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Did someone say cake? [Quest | Solo]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Did someone say cake? [Quest | Solo] Empty on Wed May 10, 2017 10:51 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Things had gone from okay to super disaster to well she had no idea what this meant. She turned around in her bed or well the bed and stared at the empty spot next to her. She could have expected this, with a sigh she stepped out of bed and looked at the little pillow next to her side, Ophelia was not there either. She wasn't a baby anymore but Alice was obviously still worried, she quickly turned her heel to find Ophelia on top of a chair sitting and doing nothing but staring at her friend. "Oh well at least you are here." She muttered, it was unexpected but yesterday or the day before yesterday, she couldn't really recall because of the hectic feelings, but Ophelia evolved. Alice had not expected it yet but Ophelia had evolved from a Cleffa to a Clefairy. She still found it cute, the companion was now a little taller and looked a little more like a toddler in her behaviour, but than a toddler that knew the do's and don'ts. Surprisingly.

With a shake of her head, Alice headed to the bathroom, still alone. Fine she should know, but for a weird reason she felt weird to be alone, or well still Ophelia was there but what would she do today? What could she do? So many options and it wasn't like she hadn't been alone before but, yeah but what. She washed her face while thinking, looking at her reflection nog much later, should she change her hair? Chop it short? She never thought about these things, she didn't like wearing dresses either and yet she had done it already twice.. or three times? She had bought more, okay she was getting weird, she was getting girly? Well whatever.

She stepped out of the bathroom and immediately transformed into her normal clothes. Still not removed from her dimensional pocket, okay, note to do that today! Or at least some day soon. Yeah well, a crop top and a pair of jeans and her leather jacket was fine. She took the backpack that was now too small for Ophelia and she looked at it with a frown, interesting. She shrugged and asked the Clefairy to come along to get some breakfast. She already walked a lot faster than when she was a Cleffa, interesting, she could of course still carry her. Or well Alice sure hoped so. She headed downstairs to find something to eat for breakfast, she couldn't remember if they bought much but she remembered the apples and took one of them because it was easy and thus quickly solved.

Since the weather was nice, she simply braided her hair quickly and headed slowly outside with Ophelia. Weird having a Clefairy but she would get used to it sooner than later, that's what happened with the Cleffa as well. Before she had noticed she was attatched to it. She walked to Magnolia and looked left and right, not entirely sure what she was looking for as she had not come up with a plan. She still had the feeling that some people recognized her but she mostly ignored it. When they arrived in town, she looked left and right, a bit bored because she had no plan of action today. Finally when she noticed a few people with nice looking cupcakes, she got distracted: Alice loved sweets. That was a great idea! She could buy cupcakes for Konstantin!

With a satisfied smile on her face, she and Ophelia headed to the Cupcake store. The shop was surprisingly empty considering people but there were a lot of pastries and cakes, a face peaked around the corner, "You seem like a mage, are you looking for a job?" She didn't really answer for she was surprised that that was a question someone asked when you entered a shop. The silence was assumed as a yes and thus she was asked to come to the kitchen so he could explain things to her. She hoped she didn't need to bake, she liked sweets: to eat them. She asked Ophelia to remain in the shop, she didn't want any accidents to happen and after she saw the store, she was prepared for the huge pile of pastries in the kitchen, it wasn't even exaggerating.

There were ten deliveries waiting and she simply didn't understand that he didn't have a courier for it. When would he leave the shop? Or did he simply forgot to mention that the courier was ill and he had taken a wild guess on her, "Okay, ten it is." She stored them to his surprise in her dimensional pocket. That made it a lot easier for her to carry ten boxes of cupcakes. She would use a bag to store the one she was going to deliver first because it looked a bit weird to grab it out of nowhere and she didn't feel that she would like the staring. And she didn't want people to be super dramatic about it. She wrote down the addresses and left not much later with Ophelia.

When she got outside she watched the list, she wasn't all to familiar with the addresses but maybe she would remember them better and the city more from her old memories, although she had been here till she was eight. They walked slowly also not to ruin the cupcakes that she was holding, but it was quite a job that took a long time. Walking to ten different houses and with a small companion, although not so small anymore and simply delivering cupcakes. Apparently the customers had already paid so that made everything a lot easier as well. She was of course quicker done than someone else would be because she could carry all ten with her. She walked back to the cupcake shop and told the girl behind the counter what happened, Olly came to look and ordered to pay her. She picked four cupcakes herself and headed back to the bed & breakfast, maybe Konstantin would be back as well, if he had left in general.

Wordcount: 1047/1000

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