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Era to Hargeon [Foot Traveling]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Era to Hargeon [Foot Traveling] Empty on Fri May 12, 2017 9:59 pm

Houren Vanadis
It was still dark when Houren had decided that it was time for him to leave Era Town. He had been listening on the lacrima device in the inn he had been staying at when Cell had made his announcement about the 'Cell Games', that would take place in the Sieghart Mountains. That was certainly far off from where Houren currently was, but he knew full well that if he fought Cell again without training even a little, then the exact same thing would just happen again. He had been responsible for Cell's transformation to his ultimate form, and it would have been unbecoming of him if he did not contribute to the bio-android's downfall at all. This was actually a scenario where Houren's error could result in the complete destruction of this country.

He had just directed Thane to the inn that he had been staying at, before deciding to continue on his midnight stroll. At this time, he had yet to harden his resolve, but after some internal struggle, the Fire Dragon Slayer came to the ultimate conclusion that he needed to leave Era, and continue his training elsewhere. There was no telling exactly when these ''Cell Games'' would begin, but he did know that the gap between him and Cell had grown after the latter had obtained his Perfect form. He had seemed cocky enough to invite all of Fiore's champions to fight him at once, and while Houren was confident that the bio-android could not best so many, he still needed to be cautious of any punches that he may pull. As strong as Cell seemed to be, surely, he must have had added some precautionary measures, stipulations that guaranteed victory. With this in mind and vowing revenge against Cell, Houren decided to travel to Hargeon, before heading home to Magnolia and from then on, the Sieghart Mountains.


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