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Dusty Trail [Foot Travel]

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Dusty Trail [Foot Travel] Empty on Wed May 10, 2017 10:18 pm

Roman stood at the edge of town then it hit him. The pig he used about two weeks ago was left behind to fend for herself. ‘God damn it, I paid good money for that pig. I wonder what happened to her…’ He drifted off in his mind for a moment imagining Betty the Pig speeding off into the sunset. At least that is what he wanted to hope for. In the back of his head he knew she was left to the wolves. Then again she could have just hurried back to oak, this was the logical conclusion. She seemed smart enough to just go back to her owner in Oak when Roman disappeared. Who in their right mind would stay out in the forest waiting for someone like him. He gave a shrug and began to make his way towards Magnolia. Why? That was the closest station to Era. Little did Roman know there was no station in Era. Which was odd, one could have thought it was big enough to house a train station. He used the dark of night to travel. Why? He needed to make sure to stay out of the scope of the Rune Knights.

201 WC [Exit to Mag]


Dusty Trail [Foot Travel] Empty on Thu May 11, 2017 3:22 am

Roman's pockets feel lighter. It seems he got pickpocketed and lost 10,000J for using the wrong title.

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