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Rusted By The Rain (Private | Laycie & Chelvaric)

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Rusted By The Rain (Private | Laycie & Chelvaric) Empty Mon May 08, 2017 11:46 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
It was a sunny day as the sun rays were shining through the leaves of the trees growing everywhere. This city was an old city. From a distance you could even say it was an abandoned one if there weren’t so many people walking around. It was like ant’s in an ant heap, very busy and people didn’t seem to have much time. But at the same time they seemed more friendly then in other town’s which surprised Chelvaric a lot. Most big cities were always very rude and not polite at all. Not that it bothered him that much as he was a more solo type of guy anyway. Just roaming the city for food and sleep. Chelvaric was walking bare naked except for a hakama. His long white hair was twirling over his back as the wind was being playful with it.  Next to him a small orange creature was looking around with a mean face. He wasn’t that scary though since he was holding his pants up with both his hands. The little red scale on top of his head was bouncing up and down.

Chelvaric and scraggy walked through the city trying to find some interesting spot to see. It was a sort of city tour. They were trying to see all the nice stuffs on the first day before they would laze on some roof for the rest of the day. Mostly the town was made from pubs and little shops. It had a feeling of a thief town here. After walking for a while they arrived at a huge tall building. The building had a huge arc in front of it and on the sides of the building there were two towers build. Lots of common folk were walking on the stairs to go inside the Illumin church. It seemed there were many followers here that were going out to get some prayers done. It was already noon and Chelvaric was getting hungry he was wondering what he should get for food. He didn’t eat since this morning and his stomach was growling loudly as he placed his hand on it and had a bit of a sad face. Some people were looking at him as he was striking a weird pose. Who knows what the rest of the day had in store for him only the gods had an answer on that and he was at the right place to get an answer.

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#2Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
As most days that Lacie had no job to do she went to the church to pray and to meditate. She still hoped that the Divine would give her some answers through the days, things she needed to know that she couldn't know yet or answers that she needed to continue and leave Orchidia. Since she had spoken to Arthur, she had thought about leaving and visit different places, which was her original plan. She had always been in Magnolia and now it was time to go and see different parts of Fiore, travel, broaden her mind but she was here for a while. She liked Orchidia, nothing really bothered her, some people at first but she learned to deal with that.

She had almost finished her prayer, she was again glad to know that Scarlett, her red vulpix was able to sit quietly beside her and wait till she was done. If she had not done that she would have to punish her a little to make sure she would, but like she thought before, not necessary. Once she was done, she washed her hands with the special water and walked together with Scarlett to the entrance. She was also immediately looking at the inappropriate dressed guy and his companion and well the sound of his stomach complaining. She was flabbergasted, this was a house of peace, you should not disturb it this way. Since everyone was just staring and whispering, she decided to simply go and talk to him, and point out the problem. With her mask on of course. So that meant a smile on her face and a sweet look in her eyes instead of the annoyed feeling that she actually felt.

"Excuse me, hi." she would say once she got his attention, "Can I help you with something?" Because by the Divine he clearly didn't belong in this church! "Perhaps you are looking for somewhere to eat, a fine restaurant maybe?" Okay not too fast on the assumptions Lacie, she thought to herself, though his stomach had spoken for him. She kept on smiling, tried to stay friendly in the tone of her voice and the look on her face. People..

#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked up as a young girl was approaching him suddenly. She was smiling and seemed very friendly in approach.  She had long brown hair and was wearing a nice dress.  A typical teenage girl he thought by himself and smiled back to the girl. He wondered what she wanted of him. But he shouldn’t worry too much people in this town weren’t backstabbers as far as he experienced. She was asking if he needed any help. He wondered how she knew that he needed some help. Maybe she was a psychic.  Then he should be very careful on what he was thinking about her. But what if he just looked in need of help. Maybe he shouldn’t overthink things too much and just go along with it.

“Oh, Hye there! ”, Chelvaric said enthusiastically to her and wanted to continue but got interrupted by scraggy. “Oh hello, human girl! Yes, this helpless kitty could use your help alright. He has some screws loose up there.”, scraggy said while he bent over closer and whispered the last part to the girl thinking that Chelvaric couldn’t hear him.  But obviously Chelvaric did hear him and his face darkened a bit. He didn’t mind scraggy joking now and then but sometimes the demon went a bit overboard with what he said. Chelvaric picked scraggy up by his scale and started talking to the girl he just met. “Don’t mind him he is in a bad mood for some reason. Demons can be a bit harsh at times.”, he said as he paused for a second before continuing, “I am still training him.”, Chelvaric said as he was looking angry at Scraggy. He noticed a small fox that belonged to the girl. “Oh, is that one yours? Where are my manners before you answer my name is Chelvaric. Nice to meet you here and yes I could use some food I haven’t eaten in a while.”, Chelvaric said as he pointed at the creature. He awaited her answer to his question as he looked questioningly to her. He was curious about her answer.

#4Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She told herself while walking towards the stranger that she should be nice and should be friendly. She was also focussing on that, so it was fine. Besides, even though he looked strange, mostly because he wasn't wearing a shirt, it was embarrassing! But he was also well yeah, she didn't know what she thought about it. The Divine let this person enter the Church so well it must mean something. He seemed okay friendly but she wasn't sure what to say before someone else spoke, she stared at the little beast and frowned only, the surprise was clearly shown on her face, okay. She bit her lip not to laugh, glad that Scarlett couldn't talk, she wasn't sure what she would tell strangers, unless she understood what Lacie her way of acting was but that didn't matter for now.

However as soon as the stranger mentioned the word demon, her eyes grew wide and she took a step backward, "You must be kidding. Demons are not welcome in the church of the illumin. This is sacred ground." That thing was a demon? She thought it to be the same as her Vulpix and she shortly looked at Scarlett, she couldn't take this person serious anymore, he had to get out and take that thing! with him! Fine she should point him at a restaurant and just get him away from here, but instead of helping him find a place, she would just point at the door, she had thought better of this guy. "Well I would have said nice to meet you but this situation, it's uncalled. Pets and companions are welcome but demons, it's an insult to the church!" So far for pointing him to the exit instead of simply talking. She should shut up.

#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was a bit shocked from her reaction. She first seemed to be friendly. Well she was still friendly but he didn’t think she would be so uptight about a demon. A demon he had captured and sedated. Okay it was sacred ground and maybe it wasn’t the best idea to bring a demon here. But scraggy couldn’t harm a fly without Chelvaric’s approval. Not that he was mad toward her or angry. He was just not the person to sweat little details at times. He had to calm her down before she did anything harsh toward Scraggy. It wouldn’t be hard to kill him in the state he was in and Chelvaric couldn’t justify a fight against a normal citizen.

“Oh, sorry that was maybe a bit unthinking of me. But don’t worry I am mighty certain that Ilumin is strong enough to repel a simple demon like scraggy. He can’t harm a fly without my approval first anyway. He may be talking but he’s under contract to me. I am an exorcist you see and my holy light holds him bounded to do my bidding. I am sure we can resolve this issue in a ordinally fashion. Ill donate some money to illumin and I’ll say some prayers to him. But in the very least let me pay you a dinner to make up for making you angry on a beautiful day like this.”, he said with a smoothing tone and took her hand while going on a knee and bowing his head to make an apology. His long hair fell over his face and some people were looking towards the weird and funny scene. Scaggy was looking like he was going to say something but Chelvaric glared towards him that he would shut up. He could be a joker later but not now. To put extra weight behind his glare he pushed some holy magic around Scraggy to make him know that he really should shut up right now.

#6Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She still tried to keep up with her mask, it took a lot of willpower not to cross her arms in front of her chest or to look angry. Even though her friendliness and her happiness might be a facade from time to time, she tried to stay true to herself and to her that meant the Illumin and the Divine, there was nothing so important to her as her religion and to insult that, was a disaster job. There were so many words in her mind that she couldn't form proper words. She felt eyes on her, and Scarlett was not helping either for a fight was not needed. She looked away from the stranger, not out of being scared or angry simply because she tried to find words, proper sentences and although her lips formed words, it wasn't audible.

But the stranger took the stage to tell her something, and her brown eyes immediately switched to look at his eyes, she wanted to be sure she could trust him and the eyes were the most obvious part to find that part of information. She first was still a little angry but her mouth opened a little in surprised when he said he was an exorcist, unbelievable. That was amazing. However before she could say anything, the stranger took her hand and went on one knee.. IN A CHURCH! Her cheeks became crimson and she looked quite flustered and looked at people around her, Scarlett was hidden behind her legs but found it very funny.

"Oh.. well.. now.. eh.. considering that you are an exorcist, excuse my rude words, sir." Damn what did she need to say, he had manners in a way, he knew what he was doing, where was shirt though? And he hadn't introdcued himself to her, "But well, you eh.. flatter me with eh.. asking me for eh.. a dinner." She had to take a deep breath if she wanted to calm her quick thinking thoughts but that was weird to do, so she didn't, he was still on one knee and holding her hand, she found him charming in a way. Surprisingly for Lacie to think that. "Eh.. can I at least get your name now?"

#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric got up again after the girl started talking. She seemed to be flustered. Chelvaric had that effect sometimes on girls. He didn’t really know why. He was just being polite and nothing else. He heard that he didn’t say his name yet. Oh, that was quite rude of him he supposed. Not that he knew her name either. But he wouldn’t start about that. “Sorry, for my rudeness. I am Chelvaric Waldercat, Left Eye of Sekat. Nice to meet you and what is your name?”, he asked the girl in a calm voice. “Well if you two are done introducing to each other can we go get some food I am literally starving here”, scraggy said to the two humans and crossed his arms and looked away annoyed.

“Well, I guess we should start going for that food. Will you lead the way since you know the way better here? In the mean time tell me why did you choose to follow illum so dearly. It’s rare to see young girls like you to be attracted to faith in such a dedicated way.”, chelvaric asked her and looked her into the eyes while he started walking out of the church. He wanted to see if she was a true believer or if she was misguided on the way to the gods. If she was misguided he had to save her and show her the real path. He just hoped that scraggy wouldn’t bother sticking his nose too much as the demon could be very picky on stuff. And he hated being ignored. He was an alright demon tough. Wich surprised chelvaric for even thinking that. But if he ever turned evil he wouldn’t blink an eye to destroy it. All evil had to perish after all.

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#8Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She finally decided to get her act together but damn an exorcist, it made her happy for so many reasons and she actually could curse herself about immediately judging, had she not learned to think better. This was why she read, this was why she acted proper, to avoid the use of her temper or her stupidity. If only she had been more smart. He introduced himself as Chelvaric Walderkat, she had no idea what the last part meant but it was very interesting and even though she wasn't that smart, her brain was good with memory.

Before she could introduce herself, the little demon talked and she looked at it with a huge amount of distaste but quickly looked away, "I'm Lacie Eventide." she turned to look back at Chelvaric before she said that. She liked people with manners and even though he hadn't immediately introduced himself before he asked her for dinner, he had some charm she could appreciate. However since she was invited for dinner, the little demon had a point and Chelvaric mentioned that she would probably know the way better. She thought quickly but there were a few nice places in Orchidia that had lots of variety for dishes. "Oh yea. I know a place." This was what her original idea was though she wasn't sure where to send him in the first place, now she was joining. She still was a bit uncomfortable with the fact that he wasn't wearing a shirt..

While they walked towards the more city centre of Orchidia and to the bistros and bars, she was asked a question about the Illumin, "Oh well," she started "My mother has raised me with the illumin religion and I'm so used to it and grateful to the support I get from prayers to the Divine, it just means a lot to me." Even though he was an exorcist, she wasn't immediately sure if she should tell him about the demon encounter she had before the age of nine and that it was her sister that was possessed. If they would have known about a exorcist at that time, maybe they could have saved Alice. But she doubted it. She was a bit lost in thoughts about it and simply continued to walk before she pointed out the restaurant, "Well this is one." Besides this one wasn't that expensive.

#9Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie guided the interesting guy to the restaurant that she had her mind on. She wanted to get to know him but was also some how a bit afraid and kept the conversations light and without dept. She might meet him again here in Orchidia for she still hadn't really planned to leave. She said at least thank you for the dinner before their ways split up, which made sense. He didn't owe her anything and the other way around, she was a bit afraid of the small demon even if he was an exorcist, it just was in her blood to be afraid. Scarlett didn't get close to him either. At least her Vulpix did understand, "Well goodbye."


#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric had a realy fun dinner with the random girl he had met. Although she never realy got personal and the topics were just the normal daily street talk. But that was fine he just wanted a good dinner and he had one with a free partner to it at it. So nothing lost and a interesting contact gained. He hoped he would meet her again. Maybe one day there paths would cross again on a job or somewhere else. He would happily embrace and he walked away into the night with his trusty partner scraggy on his heals like a thief in the night.


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