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Eyes Staring Forward [Request][Alice]

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It was early in the morning, dew still coated the plants outside, inside the air was warm and cosy there the duo, Alice and Kon had resided for numerous days. Alice to find answers and Kon to aid her in her endeavours for those answers, Their first journey into Magnolia town revealed so much to her, he didn’t know what to expect from her, to be honest. Fortunately, they had been requested once more by the same man, Khalash to complete yet another task. They had reached such information in a letter decorated and sealed by his signature wax sigil. The sigil itself denoted the shape of a stylish feather with chains in a cross pattern in front of it, to demonstrate the freedom that the man once had but could no longer indulge in with his age. Kon had received the letter initially from a personal messenger who he tipped modestly for his services from inside the bed and breakfast. He was already up and about suffering from once more a bout of insomnia brought about by past memories.

He chose prior to this at roughly 3 in the morning to read a book that was laying in a pile that was scattered on top a table close to the fireplace which still smouldered glowing hot embers. Given the nature of his sleepless behaviour, he also helped himself to both some green tea to soothe his mind and stomach along with some heavy butter toast. He read through the rather thick book taking about four hours fortunate as the messenger arrived just 10 minutes after allowing him to tidy up beforehand. With the time approaching 7:10 am and they weren’t expected to arrive at the shop until the usual time he would let Alice sleep at bit longer until about 7:30 am when he’d jokingly scare her wearing all of his armour.

This was, of course, easier said than done as while he was wearing portions of his armour as they didn’t encumber him the parts he wasn’t wearing took a long time to don. Eventually though with the time reaching just 7:27 am, he slowly twisted the doorknob of their shared room, jumped towards her causing everything to bounce slightly from the sheer added weight of his armour and released a cry out towards Alice. “WAKE UP ALICE!, WE HAVE A JOB TO DO!” Before bursting out into laughter, her most likely response could be a whole series of things including being startled, scared, bemused, frustrated perhaps?. No matter it was all in good fun. If she had an issue with it, he would try and appease her to the best of his abilities otherwise as she went about her daily activities with Kon having already completed his own during the even earlier parts of the morning, he would inform her of the job for today along with making her breakfast so they would waste as little time as possible.


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Mana Pool: 1840/1940


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Word Count: 495/2000

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Adelaide Sokolov
She was dreaming as she was still asleep. Dreaming about a peaceful day, with Ophelia in the forest no monsters or whatsoever, just flowers, green grass, trees and a picnic basket with food and drinks. For some reason in her dream she felt like she had forgotten something but it was the first time for a while that she wasn't reminded of Lacie in whatever dream or the fact that someone had told her she was suppose to be under the ground and dead. She did remember, not at this moment, the fact that Selena had told her, that her aunt had saved her. But she hadn't made that link yet to the fact that her mother, possible father, and twinsister had tried to get rid of her because she suppose to be a demon or the devil itself.

She didn't want to think about it too much, but she was still in Magnolia, wherever she went in town, you could see the Cathedral, the Illumin. Not everything was clear yet and that made it very difficult for Alice to understand and to simply go on without constantly thinking about it. She didn't mind leaving Magnolia at this point but on the other hand, she would have to face her past so staying in Magnolia was needed to find the other answers or maybe she should try and find Lacie and force her to explain.

Before she could react or understand that her dream was rudely interrupted by a force on the bed, she heard someone yell at her and she sat upright on the bed holding the blankets and staring with big open eyes to the back of the bed and open mouth because she had sort of yelled a: "What?!" as in what's going on. Her eyes turned to Konstantin as he was laughing and at first she didn't look so amused, still a bit pissed off, Ophelia had also been scared in her rought wake up and now nuzzled Alice to stop being afraid. She lifted up the little Cleffa and looked up at Konstantin, "I thought you didn't like mornings?" She wasn't angry anymore she could even laugh about it a little but she was glad when her heart was calming down again. "What will you do to make it up to me?" she said with a amused smile on her face.

She gave Ophelia a kiss on her small cheek and put her softly on the ground as she slung her own feet over the edge of the bed, "Right a job. I should get ready." She took a few steps to the bathroom door as she simply took of her night gown and threw it back on the bed, not caring that she was only for a few seconds visible in her underwear, that was her fun for a second, she didn't shut the door completely so she could hear about the job. All she needed to do was wash her face, fix her, transform in clothes good for battle, her lancer gear was fine right? Before she would come out of the bathroom again and carry Ophelia to the kitchen for breakfast.

Wordcount: 550/2000


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Fortunately, Kon's actions towards waking his partner were taken in a good light. She had remembered from days earlier in which he informed her about his displeasure towards the morning. wanting to clarify his stance on mornings he admitted to her. "I'm not a fan of waking up in the mornings, I mention that because I was unable to get to sleep because of this I decided to let you be and do some things to ease my mind." With a sigh revealing the awful truth of the matter, he sat down on a nearby high chair and clasped his head between his hands and looking at Alice's general direction. "I have difficulty sleeping, to be honest Alice, and when I do find solace in a good nights sleep it is a luxury." Opening up to Alice was proving to be surprisingly difficult and painful though his facial expressions were obscured almost completely by both the scarf of his armour and his helmet. Wanting to push through his personal issues. His behaviour earlier when waking Alice was an attempt to hide his thoughts that had been plaguing him since they arrived. Pushing past his concerns albeit with difficulty he rose from the chair. If Alice had any questions about what was concerning him, he'd hold her off until they were travelling as he just couldn't explain it just yet. Eventually, She would perform the traditional duties involving breakfast. It was only after they would leave the bed and breakfast that he would elaborate on his issues.

Admittedly Kon was full of mixed emotions as he spoke both wanting to hide away from Alice but also stand and reveal the truth all of it. Choosing the bolder option and wanting to see her eye to eye he removed his helmet and lowered his scarf below his chin, looking at her with a tear running down his left eye. The weather worsening as he spoke hid this partially as it began to drizzle down upon them. "Alice, on the whole, whilst your past is a mystery, mine is not and there are numerous things that have etched into my thoughts I can't sleep half of the time. These stem from my eldest brother who I spoke of when we first met." Looking down at his left-hand visions of the past drew upon him with coatings of blood running down it. "He was or should I say is a cruel brother, his spite from the rest of the family led him to kill my second eldest when we fled and if we hadn't I fear neither I nor the rest of my brothers would be here." Gathering his thoughts and rubbing away the stray tear he continued. "While it seems that your past is still unclear I wanted to let you know a portion of my own."

This was of course just a part of his history that he would reveal to her as just that alone would give her a bit of pause. "I'm letting you know as I feel I can trust you and that's something easier said than done." With a strong gust of cold wind blowing through the hilltops, Kon returned his scarf to its former position on the bridge of his nose and donned his helmet afterwards. "Right, we've got this job to take care of, let's not allow each other to become distracted by this, speak to Khalash just as last time but he seems to have given us another job?, He wants us to test an item out apparently." As he spoke a slight waivering of his words could be heard particularly at the start and end which he tried to cover with a small cough before repeating himself.

Total Word Count: 1118/2000

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Adelaide Sokolov
Before she got up, she asked why he didn't like mornings or well it was something she mentioned. He told her and she was actually surprised for example since their arrival in Magnolia, they shared a room and bed in this bed & breakfast, she had never noticed if he couldn't sleep. She wasn't so sure what to say about it in the first place, "I'm sorry to hear that." was all she said. She didn't push further, back in Era he had told her that there were things he couldn't tell her yet. And she would wait, patiently. She liked him so she didn't mind, sure she was worried but it would all come probably in good time. She just had to wait and since she had lost her memory and was looking for it for already two years and the answers had come last week, she could take care of waiting for this as well.

After that she went into the bathroom, got dressed in her lancer gear, simply because Konstantin was wearing his armour, their job should be serious. She went to pick up Ophelia, her back and jacket before she headed downstairs to grab some food before they would leave and: coffee! Too early to go without. She was glad she didn't have to make breakfast, good enough payback for starterling her while she still needed to wake up. She fixed her hair downstairs again, even though upstairs she had brushed it, she was simply eating and making it into a braid, would make it easier, though it was still quite long, but she didn't mind that, as long as it wouldn't get into her eyes and so on. Which reminded her of her encounter with that dark guild in Era. How her transformation had made sure that her hair was in a ponytail, she needed to be sure she would work that out in case she bought a new armour, god knows when. She was now throwing her money to other things, such as food.

She was keeping a close eye on Konstantin, hopefully not so obvious but he seemed to be sad, and well she wanted to understand before she did or say something that would hurt him, she wanted to prevent that. Once they were outside, Ophelia in her back and her leather jacket around her shoulders, they set off for Magnolia, while walking she noticed the movement and stopped, he took off his helmet and lowered the scarf, she couldn't help but let a gasp of air escape as she noticed the tear or well she thought it was one. She stared with a slight open mouth at the story. Now her past at this moment wasn't about roses either but she was surprised, she didn't like being lost for words. "I wish there was something I could do for you but I know I can't but just be there when you need me." Wow Alice so full of yourself, she thought as she finished and looked away from him.

She listened to him again while not looking at him, she shivered for a second because of the wind but she nodded, she was glad he trust her and she gave him a small smile. She nodded about the part that they had a new job to do, "You are right. Let's go." She tried to see if Konstantin wanted to hold hands, also to show him that she supported his decision and was glad he told her, if he didn't accept she would hold on to the strap of her backpack.

It didn't take long to arrive at Khalash his shop, but the rain and the wind didn't make it a comfortable walk. She didn't complain and didn't say anything at all if it wasn't necessary. Khalash was already waiting on them and had the item on the desk in a cloth, she was rather curious to see what it was but she first had to listen to him about what they had to do. She was bold enough to do that, "Okay we need to test the weapon but what is it and where did you get it?" In case it was cursed, that's how she got her katana though but she wanted to be prepared. Khalash did slowly answer and showed her the dagger, she found it beautiful though.. but she was biased with her requip magic.

Wordcount: 1321/2000

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Compassion, compassion and empathy were what he could feel as a response from Alice as he told her about what plagued his thoughts at night. These emotions he had received from others in the past however it was somehow different, he was lost for words in fact. He, fortunately, didn't have to do too much think as it happened as his hand seemed to just intertwine with one of Alices as they walking down the path to Magnolia town. The bond itself caused him to feel a variety of emotions that were overtaking his darker ones. He felt bubbly, flustered, protective all at once it was odd anytime with Alice these feelings would interrupt him, this was compounded by the varying ideas, thoughts he had towards her. Ignoring the urge to make a move towards her aided by his armour, their goal and the terrible weather, they reached the shop without incident. Inside the shop, Khalash could be seen behind the bench dusting off the various goods he had behind him. Alice chose the upfront approach, blunt and direct. Letting out a brief chuckle with thoughts preventing him from finding it too amusing, he replied apologised to the merchant as he looked at the duo in annoyance. "Excuse me?" "Yes Hello Khalash it's us, Alice and Kon, you wanted someone to test out and item?" Recognising the names having not identified who they were based on appearances due to the weather affecting Alice more strongly than she would probably like and the fact that Kon was donning his entire set of armour. Thankful for their quick response particularly as he wanted to get the item in and out as soon as possible he revealed the item being extremely careful not to touch it using the material that covered it to grasp it. "the dagger of the golden gleam.'' He said revealing the name of the weapon. "I would like you to test the extent of the weapons capabilities if you can fight someone with it, though don't test it on yourselves I don't know what will happen to either the blade or you two."

Looking at the diminutive sword, he wielded it in his left hand much to his surprise a golden glow resonated from it going up his arm, letting go of the weapon causing it to dig into the bench as it fell causing the glow to dissipate immediately. Concerned about what just happened to him he barked at the merchant. "Khalash, is there something you're not telling us about this weapon?!" Lying wasn't the man's strongest suit as when he began to question him, his bottom lip faltered and he backed away from the bench. "The dagger is cursed okay? Win a fight with it and you'll be fine...I think." Annoyed by the fact he reached for the scruff of the man's shirt as he turned away from him to get something. "How does this curse work?" Khalash reading out loud the tattered note that he quickly grabbed before Kon pulled him away. "Curse ye all those that touch this dagger, smite a foe before the sunsets lest ye be forced to walk the lands without anyone knowing your fame nor your very existence."

Frustrated behold belief about the curse, Kon was almost tempted to kill Khalash just to rid him of the curse. Putting it past him though it most likely ruining their relationship he questioned him about where he could fight someone. Shrugging he pointed outside and spoke to him almost sarcastically. "Good Luck." Pointing two fingers with his right hand at the man he responded forcibly. "Don't test me." Rushing out of the shop assumedly with Alice following behind him with the dagger in his hand he looked for someone to fight, as it was a terrible day to get up and about. Swearing under his breathe, an individual came into view who simply from his presence challenged Kon along with Alice to a fight separately, of course.

Total Word Count: 1,783/2000

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Adelaide Sokolov
She wasn't really the tactican in these kind of situations, maybe because of the rain and their armours, his better than hers, Khalash seemed to not answer her at first, while she stared at the item on the desk, she was sure it was a dagger. Maybe she found it stupid that he didn't recognize them, after all he had send a letter, didn't he.. to Konstantin and her? She looked away to roll her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her chest, she checked if Ophelia was alright before looking back at Khalash, fine Kon was better at this. Her anger moment quickly disappeared when Khalash took away the piece of cloth that was keeping the dagger away from sight. She was staring at it as it was a beautiful item, really biased by her requip but as he said how he would like them to test it, she narrowed her eyes and thought about her haunted blade. Considering the purple light that one gave off and the name of this one including the shiny look, she was sure it was cursed.

However before she could say anything about her assumtions Konstantin took it, showed her the glow and dropped it. She looked at the dagger with a distaste now, at least the merchant had told her the katana was cursed, that had been nice. She summoned her katana, it wasn't necessary but she held it to see if the other dagger resonated to that too, nothing happened, good to know, she also turned her angry brown eyes to Khalash, "If something happens, I'll let you meet this one." She said softly and giving it a dangerous tone to her voice, she let it disappear though without doing anything and let Khalash read the tattered note about the dagger. That note didn't make her much happier.

She quickly followed Konstantin as he left the shop, not entirely sure what to do or where to find someone. Fighting each other, like a spar, wasn't smart with this weapon. However they soon bumped into one, she wanted to say that he should be careful, Konstantin that is, but she didn't, she was well aware that he was aware of that as well.

Wordcount: 1705/2000


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With the prospect of fighting the youth resolving his issue, another came into mind with Alice also being required to fight someone though hopefully, Kon could make a clause within their fight before it began. "How about this, Tyler, this dagger will represent who you will be fighting if I drop it Alice will have to pick it up otherwise I'll win, deal?" Wasting no time with a confirmation on the additional part of the fight, Tyler charged towards him with his crude sword giving Kon just enough time to twist his body and take the brunt of the initial blow with his shielded arm. Being a relatively weak individual without his sword when it came to trading blows. His lack of physical strength was made clear when he dropped the dagger which would force Alice to pick it up and continue the fight. With Alice now taking the fight up against Tyler wielding the blade, he quickly succumbed to her sheer brute force unaffected by the lack of a weapon. His behaviour was of joying even having lost laughing at Kon's mishandling of the dagger. Fortunately, the spar had been enough to remove the curse that bound Kon and he assumed Alice. Having tested the item, he spoke with Alice. "I don't think this weapon should be sold to anyone really as its curse could be used for dangerous and evil schemes." Alice still holding it they returned to the Shop where Kon repeated his report of the weapon to their client who tried to laugh it off but when Kon refused to listen to the man, he agreed that he would hold the sword but not sell it. With the job completed, Khalash promptly paid the two of them handsomely.


Total Word Count: 2073/2000

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Adelaide Sokolov
She was outside of that little invisible circle that they had, anticipating but not participating yet. Her eyes were on Tyler and Kon and on the dagger. She actually didn't want to touch it because she had already one cursed blade and she had agreed on that one, not on this one. But she wouldn't let this job go simply because of that dagger, she had to fight and win, only than the curse might be broken. She would have to act on that. She had put Ophelia in the backpack on the ground, a little more away from them than she stood, she hoped Kon would look after her once it was her turn.

When it was her turn, she had to pick up the dagger from the ground and avoid Tyler, which was something that was a tough combination if you asked her in this situation. She jumped in, trying to scare and swirled her body against him to push him away from her and avoid the sword. She kicked up the dagger with her left feet to catch it with her right hand, a bit risky but she needed it, she quickly twirled and took a step to the right, blocked his sword with the cursed dagger, she had felt an electric shock the moment her hand held on to the dagger. She had to take a step aside, twirl, bend backward, the dagger blade was shorter than the sword Tyler was using, which made it a little difficult but she managed, thanks to experience mostly and her stamina was better than his. She shook his hand and thanked him.

When she was done she held on to the blade and slung the bag over her shoulder, with her free hand, she turned to look at Konstantin and nodded, "I agree. Unless the person agrees maybe. I mean I bought a haunted blade myself but that man knew what he was doing, not Khalash." She followed Konstantin to the shop and nodded when he gave his statement, she didn't really like Khalash anymore but at least he was confinced and paid them, she could leave now with the jewels in her pocket.

Wordcount: 2076/2000

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