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Search In The Forest (job solo Chelvaric)

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Search In The Forest (job solo Chelvaric) Empty on Sun May 07, 2017 3:08 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
The Darkness was surrounding the peaceful town of Era. That was emitting a glow around it’s city walls. The walls were continues line of stone and towers. With torches lighting up the tops of the wall. It was a safe haven for the wary traveler that traveled in the darkness of the night. Chelvaric didn’t want to get to close to the wall’s this night. He didn’t need to be in the city right now anyway. But he had a paper in his hand and a job to do. Chelvaric was wearing a long white kimono that was tied with a blue rope around its waste. Then his upper body was naked with some black silk attached to his shoulder’s. Scraggy was standing next to him and was laughing laud through the night. “Why are you making so much noise scraggy. There people sleeping you know.”, Chelvaric said to scraggy that looked up to him with big eyes and turned his head. “what do you mean human it’s perfectly normal to be shouting in the night. It’s a celebration of the hour of the ghost and the eerie. They hour where all the bad things come out to play with me. You should learn a trick or two from me while you’re out here you know. I am accustomed to the darkness.”, Scraggy said proud while he placed a hand on his chest. Chelvaric just nodded in agreement and read through the letter that was send to him earlier on the day.

“Dear mages there have been reports of zombies and other undead creatures in the forests ear era. We kindly request anyone who is capable of venturing in the night to go scout and report back with any special signs or things that happen.”, Chelvaric mumbled to himself as he read the words written in black ink on the parchment. Scraggy pointed to the forest in the distance. “We should start heading out then I suppose. If we leave now we can still see and come back before it’s so dark that we need to walk with torches around.”, Scraggy said. Chelvaric nodded and they headed out to the forest. The smell of leaves and dead tree branches came into their noses as they were walking slowly through the darkness of the night. In the distance a wolf was howling to the moon. He wasn’t worried about it they could howl as much as they wanted. He would beat up any wolf that would come near him. They walked through the forest for quite some time but he couldn’t hear or see anything. He was wondering if the reports about the undead were even true. “We have been walking but I haven’t seen anything happen yet”, Chelvaric said to Scragyy. “Well I don’t think they’ll just jump out. I feel a presence lingering in this wood Chelvaric. Well find them don’t worry”, scraggy said confident.

Chelvaric was still quite annoyed with the amount of time they were spending in the forest for nothing. He was looking on the ground for any tracks but he couldn’t find any. It was weird the forest was super quiet and there were no tracks to be found something was very wrong with this forest. He sighed as he was traveling further and further but he just couldn’t find anything. Till they saw a bright light in the distant. Chelvaric rubbed his eyes as h first thought it was an illusion but after rubbing twice it was still there so it was definitely real. Weird spot to have a fire in the middle of the night he thought by himself and he started running towards it. “lets go scraggy the faster we get there the faster we can finish this off.”, Chelvaric said to his partner and jumped over a tree trunk. When they were nearing it closer , he started to bend down and sneaked forward to the place. The lights were lighting up a really big wooden statue it was a image of a women with goat legs and she had 6 arms all carrying orbs in them her neck was decorated with a necklace of human heads that were shrunk. Around the totem there were thirty people singing and chanting they were all robbed in red robes and had a little skull on a necklace on there chest. They seemed to busy with there ritual to notice scraggy and Chelvaric. Chelvaric took out the letter and started to draw the statue and the cultists. He wasn’t a super good drawer but he was better then most people. This way the guard had something better to go on then some vague description that he would say. He packed it back in his back pack and carefully left the place as silent as he could to not alert any of them. if they knew that there hiding place was discovered it would be really bad as they could just move then and they wouldn’t be able to find them anymore.

After a hike that took around a hour they finally were back into the city and they were standing in the office of the captain of the guard. He was looking at them as he was waiting for the report. He didn’t even say high or anything. “here you go we brought you a map and a drawing of the place where the cultist are hiding.”,Chelvaric said and gave the map and drawing to the captain. “well thank you for this effort. At least we can start looking on how well handle this from here on forwards. Now you can scuttle along its time for the real police to do their work.”, the man said and was already doing something else while waving his hand. Chelvaric didn’t care he took the jewels and started to walk through the door as he was finished with his work and could use a nice nap. It was the start of a sunny and beautiful day as the sun was rising up.

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