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Kool Kats [Call Quest]

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It was the middle of the day, Roman finally arrived back in oak. He made it back to his apartment and immediately ran to his mailbox. He rummaged through the stack of mail that piled up after being gone for roughly a month. “Bill, bill, coupons...oh shit.” He pulled out a envelope with the insignia of the Phantom Lords on the front. It was sealed by the official print of the Guild Master.He popped open the envelop by dragging his finger along the back. He unfolded it and read the letter.

‘Meet me in my office as soon as you can. We have some words to share. Sincerely, Master Cesare.’ It was short and sweet.

“God damn it.” His words carried a sense of worry with them. He figured he was in trouble for failing the mission he was tasked with. ‘I better go get cleaned up first.’ he made sure to change into a more formal attire.

The guild master was all about appearance, not too mention he needed to clean his current outfit. Thankfully he had a black suit for such an occasion. It took roughly an hour of showering, getting dressed and cleaned up before he headed off to the guild. He kept his feathered over coat on his shoulders to offset the black pinstriped suit. His hair was spiked upward so it didn’t look messy. He walked into the guild and the world seemed to fall quiet for a moment. Mages were eyeballing him wondering he he was.

‘Who is that?’

‘Is that Roman?’

Even the green haired clerk who gave missions was a bit confused who this was waltzing through the guild like nothing. Mages of the guild whispered to each other as he walked through with the envelop in hand. He approached the main hall way where a large dark figure stood in his way. The ‘Protector’ of the guild said nothing just held a scythe guarding the path leading to the guild master’s office. The entity gripped it’s scythe before leaning forward. A cool chill accompanied by the stench of death filled Roman’s nose. “State your business Roman Astoria.” The Reaper’s voice was just loud enough so some mages could hear. The reaper was all knowing and all seeing. It was very aware of who he was due to the ability to see one’s soul.

Roman held up the envelop with the guild masters seal on it. “Boss man wants to see me.” The Reaper said nothing and floated to the left side. “You may pass.” Roman said nothing while proceeding into the office down the hallway. He reached the door in a matter of minutes. He knocked on it but no response. The door opened on it’s own letting him in. He saw that no one was there so he sat in the seat in front of the desk.

Roman sat in the office of the Guild Master. He was looking around the room for a moment. His pink, feathered jacket rested on the back of the black wooden chair. A bit bored to say the least. Why? He had been sitting around, waiting for Master Cesare for about ten minutes. The office itself was quite extravagant, had a bit of a Halloween feel. He leaned back in the chair and put his hands back on his hand. Then the door opened softly catching him off guard completely. He found himself off balance due to the shock of the door opening. His back hit the floor first followed by his head. One of the sides of his glasses popped off and he was left staring at the ceiling in pain. Thankfully it was a rug floor but the shit still hurt regardless. He affixed his glasses again before looking upward to see the loafers of the guild master. “Took ya long enough.” Roman laid there for a moment to let the pain subside. Roman didn’t try too hurry back to his feet, just rolled out of the chair and picked it up.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be so impatient my child.” Cesare replied. A feminine fragrance filled the air as the slender guild master walked in. He had a devious smile on his face, most likely chuckling at the fallen mage. He walked around the room before motioning his finger left to right. The chair sitting behind the onyx colored desk slid back so he could sit down. Cesare sat down for a moment and stared at Roman with a raised right eyebrow. He seemed a bit lost for a moment. This wasn’t the same person who joined the guild months ago. “You look...different.”

Roman smiled in response before speaking. “Things happened in Era I rather not talk about.”

“You mean you’re failure.” Cesare had a displeased look on his face before reaching into his desk.

Roman rolled his eyes for a moment behind his sunglasses. “Yes my failure, can we cut to the chase please? Am I in some sort of trouble?”

Master Cesare laughed for a moment before rummaging around in his desk. He said nothing but pulled out a large brown envelope. “Some of the attacks succeeded so it wasn’t a total fail. Yes I am a bit frustrated that you failed but it is not about that.” He sat the large envelope down in front of his underling. Didn’t show it but he was a bit relieved. He wasn’t too keen on getting punished for group failures. “I have a job for you that has been on hold for some time since you were gone. You fail this one I will punish you this time around.”

Roman couldn’t help but frown at that comment. He knew he was outmatched against the Guild Master at the current moment. Even though his ambition would lead him to fight Cesare someday. The time had not yet come for that kind of thing just yet. Roman only returned with a nod. Cesare was staring at Roman with a seriousness as he pushed the envelope forward. Roman leaned forward and grabbed the brown envelope. He removed the metal staple on the back that kept it sealed. He removed some pictures from the envelop with various faces on them.

“So what exactly am I supposed to be looking at?” Roman asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Targets.” Ceasare replied calmly. Roman pulled out each picture and put them on the desk while looking at them. “Oh? That is a easy fix then.” Boss man smiled before speaking once more. “Well don’t be to hasty, I haven’t given the full details of the mission.”

“I knew there was a catch.” Roman leaned back in his chair while studying some of the pictures.

“This is a gang that has been expanding on Phantom Lord territory. They are called ‘The Creepers’. We have been watching them very closely for some time. They have been causing trouble for the locals, and our mages. I need you to go in and speak with them. Give them two options. Join us or die. It is that easy. Should they choose the latter, make sure you erase their base from existence and steal everything you can. Roman nodded and picked up a picture with a confused look on his face. It was a picture of a purple cat. “Who or what is that?” He flipped the picture around so Cesare could see. “Oh that is our contact on the inside, and our client. He has been extremely helpful with our gathering information. That is Kiryu, he has been captured and made a slave. That is a exceed, a rare breed of animal that has magical abilities. He could be an invaluable asset to us. If possible, free him and bring him back here so I can award him.”

Roman stood up from his chair and grabbed the picture of their hideout. “Don’t fail me Roman Astoria.”

“Don’t worry I will be back in a jiffy.” Standing up Roman took the jacket off the back of the chair and place it on while leaving the room. He exited Phantom with much haste to the desired location.

It took about thirty minutes to get where he wanted to go. He was searching high and low for the area in the picture. There was no exact location, just clues to where the hideout was. It was a large store, that was used as a front for the gang’s base. A supermarket where people shopped on the regular. ‘Wally World’ was the name of the supermarket he was looking for. During these thirty minutes he asked around town before being lead to the North of Oak. Roman stood in front of the store and crumpled the picture up in his hand. He looked up to see the sign dimly lit. His helmet and sword was strapped to his right side for clear reasons. Can’t go into this unprepared. The store seemed fairly new, so this meant the gang was expanding pretty rapidly. Then again Roman had been gone for some time in Era so it wasn’t too much of a shocker.

1539/3000 WC


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Roman walked up to the doors that magically slid open. It was some pretty advanced stuff, he nodded in approval. Upon stepping in he was greeted by a lad in his teenage years. “Hello sir welcome to Wally World.”

Roman looked down and to his right. “I am looking for a job, where can I find your supervisor?” The boy had a puzzled look on his face for a moment. “Uhm, alright come with me.” Roman had devilish grin on his face as he scanned the area for watching eyes. His Rose tinted glasses hid his watching eyes. He was also scanning the area for exits and entry ways. It was one of his battle rules. When having a way in, gotta have a way out just in case things go too sticky. The boy led him to the back and stopped in front of the employee’s entrance. “Please wait here.”

Roman only nodded in response and waited outside of the door. They were closer to the meat and cold section. He waited for about five minutes with no real answer. Roman was getting impatient as he tapped his foot. He let out a deep sigh and before he decided to burst into the back the door opened. The lad stood there inviting him in. “Sorry for the wait, the supervisor will see you now.”

“Why thank you,” he responded with a smile. But he could clearly see the boy wasn’t too happy with Roman. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the store was a front for more dastardly deeds. People walked around in the back doing their job. Some were stockers, some were employees on break. Eye’s watched him very carefully as he proceeded through the back room of the large store. He found himself in the warehouse portion of the store. A silver haired man stood there barking directions at individuals moving around crates. Various aromas filled Roman’s nose one of which was that of the feline species. Roman hand his hands in his pockets and waited for the man to turn around. A burly dark skinned man in a suit walked into the frame and leaned over. He spoke something into the silver man’s ear. He turned around with a smile.

“Well, who the fuck do we have here?”

He stood roughly five meters away from the man with the flamingo jacket. The bodyguard stood next to the man.

“So I am guessing you are the big man on campus?” Roman replied.

“Who is asking?”

“Roman Astoria.” He said calmly with a smile. He knew that would get an immediate response from the room. He was very aware of his name holding some weight due to Phantom Lord occupation of the area.

“Oh? Phantom Lord has finally sent someone. Only a matter of time right? The name is Bitch and I am the second wheel to this operation.”
It seemed as if the world stopped for a moment. Whispers began to fill the room as eyes focused on him. Roman wasn’t known around the world, but he was known in Oak. Especially after his destructive rampage killing several people and hurting the Rune Knight’s pride. Botch walked forward and circled around Roman. As if he was sizing him up. Roman did not move nor flinch. He only looked forward, scanning the area. He saw the tension room rise to almost physical levels. His presence meant several things, the gang’s cover was exposed. The resident dark guild sent a harbinger too them. Whether if it was good or bad was a different story altogether.

“That is a bold move coming right in through the front door. I wonder what Phantom lord hopes to accomplish here. Are you the one man army that will rip us apart or here for pleasure? Maybe you want to jump ship.”  

Botch was prodding and poking for some kind of response out of Roman. Roman was very aware of the situation and the fact he was outnumbered. He found that to be very pleasureable actually. Only meant he didn’t have to hold back if things got sticky.  Thankfully Roman’s sword and helmet were covered by his large, feathery jacket. The jacket draped down to the back of his legs, right behind his knees. The only thing that could be seen was the bottom end of the sheath. The helmet made a bulge on his side. So someone had to open his jacket, which of course he wasn’t gonna let someone touch him. “You are a big fucker aren’t ya. I imagined you being a bit shorter.”

“Ya I get that a lot when folks first meet me. No offense to you, I came to speak with your boss on behalf of Guild Master Cesare.” Roman explained

Botch nodded and walked to his original spot while the body guard did not move. “No offense to you but it won’t be that easy. Search him.”

“I am not to fond of being handled by another man. Let’s go somewhere more private to talk. It would be a shame if this man got hurt because of someone else’s incompetence.” Roman had a smile on his face but his words carried some weight to them. The bodyguard stopped for a moment to look back at Botch. Roman was bigger than the Bodyguard and almost two inches taller. “The fuck are you waiting on search him!”

“I am sorry about this.”

“No I am sorry about this.” Roman responded. The bodyguard was feet away when he stepped up. Suddenly Roman’s arms were up in a boxing position. His left arm tucked in close to his face while his right hand was forward making a fist. His right foot slid forward while he jabbed forward into the center of the man’s face. His face cocked backward for a moment exposing his throat. A left hand fired forward with more power behind it. This left straight was aimed directly at the shorter guards exposed throat region. His body was flung backward by the explosive power. Botch moved to the side as the guard’s body was thrown past him. The guard was on the ground trying to breathe. “Fucking useless I swear to god.” Botch made no effort to save the man. Others rushed to the man’s help. “Anyone who helps him dies.” His words carried themselves all around the building. Roman said nothing but dropped his hands down. He found himself a bit disgusted by the whole thing. The man was very save able, his throat apple wasn’t crushed. It was pushed in and caused an obstruction too his breathing. It wasn’t enough too cause death, the guy was in immense pain. The men around the area looked down as Botch stood there in front of Roman. “Let this be a lesson, if you are weak, you die!” Botch yelled.

Roman couldn’t judge the man, he lived by that same logic. In this world it’s kill or be killed simple as that. Granted Roman wasn’t extremely strong just effective in his method of combat.



Kool Kats [Call Quest] Empty on Mon May 22, 2017 3:02 pm

One of the men in the back left to summon the number one of the gang after receiving a look from Botch. A unspoken message that was conveyed through a simple nod of the head at one of the henchmen. Botch waved his hand in front of his face revealing his true form. A body covered in bandages from head to toe. Roman raised a eyebrow at the reveal of his form. Botch pointed to his bandages and spoke softly. A crazed look in his eyes trying to install fear into his target. “Do you wanna know how I got these scars?”

“Not really but I have a feeling you are going to tell me anyways.” Roman's tone was relaxed with a chuckle following it. Botch frowned at the taller man in front of him. “Well fuck you then, you rude asshole. Let's see if I can roll you up before boss comes.”

“Oh? He is on the way, that is good we can play for a bit till he shows up. I was hoping for a peaceful resolution but of course trouble seems to find it's way to me all the time.”

Roman's hands were relaxed next to his side but they made loose fists. He did not choose to guard himself. From a regular individual's point of view he left himself open. To another fighter he became unpredictable in that very moment. His large pink coat fluttered as his body moved slightly. He only smiled as he waited for Botch. With no words Botch rushed forward with hands up.

A smile never left Roman's face as a hand came forward to strike him. Roman watched his movement very carefully and reacted accordingly. A The straight left was aimed at the chest due to Roman's height. Botch was trying to score a hit on the mid section to make the taller male bend down a bit. Roman's right foot shifted back while sucking in his gut and moving back slightly to evade the straight. To offset this Botch followed up with a left uppercut while pulling his right hand back. The attack was aimed for Roman's body and lower jaw.. This time Roman put his weight on his back right foot allowing him to dip his body back even more this time it was different. His right hand Roman's hands had become active and formed fists with malicious intent. Botch may not have noticed but Roman had just been sizing him up. With the two punches thrown he was able to feel the weight of the man's punches just by the wind that was carried by his fists.

A right hand began to motion upward as he began to lean back upward. Botch was so close he could only do one thing in this situation. Botch's left arm was extended outward and left his face open to attack from Roman's right side. The fist came in with alarming speed. Botch used his right hand to block the incoming strike. He managed to soften the blow coming in but Roman caused Botch's hand so hit him in the face. It was enough to make Botch stagger for a moment. He took a step back and shook it off.  He looked up to see Roman had taken a stance. He was bouncing on his toes with both fists up in a boxers stance. This time Roman took the offensive. He stepped inward with his left firing off a left jab aimed at the face region. Botch of course evaded it but kept a eye on the right. He realized something very dangerous about Roman in that moment. He had a very long reach in comparison due to his height. Almost a 1.5 meter reach with his arms. Botch suddenly found it hard to get in against it. Roman's jabs clearly had no real intention behind them except for keeping Botch back.

For a moment he almost forgot about the right hand resting close. A lot of the work was being done by Roman's left forward jab to keep Botch contained. To combo this Roman stepped in with his left to push Botch back. Even if he tried to bob to the side Roman made sure to re-position himself to be in-front of his target. Being in a warehouse they had a bunch of space to work with. The two drowned out the cheering the background of the men watching them fight. 'What the fuck is up with this guy!?'

Foot steps came in from behind Botch with a chain slapping the ground following it. It was a larger man but Roman didn't pay him no mind for the moment. It was quite detrimental to take one's eyes off their target. He came into the picture frame roughly 20 meters away from the scrap taking place. He tugged on a small cat like creature that was dragging his heels. It was the boss of the Creeper gang, Kruger.

He slowly made his way over to the fight before making his way through the crowd with his pet. Roman seemed to not even have broke a sweat, but Botch found himself a bit tired from all the weaving.

“Are you not going to use that right hand faggot?”


Then the two stopped for a moment as a man just about the same height as Roman stepped through the crowd with a mask on. The silence was enough to quiet the fight down. Roman stood only inches away not really dropping his guard as Botch stood in front of his boss.

“I heard there was someone looking for me.” He tugged on the chain bringing another character into the spot light. Kiryu the exceed. A purple cat in a suit, but this time it was different. He looked beaten and dirty. Roman stood up for a moment to greet the Boss. He had to hide the disgust that built up in his chest. He toyed with people but at least he granted mercy when he was done. Then a memory flashed in his head, this was the client, the person who sent out for help. The others watching backed up even more so after the boss entered the arena. Botch stepped out of the way so he could move forward.

“Phantom Lord right? What is it this time.”

“I have come to parley. I was just enjoying the company of your second wheel here. I didn't catch a name.”

“You didn't give one.”

“Roman Astoria.”


An awkward silence followed as the two stared each other down. Roman let the scents of these individuals fill his receptors. Memorizing the scent that blanketed the area suddenly. Botch smelled like blood lust. Kruger on the other hand exerted it like a malleable substance. A sort of pressure filled the room that demanded respect. This was the kind of thing Roman aspired for, he was getting there but he was no where near this.

“Phantom Lord wants you guys to chill a bit on the turf consumption. Or better yet how about you guys come join us. We could use the extra man power.”

Kruger said nothing but laugh into the air, this in response caused his lackeys to laugh along with him. The alpha male did something better follow suit or be put out to pasture.

“I take that as a no.”

Kiryu said nothing but looked at the ground. Roman made sure not to draw attention to the client. It was apart of the mission this one comes back alive. Everyone else was expendable. Kruger stopped laughing for a moment and got closer to Roman. They were extremely close almost chests touching. Roman continued to smile at the man who equaled in his stature.

Kruger took a whiff of Roman. “You smell delicious, I am going to enjoy eating you.”

Roman's smile turned into a frown electricity began to circulate. His emotions were becoming unhinged in that moment. He didn't like the idea of being called a meal. “Peace was never a option was it. I heard you have been eating mages sent from the Phantom Lord. Seems that much is true. See I held back against your lackey here, I won't against you.”

The air became extremely heavy for those watching this unfold. So much to the point group standing there backed up even more. Kruger handed the chain over to Botch. “I am going to make this quick.” He looked away just for a second. Enough for Roman to make a move Kruger. A fist clenched itself causing electricity to dance wildly around Roman's left arm. With no warning Roman embedded the fist into the center of the man's chest. He slid back about a meter, less than what most people would have been sent back. He had a shocked look on his face. Get it? Because Roman was the Dragon Slayer of Lightning.

As the man slid backward, stunned for a moment from the initial impact. Roman rushed forward with a focused look. The smile faded and only a frown remain. With the man's larger body he was able to retain some movement but he was slow. Fire began to swirl around the man's hand to empower his strikes no doubt. However due to the reduced mobility of Roman's element the next set of movements would end this fight in a hurry. He was not going to let this turn into a scrap. He was all in at that very moment. Roman clenched the handle of his weapon as it rested on his left. Mana dumped itself into the blade in a instant. Due to following the attack made on Kruger initially he was able to combo his next moment.

The blade was drawn with the right moving in a diagonal fashion. The blade cut through the target but he added the extra attack to make sure for insurance. To the trained eye Roman was able to use the opening created by his initial lightning based attack to stun the man as well knocking him back a meter or so. Then with his right hand he pulled the sword while putting mana into it to added onto the possible damage done. This makes it so the combine power of the sword, Roman's strength and the spell used to ignore Kruger's endurance. Roman appeared to have moved past the target. The blade was already being re-sheathed.

Kruger seemed to be frozen in place, and the Crowd fell silent. Roman flicked the blood onto the ground and placed the sword back in it's sheath. A series of words left his mouth during this action.

“Ittōryū Iai: Ad Victoriam” Translation: 'One Sword Style Re-Sheath: To Victory'  

This signaled the actions made to settle in. A two meter gash erupted in the ground moving on the path where the sword hit. Kruger's body slid slowly onto the ground. Roman's attack cut clean through the man's mid section from his side up to his shoulder. This served as a means to end this fight swiftly. Roman pushed up on his sunglasses and turned around to see his work. Botch was dumbfounded as well as everyone else. “Let this be a lesson, if you are weak, you die!” He yelled with a smile. It was a call back making fun of Botch.

“Now by the law of the land, all of you now belong to me. All of this is mine, therefore property of Phantom Lord. Any objections?” Roman looked around for any faces that seemed to have objections. Suddenly the crowd rejoiced. As if Roman did them all a favor. Little did Roman know Kruger ate members of his gang and treated them like trash. As a matter of fact the reason why Botch looked the way he did was because Kruger set fire to him a while back for failing a mission. Roman walked over to Botch and kneeled down. He made sure to address the client. “You are now my property, as first order of business, you are free to go.”

Roman used both hands and broke the collar around his neck. Kiryu said nothing for a moment before jumping up to hug Roman. Tears welled up in the exceeds' eyes. “Alright alright none of this sappy stuff. Roman stood up, those of you who want to leave you can. My offer still stands for joining Phantom lord. You are always welcome in our house.” He stood up and suddenly Kiryu turned into a half naked man who turned around and slugged Botch who stood behind him. A purple haired gentleman with cat ears and a tail. Botch found himself being thrown across the room from the might of the cat. “Holy shit that fucking felt amazing.” Kiryu said softly.

Roman looked a bit confused and surprised. As a matter of fact everyone did. “I was not ready for that.”

“The collar kept me from doing it.”

“Well you are free to go or you could join me at Phantom Lord. I am sure boss could find some use for you.”

Kiryu turned back to his cat form and looked up at Roman. “Does it pay?”

“Of course it does, we are a guild we aren't savages like these fucks.”

“Guess I am on board then.”

[Kool Kats End Kiryu Recruited]

To be Continued....

Name: Ad Victoriam
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Centurion Blade
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 2 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user lunges forward with the blade as they pour mana into it. A blade of mana will extend from the hilt increasing the length of the blade to 2 meters.

Name: Thor's Hammer
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100 
Requirements: Lightning Dragon Slayer
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning 
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Upon flexing any part of his arms Roman's arms he supercharges them. (He can only super charge one arm at a time) In this state energy is focused within his fist and upon impacting a object/person it is all released at once. If a object is struck this power is transferred to the object causing it to fly in a straight line for 15 meters. If a person or solid surface is struck, the energy will be released. This energy discharges causing a explosion at the point of impact. The explosion is 4 meters in diameter of raw electrical energy. Anyone caught in it will suffer 1 B rank electrical burn/blunt force trauma. Does knock-back 2-4 meters. This can be used to launch a small item like a rock or something of that nature from the environment. When throwing a object from the environment it only applies the spell damage. 

850/1050 MP

WC Met

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