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Twinsanity (LeeAnn)

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#1Gala Nakamura 

Twinsanity (LeeAnn) Empty on Sat May 06, 2017 9:58 pm

Gala Nakamura
Gala moved thru the Guard Barracks for the rune knights, he was looking for one of the people here that had his last name, he had heard that two people here had his surname but he had yet to see them. The red eyed mage knew he was adopted his parents had told him that when he had made his journey to Era but he wanted to know more about his family since he had yet to find them. The other paiges looked at him oddly since he was not dressed in normal rune knight garb yet he walked with authority and purpose that would make higher ups jealous .

Approaching one of the captians Gala politely bowed to him before he spoke.”Captain have you perhaps seen anyone with the last name Nakamura” he asked respectfully. The Captain looked at him before he thought.”There are two people here with that name, a boy and a girl but im not sure where they are at the moment” he explained before Gala nodded “Thank you Captain

#2LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura

In all honesty, she was tired of living. It was just constant pain walking around in a corpse with a dead soul or at least she felt like. The more she thought about it , the more she had lied to herself about her mother and now realized it. Her father was loving and caring as ever as her mother seemed to reject her for everyone moment she would attempt to e with them. The young Neko wore her Seated Knight armor that the higher ups when she ranked up. LeeAnn wore her eye patch over her right eye with her ghoul eye showing on the opposing eye. Everyone noticed her for her odd apperance for several reason:

1. She was the one of the few nekos in the Rune Knights
2. Ghoul eye
3. A infection the color of dark gray from the right side of her face down to her full right arm.

The armor covered her infection up to her face. She would walk with a Snow Vulpix by her side name Alaska along with her fiance named Hans. Hans was a white kitsune that was very tall and slender. He wore a gray and brown steampunk outfit with a gray top hat with goggles. In his hands, he was tweaking something. LeeAnn paid no mind to it. LeeAnn made her way down the hall with her fiance and companion. "Personally the next time they man handle me like that I will burn their ass. Hans what do you think" she asked. The kitsune was not behind her like she had thought or knew. Turning around to see he was reaching into his pocket and pulled out a small pink elephant. It was irrelvant to her situation. She sighed and grabbed a bottle of pure vodka and started drinking it whole. It was the only thing the illness allowed her to drink. Gave her the immunity of alcohol, she would never be phased by alcohol. The redhead finished the bottle and burped silently. she would march down the hall in a authority manner. Many of the lower ranks would know she was not happy seeing the seriousness in her eyes. She entered into her hearing range hearing the word "Nakamura". Usually meant one of two things, either her and Hika were needed OR gossip. Either way, she was curious. She would walk oer with Hans behind her and the Alaska. "What about hte Nakamuras" she would asked. Her cat ears and tail twitched as the ears would pick up even the slightest sounds not as well as a dragon slayer, but good enough.

#3Gala Nakamura 

Twinsanity (LeeAnn) Empty on Sun May 07, 2017 9:52 am

Gala Nakamura
Gala was about to move on when he heard someone else ask about his question and he turned to look at the owner of said voice. The taller mage was greeted with the sight of red hair and a single blue eye looking at him. She was shorter then him by a decent chunk but she was wearing armor for a seated officer and he blinked a bit at her eye patch and the dark grey coloring on her face and arm, the red eyed mage had been around alchemy labs enough to know that something like that wasent natural and it was either from some type of chemical exposure or an infection of some kind. No matter what it was not Galas place to make judgement.

He also noticed her cat ears and tail which kind of stood out to him not to mention the kitsune man and the Artic fox beside her which flanked her side. Knowing she was curious he spoke.”I was asking about someone named Nakamura because I heard that some people here had that name, I ask because my name is Gala Nakamura, I was found in a town outside of Era and raised there the only reason I know my birth name is because my adopted parents found this with me when I was found.” he explained as he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small silver locket.

If LeeAnn clicked it open it would Show a picture of Galas birth parents holding two babys and on the inside of the cover was etched the words’ Gala Nakamura’ the mage just looked at LeeAnn for a moment before he spoke”if you know where I can find my Family I would be very grateful I.. I want them to know I’m alive and ok” he said though it was very soft at the end of it. His ruby slitted eyes looked at LeeAnn with seriousness that matched her own as he waited for her response.

#4LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn looked into the man's eyes to see a red color that matched her ghoul eye alone. Of course, his were natural unlike her that were more artifical or infected for the right term. She looked a lot like her father and two older brothers, Hikaru and one-must-not-be-named. The eldest was a disappointment joining a dark guild. Hikaru made sure she was safe like any other big brother would for his baby sister. Taking her mind off the man's eye color, she listened to his response. His reasoning threw her off a little. Looking for one of the Nakamura siblings that could answer his question or end his search. LeeAnn could onl remain confused. He explained that he was found in the next town over near Era. It was good to hear he had adopted parents and not living on the streets. The young Neko was curious as her cat ears perked forward.

He handed her a neat file that had sad "Gala Nakamura" printed across it. LeeAnn opened the files as Hans looked over her shoulder seeing the official paper work. The birth certificate with his official name and everything. She narrowed her eyes seeing this was the real deal and no false claims. The cat ears and tail went side ways then twitched out of confusion This was all a little hard to believe. He was looking for her or her brother to let them know that he was alive and well. To be honest, her parents never spoke of anything of that matter. Perhaps her father cry in the earlier years and would say nothing as for her mother, well...she remained the same from what her father said.

A few silent moments as LeeAnn reviewed the items again. "Okay lets go to my brother's office and see what I can do" she would say. She would lead him down to Hikaru's office. She used it every now and then for her own work and duties when he was not around. This was one of those times. While doing so, she continued looking at a photo of both of her parents holding one child and what appears to be Gala. Her father looks thrilled as her mother looked sorta happy, but something was not right about her mother. That was for another story. LeeAnn sat down in her brother's chair. "So you claim to be apart of the Nakamuras? You have me pursued, Gala. Now to speak with them...is another matter.
I do not know where Hikaru is at the moment as for the younger sister"
she trailed off. Hans snatched the photo to study it.

"Give that back! Not yours you fluffbutt" his hissed, as she snatched it from him gently. She placed the photo in the file and carefully handed it to him. A small sigh came from her looking at her fiance then turned back to Gala. "I am LeeAnn Nakamura, the youngest of the Nakamura siblings. You are speaking to someone from the Nakamura family" she stated. This was something she never deemed to imagine. LeeAnn as distragute that this could be a lost member. Why her father never told her or possibly Hikaru? At the most her mother at least? Out of all the surprises in her life, this was the most memorable so far. "Now in all honesty, I never even knew there was a lost member. I know of two brothers and both are which older than me you can count one of them to be Hikaru. The other is a dark mage and lives in Hargeon. My parents never even told me anything about this...but I am glad you went to me. We can clear things up" she said.

#5Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
Gala nodded in understanding as he followed the girl down to her brothers office to talk about what he had mentioned to them, “All I know is that I was found as a baby with that locket, the file I manage to get my hands on when I got here in Era” he said as he took the folder from LeeAnn and blinked as she announced her self as the youngest sister of the Nakamura family and she explained to him that she had no idea that one of their family was missing and explained that two brothers that she had were Hikaru in the Rune Knights and a dark mage living in Hargeon. She was glad though that he came to her so they could settle things.

I’m happy to meet one of my family members, I honestly am in the same boat as you as far as how this happened, my only guess is that somehow I was separated from the family somehow when I was a baby. Though you said Hikaru is that Captian Hikaru by chance?” he asked, even when he was still in training before fully joining the Rune Knights he had heard Hikarus name but when he tried to find him he seemed to vanish or be out of town.

#6LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn listened carefully hearing what Gala had to say. He said he was found with that file in particular and the locket. It then caught her attention. A certain detail that lead her to believe that this was planned, perhaps.  Though it was not a fully supported theory. She needed to evidence of that happening. LeeAnn got up from Hikaru's leather chair and paced back and froth behind it. There was a window the was clearly big overlooking the whole training grounds and made the room look bigger. There lied a lot of paperwork on her brothers desk and on shelves. It seemed he had been bombareded with work like usual. Nothing new to her eyes. LeeAnn was lost in the thinking as Hans gave LeeAnn a look. "LeeAnn why didn't you tell me you had another brother?! Let alone a twin for tails sake" he asked. He held a goofy, unserious grin that made her ears flatten. She only held the bridge of her nose while closing her eyes having a small headache forming.

"I didn't even know myself, ya stupid fox! Stop this nonsense. You know better" she hissed. Hans was not in front of her like he had thought instead walking on the ceiling with a lacrima vacuum vacuuming the ceiling with an a pink apron. This was nothing new to her as she only turn back to Gala pretending nothing ever happened. Alaska barked at Hans angrily not liking how she could not understand how he could do that without sensing any magic coming from him. "Anyways, forget him. That's how he usually is. How you got there I really dont know.
I dont see fiances being the problem since we are extremely rich and everything. My father is most likely not the type to abandon his children! That's already a given. My mother or...our mother...I am not entirely sure. I am kinda convinced she did that on purpose, but that is because I have a personal issues that should not put her at fault"
she mentioned. The thoughts of her mother made her tense thinking about how she reject her own daughter for love and only training her to become her prodigy child. She was pushed through hours on end training without her father knowing. There were days where she could not walk.

If she dared told her father, her mother would beat her or make training hard. Though, she knew her father was not stupid and probably figured it out already. LeeAnn loved training wiht her father because he encouraged her and praised her when she did something right. Her mother never did any of those things only saying it wasn't good enough. Leeann shook her head to have the past escape from her train of thought. Gala had asked about Hikaru was also called "Captain Hikaru which made her laugh a little. "I a sure you mean Liuteniant Hikaru, he's not captain rank yet. He's only a rank about me as a wizard and Rune Knight status. People do mistaken him as a captain though. He's always busy doing something and is bad with timing and communication, but a good big brother for anyone to ask for. I look up to him like a god according it our father" she said. Now she had to get used to saying "our father" or "our mother" now to him. Though, after she finished she had some deep thoughts as the small companion noticed something was not right about LeeAnn looking to into eye. "Vul Vulpix! Vulpix" chanted the little white fox. She tugged on LeeAnn's glove making her shake her head again. "Sorry uhm just thinking. Anyways, Gala...I...think...by looking at that picture that were twins most likely" she said.

#7Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
Gala smirked a bit as he watched Hans goof around, he got the feeling that the man was a hard worker despite his goofyness.” Its alright he seems alright even if he is being a bit silly” he said as he remained in his seat, when the red haired Neko explained that their family was very rich and that their father would not have abandoned him it put Gala at ease untill she mentioned that their mother could have done such a thing but for what reason was unknown. While LeeAnn mentioned that she had some personal issues with the woman.” I won’t ask about what has gone on between our mother and you I get the feeling its very personal and I don’t want to upset you by digging at something I shouldn’t" he said understanding that there were somethings he shouldn’t pry into.

Oh he’s a liuteniant I heard he was a captain, I guess he is a really good role model, I really didn’t have many of those when I had my nose in books and hanging around the alchemy labs yet I still turned out alright though my classmates in the academy would say different when we did combat training” he said with a little snicker at the end of it. it was true when he battled he tended to go a little crazy but he still was careful about civilians. When LeeAnn mentioned that they were most likely twins Gala couldn’t keep the surprise from his face.

That might make sense though a good way to know is if we are the same age, I’m 21 and you look about the same age as me Sister” he said and while he normally had a serious look on his face he couldn’t help but smile when he said that, if she was his sister and twin sister at that he couldn’t wait to get to know her and the rest of his family.

#8LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn grew up thinking that she only had Hikaru and her father there for her. Her eldest brother was a asshole in all always picking on her and Hika would always defend her. LeeAnn was grateful for Hikaru. It brought happy memories with her with a small smile thinking of her older brother. Hikaru was like god in her eyes. He was perfect and wanted to be just like him even though that itself was a not physically possible since you could not replicate everything to that exact of a person. She was her father's favorite though. He seemed to approve of her fiance which was a good relief. Finally someone who approved of him and did not mind his chaotic nature. Hans was now walking on the walks still vacuuming the walls themselves.

Gala did not want to pry into her personal issues as she could tell he was still curious. Anyone would about their birth parents if they were in his situation. It made her feel better, but felt a pang of guilt for hiding it after what Hans had put her through with Hikaru. "Perhaps, you should know after all. Its not good for me to hide everything. Though I have no idea where to start. I will just leave that to another day" she replied. Now they were talking about the old days in training which brought good and bad memories for her personally. Training and destroying all of the training grounds. She put it out of commission for a few good solid months as they were doing repairs to her outbursts. That was just recklessness right there. She laughed seeing now how they were similar. "I think were more alike than would both like to admit. At least you didn't nearly blow up all of hte Magic council headquarters. Put the training grounds out of commission for a few good solid months asnd that was just carelessness. There was another time I nearly klled another Page because of how he was mocking my mark on my face. If Hans, wasn't there I probaby would not be here. Let's say he's my knight in shining armor in a different sense than normal" she laughed. Hans poofed back to LeeAnn and hugged her tightly lovingly with a bear hug feeling.

"My wittle kitten!!! You know it!I save you more timess than you like to admit" he smiled. She gave him a look to put her down. He would not let her go so she was stuck in this position like she had any choice. Gala said he was the same age as her as she nodded agreeing they were. The word sister coming out of his mouth was a little different for her to hear that wasn't Hikaru."Oh most definately,
though, to turn this more on the deeper and darker side. I do need to tell you about our mother.
Not only are you apart of the Nakamura family, but you are also apart of the Sokolov family. That sidei is very dark. We have two cousins that are in the Rune Knights that are good. That family is known to be a bit dark, reason why us three have agree to not be apart of any of that. Though, I, myself,
found out like a few months ago that we were all related so. Also Hikaru and us are half siblings"
she said. she took another sigh then went on more about the family. It was going to be a lot of information to take in, but it was better now to do it. Hans held her tightly hugging her from behind allowing her to speak directly instead of another awkward position.

"Growing up, our parents were complete opposites of each other. Our father was loving and nuturing like any parent should were as our mother was just...cold and reject me. She only came around me to use me as her own prodigy to accomplish things she never could as a kid. I was homeschool as a kid not because I was being bullied, reason why dad agreed, but so my mother could train me herself to become a mage. Dad agree seeing this as a good opportunity to train me in mage. Trust me, went through intense training courses so hard I could not walk for days. My dad probably knows how it happened, but never said anything to me only worried. You will like our father. He's a reasonable and honorable man.Our mother is gone. Kidnapped. Happened a long time ago, I was there, but I dont remember much but a bad feeling and then blackness. After that never saw her again. Reason why I joined the Rune Knights, to find her for dad's sake, not hers. Though, he deserves a better wife than her! She was as cold hearted bitch" she explained. The was she talked about her mother was clear their relationship was not a good one at that. Not as good as with her father, but she was daddy's girl.

#9Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
Gala couldn’t help but laugh when LeeAnn said she caused the training grounds to be put out of commison and she nearly blew up the magic council head quarters and nearly killed a mage for making fun of her face.”yeah I haven’t done anything that bad but my classmates were always rather mad that I out performed them both in book smarts and physical challenges in fact they got so upset that they tried to gang up on me. Needless to say they learned when battling someone whos personality comes a bit unhinged when in a fight they all got hospitalized with bruises broken bones and cuts from wind blades while I emerged without a scratch” he said before got serious.”is the mark out your face a condition of some kind. Im not trying to be rude just wondering if there is anyway to remedy it if I can” he asked as he wondered if any of his alchemy knowledge would help.

When Hans hugged her from behind and LeeAnn gave him a sharp look Gala just glanced at Hans.” If she hits you I’m going to laugh and not feel sorry for you” he said simply before he listened to his twin explain that their connection to the Sokolov family and that they were rather dark but they had two cousins here that were good along with Hikaru who was their half brother. Afterwards LeeAnn explained her growing up with their parents and how they were both different with their father being kind and their mother being cold. It upset Gala a bit that their mother was so cold and hard on LeeAnn.

I’m sorry to hear about how our mother went missing and that she was so hard on you LeeAnn. I do look forward to meeting our father I was so young the only way I remember them in from a picture” he said before he decided to tell her how he grew up. “like I said before I was found as a baby in a village near Era as a kid I didn’t really play with others well and often would read books instead of horse playing, I also hung around the towns alchemy lab and started to pick up things from them, I learned so much from the book I read and I started to experiment with alchemy myself though that was made my adopted parents decide to send me to the rune knight academy. I had so much talent they decided it would be best used there. From there I rose to the top of my class within a few months and was actually outpacing the teachers in knowledge. I gotta say when you can stump your teacher its really entertaining.” Gala explained with a chuckle at the end.” but I didn’t just train my mind I trained my body as well so I was just as strong if not stronger then my class mates, after I got done well I got sent here and here I am” he finished.

#10LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn had her ears flatten hating the pure hatred go through her veins making blood boil. The mark was finally asked about. Her ears picked up on the question making her lighten up with now a sorrowful look on her face. A small thing came to her thinking of how the illness destroy some of her life. Hikaru still didn't know yet. This was a subject msot didn't ike to hear but it was asked. Might as well just tell her newly founded brother. "Its an infection, well, illness I got called Parasitic Plague. An infectious disease that only 0.01% of the population has. So rare, I am the only other person who has it beside a famous queen had it but it was never recorded. This illness is like a parasite, but isn't. It a form of a plague though it is rare. The cause is unknown. It forces it victim to have a body of a ghoul's but still human or in my case Neko. It forces anyone whom has it to eat humans and other things to follow a strict diet. If you dont, it will turn you mad with hte most unbearable pain" she said. Remembering when Hans had brought her home to her father, he tried everything in his power to reverse this. Though, all she knew it was incurable.

She could see clearly her father's face of horror to see his only daugher's face infected with something so wretched. "The Council allowed me to become a Rune Knight as long as I ate humans more humanly than killing then, which was something would dont like doing anyways. They took severed limbs of soldiers and gave them to me which it all worked out in the end. It's caused me to become hospitalized a lot lately though because of the huge amount of pain. Even when I do eat the correct diet, it still causes pain. Its not fatal I know that, but it makes its victim suffer" she finished. The neko's ears flattened ot likin to share those details due to how she hated them herself and fear of judgement. Though, like her father said, its better to let it out than in. It was something she heard her father say so many times which was kinda funny.

#11Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
Galas eyes gained a tinge of sorrow in them as his new sister explained that her mark was a form of plague that made her have the body of a ghouls and that she had to eat humans to survive but at the same time she ate them humanely and didn’t kill to survive, he had read about Ghouls in his books and while some of them were said to be the scum of the earth others just wanted to try and live and not be forced to kill unless in defense of their life.”LeeAnn I’m so sorry to hear about what has befallen you, I don’t know if it helps but If I can help out in any way with my Alchemy knowledge I’ll try at the very least I could make you a good pain reliever” he said trying to be supportive.

He was truthful when he said he was skilled in alchemy and in learning that he also learned much in the way of medicines and poisons though he hardly used the latter since it was considered a dirty trick.”Thank you Lee for telling me about it even if it was very hard to do, you’re my sister and I don’t care if your neko human or ghoul I’ll be there for you and help you out however I can” he said with a small smile on his face.

#12LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
Her ears perked up seeing his reaction. There was something about him. No matter how shortly they knew each other she could feel this spark. It was like they had some connection automatically much like how Hans and her were connected. It was a like a deep bond. His reaction did shock her a bit usually most were at least the tiny bit surprised or disgusted. Gala just overlooked it like some dust-off detail. He felt sorry for her which she didn't need his pity. That was one of the reason why she refused to tell anyone anything was because they pity her. Though, he was being nice and was a rare chance to have someone actually looking for her or her brother. This was a gift. Something that was suppose to help her get through her life.

Though help was always there, it was accepting it. She knew this was her twin brother and twins were suppose to be close. Just how could she become close to him like shew as with Konstatin, Hans, and her brother, Hikaru? It was harder than she thought, at least on her standards.
"Thank you, Gala. That would be great. I just want to live...its really hard. I am always in the hospital, therapy sessions, or working myself to death. Hans knows all. I am known to work myself to my grave literally. Say...is it just me or do I feel this deep connection like we've known each other for a long time? Or that just me" she asked tilting her head.

#13Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
hmm it might be because we are twins I must admit I feel more comftertable around you then most other people I’m normally not a a very talkative person “ he explained, Gala normally didn’t like to talk to people he liked to keep to himself and his studys. Now that he knew who his sister was Gala was wondering what Hikaru was like, he wanted to know more about his family and he knew most of his family was here in Era except for the dark mage he was related to and to be honest Gala didn’t really care that much about that person.

God I could use coffee right now, Lee do you want to get something to eat I havent had anything since breakfast and it would allow us to perhaps find Hikaru if he is somewhere around here” he suggested hoping they could find their half brother and Gala could meet him as well.

#14LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn had sighed knowing their older brother was a busy man. So much to do yet so little time to do it. She, herself, even barely got to see him nowadays. Now its eithers missions or hospital visits is all. Crossing her arms and shaking her head slowly in response to finding Hikaru. It was best to leave him to his own business. The time will come to find him. "I think its best to leave him be.He will eventually find out. He is also so busy all I see him is either hopsital visits or missions which has only been few" she replied. It had only been a few hours since she last ate, but they had to go somewhere where she could eat. Then again, she was not hungry at the moment.

Alaska hopped on her shoulders ready for the ride. Her eye glanced to Gala. "We'll just tag along. I am not getting anything I have my drink right here. Choose where ever you want and I'll pay for you" she said. Hans licked his lips as so did Alaska. The other two clearly seemed hungry than LeeAnn was and were gladly taking up on her offer. LeeAnn held up her drink showing she had pure bottle of vodka for the expensie brand where she couldn't taste it.

#15Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
Gala nodded at LeeAnns mentioning of leaving Hikaru be at the moment since he is always so busy”yeah you have a point I suppose I’ll meet him soon enough. Hopefully I can train with him sometime though the question would be could he keep up with me” he said with a laugh as he trained very hard and while it depended on the day he trained so hard that people thought he was crazy.” ok but I can’t just let you pay for me wait” he said before he patted himself down a moment before he pulled out a vial from inside his sleeve, in it was a dark blue and had a soft blue glow to it.”consider this your first perscription I like to keep stuff like this on me all the time just in case” he explained as he handed it to her.

Before he could move though the red eyed mage heard a bark and from the doorway a dark purple and white blur suddenly tackled Gala to the ground and he was greeted by a set of large teeth and a wet tongue . It was his Black Hound Oslo and he was rather happy to see his owner”Oslo I was gone for only a little bit calm down” Gala said as he got up and pet Oslo on the Head.

#16LeeAnn Nakamura 

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn's ears flatten at the sound of him being tougher than her brother. A small growl came out of her throat that sounded more animal-like than human. Her only eye gave a glare and looked away. "Hika is the best mage there ever was! You are gonna have to keep up with his lightning speed. He's the captain of our team for a reason. My...our big brother is perhaps a god" she hissed. It was clear she placed Hikaru on a higher pedestal than anyone else including Hans. If anyone could make LeeAnn listen, it was him if Han could not do anything. Hans shook his head. LeeAnn looked back at her fiance to see a smirk on his lips shaking his head still. Her eye narrowed and looked away .

Gala then stopped her dead in her tracks from paying for the drinks. She paused looking at him funny. It was always a gesture she did. Her twin brother pulled out a vial. One that made her eyes widen. It was a strange blue liquid saying it was some sort of perscription. He handed it to her. Though, Hans interfered. He swipped the vial and studied it for quite some time. Chemistry was usuall not his field of work, but he had to make sure it was suitable for LeeAnn.

"Are you sure she is able to drink this? I mean if her body rejects it she would be in a ton of pain. Something I dont wish for her to happen again" he said, quite worred and protectively. LeeAnn rolled her eye and crossed her arms knowing he meant well but was really protective about her even with her new twin. "It bound to happen anyways,
Whats little more pain"
she said.

#17Gala Nakamura 

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Gala Nakamura
Gala relized his little joke seemed to hit a nerve with his new sister and he listened to her hiss at him that Hikaru was the best mage ever and that he would have to keep up with him, while she spoke Gala had a bored look on his face as he cleaned his ear with his finger.” LeeAnn take it easy I was joking I’m aware that he is powerful that’s why I wanna train with him I ment no disrespect” he said as she finished before he stood up and Oslo barked at him before he sighed.”Alright take it easy” he muttered to his hound before he gestured down to his black hound “you two this is my Black Hound Oslo you can pet him if you want” he offered before Hans made a slight mistake.

He snatched the vial from Gala before he could give it to LeeAnn and then he questioned if it was something she would be able to even drink. At that the red eyed knight narrowed his eyes and he snatched the vial back from the man .”you think I would give my sister something that would harm her fine if it makes you feel better a demonstration then Oslo!” he snapped at the fox man before he called out to oslo with his hand outstretched, the black hound looked at it for a moment before he got the idea and then bit Galas hand with enough force to have his fangs completely pierce his hand. The black haired man hissed in pain before he uncorked the vial and sipped a bit of the liquid before his hand instantly showed the signs of regeneration and the mans face became calm again as his pain instantly vanished.”I’m sorry I lost my temper but I’ve studied this subject for years Im completely confident that this will work for her why would I offer it if I wasent sure that it was safe for someone to take” he said looking away a bit since he felt a bit bad because he snapped at the man

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn watched the drama unfold. Her twin brother snapped at Hans for doubting his skills. The kitsune shrugged since he could careless of what other thought of him. A bit of anger sparked up in her as she wanted to pound Gala, but she heard him apologize. The demostration that was shown was to prove the medication worked. Hans's concern was legit since it would be fine for normal people, but LeeAnn was different. She could see both of their points but she swiped the vial from Gala. The Neko spoke nothing and glared back at her brother. "Never snap at him again. His worries are serious. Though, wont kill me to try. Bottoms up" she said. The Neko opened the vial removing hte cork. The smell was kinda weird.

Lefiting her head back as she was drinking it, she could feel it slither down her throat. LeeAnn shivered at the taste since it was so vile to her mouth. Smacking her lips a few times giving a disgusted look and visible shiver. A long deep breath and exhale to tolerate the taste. "The taste is horrible! Then again its medicine, never suppose to taste good" she said. It would take a while for it to kick in. LeeAnn sat down. "So now that were twins and were in my home town, how about I show you the manor i grew up in and own. Come and bring Olso if you want" she said, offering.

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Gala Nakamura
Gala nodded to LeeAnn and looked at Hans.”I am sorry Hans I understand your concern but I have confidence that it will work it might not regenerate wounds for her but it should numb her to pain” he said to the kitsune before he saw his twin shivering and making a disgusting face and he couldn’t help but snicker a little bit. “Yeah I’ll admit that while alchemy has incredible uses the taste is something that can give you nightmares, it can very from person to person when the effects kick in but it should be rather soon” he explained before he nodded at her saying that they should see the manor she grew up in and owned.

Ok I would like that come on Oslo and no you can’t eat LeeAnns fox I’ll give you a steak when we get home” he said curbing his hounds hungry look towards Lees Vulpix, despite being the mans pet the black hound was still a wild animal and had the instincts.Gala followed LeeAnn and he wondered what the manor would be like along with any family members there if they were still around.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn started walking with Alaska by her side. The fox followed her owner. Alaska eyed the hound and didn't pay him any mind. Hans had only smiled at him and waved his hand in a motion of forgiveness. The kitsune only gave him a single word."Forgiven" was all he said. The redhead sat there staring at the floor thinking about how much life would of been different with Gala present. If their mother gotten her hands on him, he would of been suffering as much as she had. In many ways, she was glad that he did not have to at all. She was a wicked woman in her mind though she knew her father never saw things that way. Although, she never bothered to ask.

LeeAnn was already at the door readying to go. There was hope that their father would be at home since he did announce he was showing up tonight. Alaska barked happily and climbed up LeeAnn's shouder wanting to see her father again. LeeAnn opened the door and made their way out onto the street. It was dark out, but lit enough that things were not dangerous. It reminded her of that night, but she was with her twin brother, fiance, and two pets. Gala mentioned to not eat her fox. The dog kept rearing her to get to Alaska. LeeAnn gave a glared she snarled as the Snow Vulpix looked down with a dead pan look. Olso whimpered hiding behind Gala. LeeAnn then returned to her serious face and looked forward. Alaska was her prized possession as it was a gift from her father. "Your dog does anything, as much a hair, I wont hesitate to knock it out. Alaska is a gift from our dad" she replied.

The approached a large estate right up ahead with iron gates and a state of the art magical security system. LeeAnn approached it and waved. It let her in with a few long codes she had t dial in. "This is the place our father left me as we have another in Hargeon. It's under Hikaru's name, but he stays in Hargeon though. Every now and then he visits up here to check on things" she smiled. She opened the door to a foyer that was wide and rich of colors of gold, white, crstal, and many more. LeeAnn placed her jacket on the hook next to her as Alaska smelled her father's scent.

"Well, well, well if it isn't Daddy's little girl and her pet" said a voice. LeeAnn's ears perked up as she saw a shadowy figure come through. It looked like Hikaru, but she knew that wasn't Hikaru. Alaska growled and barked and yipped. Fire ranged in the girl's eye as she just growled. "Why can't you ever leave me alone?! I told you to never set foot in this house again, Ryu. What do you want" she hissed. Ryu had a lot of resemblance to Hikaru and her father. They had the same shade of pink and the same eyes, but he had a different look into his eyes. One of pure evil. The redhead stared at him with a low glare as he circled around Hans. "And you brought the stupid white haired fox and who's this" he asked. He looked down at Gala seeing there was something off about him. "A long lost brother.
My twin brother. Met Gala, Ryu. Gala this is our....oldest brother, Ryu. He's a dark mage and dont trust him"
she said. Ryu only laughed and gave a smirk and a shake of his head. "Glad you think of me so highly,
little sister. Great, more family in competition with. Hikaru has the Nakamura Manor in Hargeon,
your have this stupid place and dad leaves me with nothing"
he complains. LeeAnn rolled her eyes. He was always such as sleezeball and picking on her when Hikaru or her father were not around.

"You know father will NEVER leave you anything. Besides, that's how you look at him for? A way to get some money? Property? Hikaru and I were given these things out of trust and honor. Its because we dont expect things. He knows were not tied against the law" she said. Ryu only rolled his eyes as he flicked LeeAnn. The redhead rubbed her forhead. He was not taking her serious as Ryu circled Gala more. "Gala Nakamura. Twin brother of LeeAnn and son of Nicolas Nakamura and that stupid bag of filfth of a mother you have. Father was always choosing the wrong women. Who knew he had even more of creations of child. You two are sad excuses of family" he laughed. LeeAnn was tired of it and marched forward. Her hand lit with fire as a sword lied across his throat. She looked at him dead in the eye not showing any mercy. The grip around his wrist was heavy and could not be broken. "Threaten him, Hans, dad, or EVEN DARE hurt Hikaru I will have your throat and make your suffer the way I did and death will not be the option" she whispered. She lied ontop of his with the cold edge of hte blade at his throat. What he had said triggered something that was not her.


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Gala Nakamura
Sorry Lee Oslo is still pretty wild but compared to others of his species he is pretty dang tame, most black hounds won’t stop untill they either kill or devour their prey and Oslo here listens to me” Gala said as Oslo barked at him and brushed against the black haired mans leg.”you gotta behave k “ he muttered to his dog. As they approached the gates Gala blinked in surprise as his ruby orbs gazed at the great building.”wow this is amazing” he said as he stepped thru the door and was slightly blinded by the use of white and gold, he had nothing against those colors but he liked darker colors better they didn’t kill your eyes in the morning. As he took everything in the young knight suddenly heard a voice call out to LeeAnn and not in a pleasant way.

LeeAnn introduced him as Ryu and said he was Galas brother and a dark mage, beside the red eyed man Oslo snarled and barked at that man while baring his huge fangs and he seemed to look much more sinister and feral then before”considering your profession I wouldn’t be surprised that our father would leave you high and dry I don’t even remember him and I can understand his reasoning. As for trusting you” Gala paused as his eyes and voice went Ice cold.”I would sooner sever your head from your neck then trust you” he snarled at the dark mage. While Galas appearance would make one think he tread to close to the darkness he always worked for the good of the people and never stooped so low as to commit any kind of dark mage crime.

As the man circled him Gala kept his eyes on the man at all times as he heard him belittle him and the wind mage balled his hands into fists so hard he started to bleed from his nails digging into his flesh. When he said that both Gala and LeeAnn were sad excuses for family Lee was not the only one that moved. Gala had advanced as well and with surprising speed was behind Ryu as Lee put her flame blade near his throat the dark haired mage had put his hand near the mans neck with wind blades circling his fingers.” I Think you’ve overstepped your bounds scum “ he hissed but before he could move a voice called out to LeeAnn and Gala snapped out of his attack mode before he then grabbed LeeAnns arm with the flame blade.”Lee calm down no reason to spill blood on these floors besides if he does anything” Gala paused and looked Ryu dead in the eyes with an icy look.”He will get a one way ticket to the Gallows

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LeeAnn Nakamura
LeeAnn paused seeing a tall older man figure she knew all too well. She stopped and paused looking at what figure turned out to be her father. The girl got up and looked at him with a large eye. Her eyepatch covered her right eye. LeeAnn was really caught off guard by the bounding voice. The Neko just stood there extremely awed. The small fox started barking happily at her father. "Hey gurl. LeeAnn what is the meaning of this? Trying to kill your brother? I know he's not the..most kindest, but really" he said. He held Alaska gently as she licked his face. Hans stood back glaring at Ryu. LeeAnn got up looked down and putting her sword back. Her fist began to tense as her tail lashed.

Darkness lied in her mind not knowing how to reply or what caused her to act like that. She gritted her teeth trying to keep her anger under her control. Apparently that was not working from what everyone could tell. Hans knew better than to interfere with a family matter. "I'm sorry father. I don't know what got over me.
Though, it didn't help my anger that he was talking shit about Hika, Hans, and you and most of all Gala! Dad, I found out I have a twin. He came to me and found me at the Rune Knight headquaters.
Why...why did you tell me I had a twin"
she asked in a serious tone.

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Gala Nakamura
Gala saw LeeAnn come to her senses and he looked at the man who had spoken and it dawned on the dark haired man that this was his biological father and he turned to face the man while Oslo moved past Ryu and towards the man before sniffing before he sat down in front of him without so much as a growl.”Huh Oslo your being rather calm but then again you know who I would trust and who I wouldn’t trust” the red eyed man said with a small smirk as he turned to face his father. As LeeAnn explained that Gala had found her the red eyed knight reached into his pocket and pulled out the necklace he was found with and held it out for the older man to see.

I hope this is enough proof that I am related to LeeAnn, I have yet to meet Hikaru but I look forward to meeting him at some point…Father” Gala said while he was slightly nervous of meeting his birth father for the first time,however he didn’t show it on his face as he waited for the man to speak to him

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