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It's a Nymph? [Quest | Scarlett & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

It's a Nymph? [Quest | Scarlett & Lacie] Empty Tue May 09, 2017 12:38 am

Lacie Eventide
If she stopped spending money on nearly everything that wasn’t so important as the fact that she needed to safe money for the travel as well as the possibility of going to a new inn or hotel, because she needed her privacy and luxury, she could have been out of Orchidia long before. However she didn’t mind Orchidia that much anymore, the last couple of jobs sure had been strange and easy but that meant also easy money and she liked how open Orchidia was. Then again weird stuff did happen to her. She sighed softly as she thought about everything that happened to her, some things already so long ago it seemed. She definitely had to study more on understanding everything, you know before she would encounter someone in a situation that she didn’t properly get. She would rather not think about that. She had done enough here to do earn money and she had helped with the Dacol before so that was a good thing, he knew her and this was probably why there was an invitation to a better quest, to do. If you asked her personally that is, because babysitting someone’s mother or the town lunatic wasn’t her best job. Nor following a self named detective for that matter, than she liked the last two jobs better. She yawned as she was staring at her reflection. She had just washed her face, her upper body and was now applying make-up to her face, mascara, some eyebrow pencil, eye liner, blush on her pale cheeks to mostly remove her freckles and that was done easily. She brushed her hair and pulled it up in a ponytail because there was work to do, she didn’t want it to be blown in knots and in her face for that would be annoying. Right before she would get right of her pyjamas she would brush Scarlett her little fur and tail. Apparently the Vulpix liked that and so did Lacie because it made her fur shiny. When all was ready and the room service arrived, she first ate that. Maybe she should eat outside the inn, was probably a lot cheaper and all. She sighed, but this was better and luxury was her favourite thing of her life. That’s how she had always lived, she sighed again. Too much heavy decisions that she would have to make, instead of her mother. She felt a bit alone by all of this.

Once breakfast was over, she headed to her wardrobe to put on a light pink dress, a white vest, peach coloured heels and her beige trench coat. She grabbed her purse, which contained a book that she was studying, her keys, stuff for Scarlett and well that was about it, if you didn’t forget her wallet. So the two of them were able to head out. She met up with Dacol in front of the city, so they could walk together, he looked like he was wearing a mask of being tough and all but it didn’t work perfectly, she decided not to mention it. They would walk towards the city while she asked him about the lights and where he had seen them and what he thought about it, he thought it was a danger for the city, well good to know.

wordcount: 553/1000

#2Lacie Eventide 

It's a Nymph? [Quest | Scarlett & Lacie] Empty Tue May 09, 2017 1:21 am

Lacie Eventide
They have talked quite a lot, discussing how they would be able to figure this out. Scarlett wouldn’t be much of help if it was really water but the fox would still come along. When it was getting around twilight, they finally went and arrived at the river. There was an entity of small cyan coloured lights that formed something that looked like a child. It gave her the creeps. She didn’t like children. However there was a sort of gentle voice in her mind, which she also didn’t like it was her privacy place. But she was curious enough, she had never read about this before so it was something new. She walked a few steps closer and Dacol followed her, ”What’s happening?” Dacol asked her and she tried to explain. She listened to the entity explaining that thanks to mana and magic it could stay on the river and be some sort of entity. She was very surprised on that and still expected this to be some sort of joke. She was asked by Dacol to talk to the entity and say it out loud so he could write notes. She nodded and took another step closer, ushering Scarlett to stay back. ”Can you please tell me what’s going on?” She said out loud so Dacol could hear it too, however the entity still talked in her head and she said out loud that he was here to give two messages, one to stop a potential danger and one to find someone, she kept on giving every information into whispers to Dacol. ”He says he will meet me again.” and when she whispered that, the entity disappeared and she fell on her knees. Quickly Scarlett came to help her and nuzzle her and she petted it before she tried to get up with Dacol his help. She got a damn big headache now. She was leaning on her own knees as she waited for Dacol to finish his notes, she nodded as she understood it was important, ”Right, so if you ever see this entity again, you should inform inspector Nilan.” and some more and she simply nodded along. She would try to remember this, her memory would hopefully help her to remember. That meant that as soon as she got back to her inn she would write it down. She was paid by Dacol and she counted the money, put it in her purse and she hurried back to the inn. Damn too tired and she was so hungry.

She immediately want to change dresses and shower because she had fallen on the river bank! It was all so gross what else could she do. She quickly moved back to the inn with her little fox and a shower and then sleep.. or food. Whatever. She didn't care anymore, it wasn't that bad after all, she just needed it to be over with and that part was done. Now she could worry about meeting it for another time.

Wordcount: 1073/1000

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