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Era To Orchidia | Foot Travel

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Era To Orchidia | Foot Travel Empty on Sun May 07, 2017 12:33 pm


How long has it been?

The girl pondered, staring up ahead the clear sky, a perfect uninterrupted blue. The breeze blew through the land and the dry leaves that were scattered about on the cobbled streets of Era lifted along with the momentum of the wind before they swirled away swiftly like a snake. She sat underneath a tree, using the large branches and leaves as a shade from the sunlight while she flipped through the pages of her unfinished novel.

A month, perhaps?

Snow had been in Era for quite a while, much longer than she had expected and so far, her journey had been slightly more interesting than the usual; meeting new people from her guild, making teams and whatnot. Plus, she discovered a dessert store in Era that serves delicious cakes and amazing coffee. The place was probably the only location where she spent most of her time sipping on her cappuccino while her thoughts wander off to places.

Blades of grass prodded her skin through the tiny holes of her clothing. Beside Snow was her companion, curled up against her leg as she slept soundly through the day. Her fingers gently reached over Vul’s head as she stroked away tangled mess in her wispy locks of hair. It seemed that her action had woken her up, seeing how her pet was staring up at her with wide, blue eyes as if she was asking her if something was wrong. ”We should go, Vul. We need to pack up before it gets late.” The fox stood up on her tiny paws just as Snow began to dust off the dirt and grass off her skirt.

The beautiful range of snow-capped mountains was neatly arranged in front of her and around the town like a wall, shielding the city from danger and outsiders. Snow realised she had not once visited the mountains although she had planned to but she promised herself she would, the next time she returns. Crocus, Magnolia and now Era. The odyssey continues but to where, next?


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