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Scardy Cat Transactions

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#1Gala Nakamura 

Scardy Cat Transactions Empty on Fri May 12, 2017 1:16 am

Gala Nakamura
It weas night time in Era and now most of the people in the town were off the streets and only rune knight patrols were really active, one apprentice was currently working on a job he took at headqueaters “ Hmm the map I was given said that the seller should be right around this area in an alley” Gala muttered to himself as he looked around, the customer Gaud had given him a map to find the seller of the item but Gala found this rather foolish since he was a rune knight and honestly felt like this was something a guild could take care of not the military.

Next time I’m asking Lee to take this with me or doing something else this seems like such a waste of time”the dark haired man grumbled before he found the alley he needed and saw the vendor he was looking for, Gala had to admit that perhaps that worry wart had a fair point when he was worried about this person being trouble, the young rune knight cracked his fingers at his sides just in case he had to get physical but he hoped he had no issues to deal with. He started to approach the figure and his red eyes gained a serious look in them. This may be an easy mission but the young Nakamura believed that constant vigilance was never a bad thing on the job, “I’m here to purchase this item I was told you have it and it’s the genuine article?” Gala asked the vendor as he crossed his arms and his face gained a stern look to it.

Gala wanted no funny business since he already had a contact that enjoyed bugging him but if he had to sit thru some stale jokes to gain the item and make sure it was the real deal then so be it.


#2Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
The vendor looked at Gala and while his face showed no emotion  he nodded and pulled out a small bag“I do have the item it’s a full fang from a Manticore , these things have incredible magical power and are not easy to get, do you have the payment?” the man asked before Gala nodded before speaking once more.”Before we trade I want to inspect the item and make sure its valid” he said as he held out his hand so the vendor could place the fang in it.  The seller pulled the fang from the pouch and placed it in Galas hands before  motioning for him to look at it.

Gala  could tell from the moment the fang touched his skin that it had strong magical power in it and the the feeling of the  surface on his skin It felt like a real fang and not some imitation carved from stone or crystal. While  the rune knight inspected the fang he made sure not to accidently cut of stab himself with it since the bite of a manticore was fatal to anyone even if it was  a small bite. After a few more moment he  noded and handed the fang back to the seller who put it back into the pouch before sealing it.”So are you satisfied?” they asked before Gala nodded

Yes I am satisfied and I will be more then willing to accept the trade here are the jewels”he said as he pulled out the jewels to give to the vendor and in one motion they each had what the had came for, as Gala walked back towards Gauds residence he looked at the pouch that held the fang. “all this just for a small fang I swear I’ll never understand people” the dark haired mage grumbled as he got out of the alley and back into the lit streets of Era.


#3Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
As Gala approached Gauds home he sighed as he moved up to the mans doorstep and he knocked a few times before a older bespectacled man opened the door.”may I help you sir?” he asked before Gala nodded."I’m Gala Nakamura the Rune Knight that took the request to obtain the item he wanted to by from a shady dealer” he explained before the servent nodded and moved to allow the man in.”Very well please come in I’ll inform sir Gaud that you’re here please enjoy some tea in the living room while you wait” the servent said as the young rune knight stepped inside and headed towards the living room.

Inside the room there was a cup of tea set out for him and Gala simply sat down and took the cup before sniffing, from the smell the red eyed man could tell it was English breakfast tea and brewed properly which made it even better as he took a sip and sighed, it wasent coffee but it was still rather good and he enjoyed a good cup of tea. No sooner did he take another drink did Gaud finally show up and he looked rather hopeful.”Mr Nakamura I heard you manage to obtain the item I wanted I trust it wasn’t any trouble and it is the genuine article?” he questioned as Gala nodded from his spot on the couch and he pulled out the pouch holding the fang and he tossed it to Gaud who caught it and looked at the fang with interest.

I had no trouble the vendor was creepy but did nothing wrong and I inspected the fang myself to make sure it was the real deal which I could tell it was the instant I touched the fang I could feel both the magic power in it as well as the texture which feels like a real tooth as opposed to stone or ivory.” he explained as he finished his tea and stood as Gaud nodded and gained a happy grin on his face as he pulled out a bag of jewels and passed them to the rune knight.”in the future sir if your worried about your well being while buying things I recommend a small knife or dagger just to be safe. Good day” Gala said as he took his jewels and headed out the door with a wave at the customer and his servent.


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