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All Fired Up {Quest: Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

All Fired Up {Quest: Lucian} Empty Fri May 12, 2017 9:40 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
It has been an extremely long while since I have stayed somewhere for more than a week. To be fair there is no reason to still be in this town, the air here reeks with the smell of thieves and liars. Aristocrats dream playground to say the least. The dark guild of Phantom Lord further stirs up the darkness that comes from the town, naturally, the people walk with light footsteps and wandering eyes almost as if each person was out to protect themselves and themselves alone from an unseen threat.

There was no trust in these people and I can not blame them for their caution and wariness. After dealing with Bael, I'm sure the townsfolk who live among these walls feel the same. Constantly in the shadows of the wolf's den. But then again if what the locals say is true. Then Oak is protected by the Phantoms that seek to haunt the rest of us.

And yet I can't help but wonder if Bael is someone you would really want protecting you in the end. Self-centered and cocky, arrogant and cut throat. The first sign of genuine trouble and danger, and he would be the first to run or to save himself and his assets alone. But, as it would stand, Oak is in good hands under Lord Phantasm and his brood. But even still there has to be a reason, he put that offering up onto the tavern wall.

Alas, it doesn't matter, the job is to make sure that the beacons are properly put into place and taken care of, once this job is completed maybe I should go and start out to somewhere else. The gloom and doom of this place do not serve too well to liven up my already stoic mood. But enough rambling, it's on to more pressing matters at hand. Such as that of this guard.

His workmanship is nice enough, and it seems that he is on the final pieces of his creation and task. Hmm the beacon sits in the perfect location not too from the walls so in the case of emergency the guard posted here may escape back to safety if needed and far enough to catch a decent survey of the landscape and allow for an efficient and effective means of scouting out danger and other potential findings.

"Lord Phantasm sent me, to check on your progress. I can tell you're doing good work, carry on. "

His nod in agreement is all that I need, Interesting to say the least how mute some of these men tend to be in the process of working. Almost as if they fear that their talking will get them into a bit of trouble with a superior. And I for one, admire his diligence. But the night is young and so there are other beacons that will require my attention to focus on this night.

Now, the second beacon according to the map here was over by that ridge. Which shouldn't take me too long to reach, I hope. Luckily for me, mother Moon was deciding to keep me company on this journey through the hours of darkness. I can protect myself but there is always joy in not having to travel alone.

Especially with someone as ever present as the moon and her guiding light. But even still the journey must continue.

These hills...these hills are not too kind to the traveler. They are rather annoying but climbing up these with armor I'm sure is an extremely uncomfortable and annoying task. The 2nd beacon seems to be set along the wall of the ridge, it faces out over open plains and nearby fields and the surrounding taller more densely forest area.

Again I'm sure Lord Phantasm, had something to do with the strategic location of this one. It points toward Era, which I'm sure considering that Oak houses the dark guild of Phantom Lord, there would be no way that any invasion or show of force from that region of Fiore could go unnoticed. Even with a tactical moving force, the beacon was still set perfectly for a guard with a distinct eye to use to its utmost effectiveness. Though sadly this guard here, his eyes were closed in a fit of sleep.

Judging by his hands, he must have built this himself and the work to move the materials up toward this height may have proven difficult. Considering his lack of armor and the stains of dirt, sweat, and the stench of exertion all pointed towards exhaustion of the highest kind.

He had worked faster than his colleagues and here he laid sleeping. Now normally I would choose to wake him, his job is to protect the city of Oak, but even still the man was human and I have no need to take a man out of his rest. Besides the moon is full on this night and anyone foolish to try and attack when the light was this bright was sure to come to the mercy of a swift end.

Now, the map says the that the third and final beacon should be placed on the opposite side of the wall toward the left side of town. Which I'm going to assume is just about North of here. That position should cover the last weak spot. Thank you, fate. Sooner I get there, the faster I can get inside and move forward with the journey. Onward.

Mmm.. The forest seems to be quite lively tonight, but there is no sign of the typical predators in the area. There are immediate tracks in the vicinity which mean this side was not that active. But that smell, the rain is coming and there is something else. Copper, has a predator made their first kill of the night and the other animals were startled into hiding, or....

Crushed branches and boot tracks. Heading south, and away from the beacon. But not toward the 2nd one. These tracks have heavy traces of blood, but if its coming away from the beacon.

No. No. Please. No.

Ah, damn it!

The Guard lies in his blood, a sort of sword wound in his chest and his neck seems to be sitting at a grotesque angle. Thorough but extremely brutal, the beacon is unfinished and it seems that they ambushed him from the forest with his back turned. Cowardly or extremely fearful of retaliation. There happens to be no sign of any evidence pointing to the culprit, but I need to get back quickly. And that is through the forest.

Why would someone attack Oak especially during a time like this? There was no point to kill a guard unless they were trying to send a point and even still. This was just another guard to them, he will be replaced withhin the hour. Was this an act of passion or revenge? Well it matters not. This is not my city and I have completed my job.  But there are some shadows that hang over Oak and I hope they abide by the light at least for this time.

Come on, Come on. Move Lucian.

There's the gate. And there's the sentry guard standing watch.

"Guard, the first two beacons to the west and east are finished, the northern beacon by the west wall, the guard is dead and his assailant I tracked into the forest south. There are blood boot tracks and crush branches littering his path. I'll be awaiting my award and I suggest you hurry. "

Because judging by that murder, the enemies of Oak are not going to wait.


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All Fired Up {Quest: Lucian} Qhre37u


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Nothing shall forestall my return
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