and trying to steal from the caravan. From time to time Gala would glance at the other caravans from time to time but after a while he just shook his head and grumbled. To be honest he hated doing such dull work but he needed money and had to pay bills so unless he did stuff like this he wouldn’t gain a rep at all and get better missions.

God I swear this is more of a job for Guild not the military but I guess I can’t complain I just wish I could do something more exciting then guard duty“ the black haired man grumbled as he took a swig of coffee from his container and coughed a bit from how hot it was.”I forgot it was still boiling hot Damn it” he growled as he felt the inside of his mouth burn but despite the pain it did the important thing and kept Galas mind sharp and awake . He kept circling the caravan and while once and a while he thought he saw a few shadows out of the corner of his eye it seemed like every time he glanced they were gone and he assumed it was his mind wandering or looking for trouble so he wouldn’t be so board.

This time sipping some coffee instead of trying to drink a mouthful Gala hissed at the pain still in his mouth but enjoyed the earthy flavor of the coffee and the rush the caffine gave him to keep him up.”I still got so many hours left to go I don’t know how some of the pages do this day in and day out you would think they were machines instead of people thank god I ranked up from that real fast” he muttered to himself. After a moment Gala decided to stop moving and glance inside the caravan and took a look around to make sure everything was still here and in the proper amounts, after another moment the knight kept moving satisfied that nothing had been taken so he was still doing a good job. Gala kept circling for an hour and while he yawned quite a few times he made sure to take a swig of hot coffee to jolt himself awake and kept an eye out for any shady looking creeps and the rare thief .


#2Gala Nakamura 

Caravan Guarding Empty on Sat May 13, 2017 1:44 pm

Gala Nakamura
Gala yawned as he kept moving around the caravan guarding it and drinking coffee when he suddenly heard a sound that was out of the ordinary, he knew that it didn’t come from the caravan he was guarding but he also knew that he couldn’t just ignore it since it could be a theive or worse a group of them which would be a pain in the neck for him.”Great lets see what this could be part of me hopes this is a group of thugs the other part hopes its just a squirrel “ he grumbled as he headed over to one of the caravans near his, he glanced inside slighty to see nothing and he just shrugged and headed over to the next one hoping that it was empty as well and that what he heard was a figment of his imagination .

Glancing inside the other caravan the black haired rune knight was greeted not with the site of bandits or theives but instead a man and a woman laughing and flirting with each other heavily. At that Gala just scoffed a bit but stayed quiet and turned away as he started to hear a few noises he didn’t want to hear and he growled.”god people have no damn dignity” he said with a sigh as he picked up his container of coffee from its spot on the ground and he took a swig of it since it had cooled enough to not burn the heck out of his mouth”well that was a letdown I was hoping for something to keep me entertained but I’m not into voyerism so I guess I’m back to walking in a friggen circle just great hopefully mourning comes soon enough” he grumbled

Yawning again Gala kept walking around and around the caravan all the while he saw nothing out of the ordinary and other then the couple in the caravan beside this one Gala had seen no one else in the area and not even a single shady looking person can around, the only thing the knight saw was other rune knights patrolling the area and one occasion they waved at him and told him what was going on as far as trouble and to the red eyed mans dissapointment the streets were spotless tonight which was good for the city but bad for his boredom. After so many hours of walking and drinking coffee and having nothing do to and no kind of action the sun finally poked above the clouds and Gala finally saw the chance to escape as one of the members of the caravan started to approach him. The dark haired mans eyes were tired and he had larger bags then normal under his eyes but he had finished and kept the caravan safe. “Thank you so much mr Nakamura I’m sorry you had to be up so late but please accept this payment and have a well deserved nap?” the man said as he passed Gala a bag of jewels and the knight nodded before he walked of and planned to pass out in his bed.


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