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Fixing Up the Place [Request | Leyaria]

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Fixing Up the Place [Request | Leyaria] Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 11:04 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

Leyaria had arrived in Marigold a bit ago, having arrived from Era in efforts of heading towards Hargeon Town, home of her new guild, Blue Pegasus. However, as circumstances had I, she never made it there, getting distracted by the pursuits and intrigue that were presented in the form of the several requests, many of which were rather simple, onsidering what she may have thought that they were going to be like. She had not done too mnay jobs before, and from her experience, the extent of them had been limited to basically simple requests that did not require much thought, require much effort. The toughest job up to this point, throughout all of her ones that she had done both in Era and in Marigold, had been nothing more than that of going and taking out a wolf, one that had been causing problems in Era but she was able to dispatch of without any degree of difficulty.

And yet, even for as little as she felt like she had done with respects to helping the peole of Marigold, she couldn’t get over how much it seemed that they were appreciative of her efforts. She was regarded highly, what she believed to have been for the wrong reasons. What had she done? She killed a wolf which anyone coul have done. She killed some deer which similarly anyone could do. She picked a few flowers, or cabbages more appropriately. She wasn’t anything special as far as she was concerned with what happened within Marigold, with what her contributions towards the city had been. However though, it was enough for some people, an they were utterly convinced that she was deserving of the praise that she was getting. To a degree, she wished that it wasn’t the case; she wished that there may have been a chance that they were falsely informed or something. That way at least then there can be some logical reason as stopping believing that she was something special. However, right now she was convinced that at the moment they were falsely believing her to be something special, something that she wasn’t.

As far as Leyaria was concerned, she hadn’t done anything which earnestly deserved any sort of praise, certainly not that of what she was receiving. For whatever reason, she felt as though there was something she had failed to do for these people, something in which she should have given back to them for, something in which she could do to honestly make it seem as though their appreciation was warranted. Because right now, there wasn’t a single thing that she felt she had done that earnestly had any bearing or served as justification for her to be heralded as a champion, which some people had taken to. It wasn’t as though she was opposed to the idea entirely of being labelled as such, but it felt at least to her that it should have been something in which she had worked to earn, not just something that people had thrown to her without any merit or justification.

What got her attention, what might have proven to be something that have ultimately done exactly what she was hoping for, what might have served as the perfect job for her to really maybe earn some level of credence when it came to the praise she was getting was a job that hse had been told about not to long ago, a job which apparently had been hidden from a number of people who were coming to Marigold at fear of the perception in which people may have viewed the city. However, Leyaria was not concerned with how the city may have been perceived, nor was it a case that she may have been worried about how the people might have viewed her. Even if she might have been viewed as a lesser person by the royalty of the city, it was the rest of the people who had garnered and she felt were more deserving of her respect, and similarly it was that she felt that their respect towards her was more important than compared to hwo the royalty outside of perhaps the ruler viewed her as.

From what she was able to gather, the assignment and task were to help with some reconstruction efforts that were taking place all throughout Marigold, smething which surprised her slightly as as far as she could see and tell from her times here, there was no real degree of construction or work that ha to be done. More over, there were far more completed buildings than perhaps what she could remember seeing in another place, than such as Era or Crocus, and certainly the amount of unfinished buildings were far less than what she had seen before. However though, she quickly realized just what it was that the people were doing, what it was that was actually going on and what sort of construction was being needed. It wasn’t so much a matter of there being any individual building that had to be built or constructed back up from any degree of damage, but rather they were almost all renovations. Many of the buildings which had existed within marigold had the distinct honor and dispriveledge of having been built generations ago, to the point that much of the wood and stone that had built up the buildings were weakening, to the point where the buildings nearly fell to the point of being ready to collapse.

She had not realized how serious that this had turned out to be, how bad some of the buildings were. Looking through some of the buildings in which people had evacuated and sought temporary shelter away from,she couldn’t help but feel for the people. They were living in poor conditions, a gross contrast to that of what she had seen when she had shown off her Magic towards the Prince of Marigold, and she also felt a bit of rage and anger generate towards the man and his royal, rich friends for the fact that they had so poorly regarded the city, and more importantly had so grossly neglected the people of Marigold. There was no basis, no reason to think that this was an appropriate way to live, nor something in which the people had any reason to be proud of, much like how the royalty of the city carried themselves to be. Rather, she found this to be enough of a motivation to assist these people, to help them in their reconstruction efforts, to give them an earnest sense of pride in which then the people may be able to actually appreciate and maybe then have a genuine reason to hold her in higher regards.

Very quickly, she came to realize how bad the damage was when she ventured a bit out of town to where a number of the workers throughout Marigold had gone and made efforts to accumulate as much of the resources as possible. Wood, stone, hammers, planks, nails, concrete, along with a huge deal more of resources that would be required to construct and repair buildings, Leyaria was a great deal impressed, but also a bit horrified. If the resources of this quantity had been accumulated, there was little reason to think that this perhaps hadn’t been a greater problem than what the people had let on, that in fact the situation was even more dire than even what they had told Leyaria, abliet that in reluctance more than anything else. As people gathered around and began distributing the jobs into various groups, assigning them based on their size, where they lived, what they did for a living, amongst numerous other factors, Leyaria felt a bit out of the loop. As an outsider, she didn’t quite belong to any respective group, and as a wielder of Magic, there was an unwritten rule that many of those within the city couldn’t help but feel that she was separated from them even further, in some respects exiling her.

Leyaria figured that the best thing she could do was just to jump right in, not so much worry as to what others may have been doing, or where they may have been rsponisble for taking supplies, but just instead helping out wherever she could. At first, she was just simply moving around resources, grabbing whatever planks of wood she could, perhaps acting as a mere delivery woman, grabbing some sort of amount of supplies and sending them to whomever may have needed it. Some of the people asked for nails, to which she would respond to them in a quick matter of time with a large bucket containing them. Otherwise she would deliever what she could as quickly as able, not realizing how quickly that the effort was taking upon her body, how much it turned out to be draining her, but nevertheless it felt good. It felt good to know that she was putting in some real effort towards helping the people of Marigold rather than dealing with fake scenarios in which she was being rewarded for things which she felt like she didn’t really deserve. Here, once everything was all said and done, perhaps there would be reason to hold her in some level of esteem.

That said, the nagging feeling that she was taking away from people who had done far more to earn and warrant respect were not going to get the appropriate credit. Because so many of them live there, there was a general expectation that they were going to assist and help in these kind of matters, when in reality many of them ay have either been inclined not to help or otherwise unable to due to whatever job there may have been. There were a lot of older people here who physically struggled and in some cases it was accepted that this was just the way things were, but for others they were looked down upon, and unrightfully so. Leyaria figured they were the ones who most deserved her aid and she did whwat she could to help them, particularly with alleviating them from having to do the hard physical labor of moving the items that they may have needed. When it came to their actual homes, Leyaria did not do nearly as much in that respect, feeling that she was neither qualified nor knew just how or what to do as far as working towards or building homes. There were other people who were far more skilled and capable in that respect than what she was, or perhaps even could ever end up being.

Over time, she began to truly fatigue, to get tired as the trips back and forth seemed to simply blend together. At some point or another, she felt as though her body was on autopilot, utterly unable to do anything more than ust going through the motions, her body having no more ability to process or recognize her own fatigue or pain that might be going through her body. She was thirsty, she was tired, and she was ready to be done with this. Looking back, she couldn’t help but think about how muh nier it was when she was going around doing jobs that were jokes compared to this, that didn’t require nearly if any real degree of physical effort on her part and could have been resolved by a simple roar of White Dragon Slayer Magic. While this wasn’t it, she simply kept going, though as time went and she found herself unable to move much more, her body dropping slightly as fatigue truly began to overtake her, she simply looked on and couln’t help but smile as people were now flocking towards her, easing the burden of what she had been forced to contend with. With two individuals helping her to her feet, a third person approached her, a small envelope in his hand. He placed it within her weakened grasp, insisting that she take it, as he described it to be a gift on behalf of him and the rest of Marigold’s people towards her, the woman who had done a great deal while at the same time going even beyond what they could have imagined someone to. Honored, Leyaria accepted the reward and took a seat as her body slowly started to recover.

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