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The Dance of The UNDEAD! (Mission with Fye)

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The Dance of The UNDEAD! (Mission with Fye) Empty on Sat May 06, 2017 3:40 pm

Walking back to the outside the gates of Era, It was time for more working which Waylon did not mind work was money.

Waylon was just preparing as he normally did he brought a bit of food with him mostly just a packed a few sandwiches and few bottle of waters mostly so he wouldn't forget to eat while he worked or was one the move, but he had a few things with him as well.

Opening his bag Waylon was eating a cinnamon roll slowly nibbling away at it while he waited for the person he was told too meet with to come.

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The Dance of The UNDEAD! (Mission with Fye) Empty on Sat May 06, 2017 4:59 pm

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Fye's eyes of half dark and light blue would wander around the city of Era. 'What was I doing again?' she was thinking and wondering as she would walk forward towards what was the gates of Era. Mei Ling was following, walking beside her as it would look around as well. She was sure that Mei knew where they were going so she made sure to keep pace. Her long blue hair would sway behind with the wind beyond the nights as it sparkled due to the street lights. Her maid outfit would stay in place yet the white pieces at the bottom and cuffs would waver a little.

Her soft pink lips would curve into her usual smile that was mostly a fake. Such as fools gold, it could look as good as the real. Her hips would sway as she would have her arms dangle against them. Her head looked left and right as she wondered. ''Now where to start...?'' she would question and look down at her companion. ''Keuu.~'' it made a sound and pointed towards the gates that weren't so far away. ''There huh?'' she would question and tilt her head cutely. After questioning that she would then walk towards the gate to then see that blue hair guy. 'What is he doing here?' she wondered all-so-curious and then went down the trails and to him. ''I didn't think it would be this soon.'' she would speak in their words with her own accent of course. Her voice was soothing and soft though as she would then look around. ''Doing this...whatever you call it, again?'' she asked, looking towards him.




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It was that time again it seemed. Yes it was shorter then even Waylon thought. "Umm...yes actually I am out on a job here as well, interesting to meet you again." Waylon mentioned eating with his mouth feel slightly, only stopping to chew and finish the part he was eating. "Has not even been a day and we run into each other again, Time and fate seems to be odd in favor of us meeting normally." Waylon said with a smile you could tell he was delighted and happy about this situation.

Waylon then let out a small sigh and then opened up the report handed to him for the mission."Now to figure out why we are both here for this moment, not that it is a bad thing your company is nice then how i am normally." Waylon mentioned while he opened up the report and read it as quickly and best he could. "Alright so...zombies simple enough scout out zombies." Waylon then closed the report.

"I will ask now, Are you hungry or need water? I brought stuff to spare if needed?"
Waylon mentioned looking at Fye to be sure incase she needed anything before they left, thinking to himself how bad it would be if that maid outfit was dirty.

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The Dance of The UNDEAD! (Mission with Fye) Empty on Sat May 06, 2017 5:43 pm

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Her eyes would look at him and then at some paper he had. ''Is that thing-a-ma-jig for our quest?!'' she spoke happily and excited. After he read it for himself, she'd take it and roamed her eyes all over the paper as if it was some treasure map. ''Mhm...mhm...MHM...'' she started to say and then lifted the paper away from her face and against her stomach. ''Okay! To check some dead people.'' she would say and smile happily with a giggle. Swiftly she twirled to look behind her, Mei Ling who would just be looking at her new 'friend'. ''It's okay Mei Ling. We're all going to adventure together.'' she would saw, bowing a full 90 degree perfectly and then stood straight up. ''Let's do this.'' she would say and then turned around. Something felt off, rather if it was her actions or excitement, it was different.

Usually she was quiet and collective like she was last time. Was it because she met this guy once and trusts him fully? If it was true, would it be foolish? Her eyes would look forward, her feet started walking as she would lead with Mei ling. 'Mmmm...Adventure... Adventure time. What will I find.' she thought randomly as a space bubble appears in her thoughts. Her eyes looked up as the sky was getting dark. Not only that, they would go into the forest where it would obviously turn darker. Her eyes would lower from being wide to being half closed. The color of the light blue would become duller.

A sudden flashback of a child running would roam through her thoughts and in reality, she'd see a girl running in front of her. ''Wait!'' A sudden burst of interest and a push would make her then run after what she thought was real. Her head turned left and right as she would run towards and through the forest itself. Fye wouldn't make any actual noises other than her running, but behind her was Mei Ling. Mei's beady red eyes would glare towards her as if it knew what was going on, even though Fye herself didn't. Left behind was the man of blue hair and eyes, the guy she was doing this 'quest' with.

'Where did she go? I didn't get a good look at her, but she almost looked like...me!' she would think as her head would turn left and right, straight even as she couldn't stop thinking. The girl would randomly run past her, carrying what seemed like a little girl. ''W-wait...'' she would whisper. Her eyes would look as if they were in plea, but no matter the girl disappeared out of thin air. How? How did she do such a thing and who was it. Why did she see it? Inside it felt painful to watch it as something within her mentality knew why, but logically...No, there was no logic of it. Her heart was beating fast during the episode, but it was gone, it was done. Mei was beside her once again and hopefully she didn't lose that guy. Karnil was his last name right? Even if it wasn't, that's what she'll remember. Slowly she would turn back towards where she once ran and looked for him. 'Wonder how far I got from him.' she wondered. As she thought so, she would hear something. ''Huh?'' she wondered and cocked her head towards the right.

There was a statue beyond the bush she was hiding in, some people and...what?! There were dead people, roaming beyond the graves from where they once came from. The people were ressurecting the dead... The dead... Spirits. It seems all so familiar to her. It was trying to pop up out of her head in a light bulb, but it couldn't. 'So... the note was right?' she thought and then cornered her eyes to look at Mei, curious.




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"Yes it is." Waylon did not stop Fye from reading the paper so far with how she was acting and how Mei was it brought a different mood to the loneliness and being on the move all of the time, The bowing was interesting even with that Waylon never really bowed to anyone but it was not a huge thing to make a problem about people we raised differently, It brought a sense of Fye being being self in her own way, Waylon would start heading towards the area the paper mentioned to go too, knowing fye and Mei weren't too far away either.

Waylon would listen to what was going on around him and what was being said. Waylon noted that he sometimes space out like that as well. During this walk and thought Waylon tripped for a moment and feel over he at least landed on his knees.

He would watch what was going on in slight worry, He had not seen some one take off like that before. Only stories that he would sometimes run away from his sister Judina because she was mad and he thought he was in trouble, also thinking about how long it has been since he had spoken to his sister and older brother, after all they were both gone, But for the moment Waylon had to catch up to Fye and hope nothing went bad.

He didn't yell even with a part of him thinking he should he just tried his best to catch up. Worrying also about if this was what Arisa had to deal with from Waylon. But he did a good job from trying to stay close to Fye or at least Mei.

Fye had gotten pretty far but Waylon did not mind.  He knew something could happen like that, When Fye seem confused and unsure where Waylon was Waylon then just said. "I am not too far behind."

But looking he also started taking notice of what is going on with Fye too,But when it came too the, Looking at the dullness of her Waylon just sat first. "Yes this note is read." Waylon mentioned being quiet trying to be sure anything bad happen while Walyon started walking very carefully to not get noticed that. It was what he thought with the zombies close by was what was summoning. While he still looked and peered behind places and saw what was happening people so until he or fye found more Waylon was on the low.

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Fye would watch this weird misfortune to the good people that were once alive. Were they to be made bad now? To attack people that don't deserve it? Shame on them...or so she thinks. She turned around and walked away with the blue hair guy towards where she would meet up with the client. The guy would be looking at some papers until he caught her, her companion and her 'friend' with his eyes. ''So did you find anything?'' he questioned. Fye would explain what exactly happened in the most fantasy story way possible. After that was done, Fye and her friend would get the reward and leave.


With companion.~



The Dance of The UNDEAD! (Mission with Fye) Empty on Sun May 07, 2017 10:39 am

It had been a simple, Waylon remembered they were not to fight anyone or any undead for that matter as well. Waylon would quietly move along what would keep him covered and close to Fye to keep the detail too mind, Thinking to himself any details possible were good for this situations, Their was a good number of them and the count of them were going up by the minute.

When they left Waylon had to wonder if Fye and Mei were both okay, Whatever happen did not seem good, Then again Waylon did not know much about her he knew she knew his name that was it, aside from that she was sweet, quiet, peaceful and nice so Waylon was also okay with that as well. Maybe when this was all done Waylon would try and learn more of her and Mei since they have been good company so far. Maybe it was also Waylon enjoying not being alone even if he was use too it.

They would go back to the man they had to tell what happen and so far he wanted Fye go on and explain in her creative story way, It was interesting to Waylon then again he could spend hours listening to much talk, he was weird that way, A listener more then a talker. Knowing he had to work on that too.

Fye and Mei left a lot quicker then Waylon thought, Or he was slow minded again and did not see them go when they did, Waylon wanted to offer then a night to stay some where and food for staying around and helping, Collecting the reward Waylon just said "Becareful with the situation we find out." As he waved good bye to the man reported too.

It would be morning time shortly after Waylon reached town sure he was sleepy but did not care then again Waylon not being careful would get to him, After a while of walking Waylon tripped one something and landed on his face in front of some woman he did not remember the face of with his stuff from his bag also falling out, With his face a bit messy and picking his stuff he would go find a place to sleep and clean up, And continue with what would happen next for work or life he did not think about it for a while, which was good.

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