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Eyes Wider Open (Alyssa)

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After waking for the morning, Alyssa noticed that she had missed a call from the one and only Khalash Saton, owner of Mag Drug Magic Shop and one of her family’s old friends. She had recently watched his shop for him on one of her missions and had honestly had a blast doing it, though she still had a bruise from where a rowdy teenager had grabber her shoulder too hard. Wondering what the old man could want, she gave him a call back, hearing his chipper voice answer with the same welcome he gave on the phone every time. “Mag Drug Magic Shop, this is Khalash, how can I enhance your magical needs today?” It was a cheesy greeting, and slightly did not make sense, but it always made Alyssa smile.

“Khalash? You called?” She asked, her voice ringing through the phone. It was silent for a moment. “Oh yeah, this is Alyssa. Sorry. What did you need?” There was a sigh into the phone as she guessed Khalash had realized who he was speaking to.

“Oh yes, Alyssa, I apologize. I was wondering if you could stop by the shop and help me with a problem today?” He asked her. Agreeing quickly, she said her goodbyes and hung up in order to get ready. Arcane was asleep on her bed, on his back, legs in the air kicking. She was almost too nice to wake him, but she went nowhere without her companion. Shaking him, he woke with a jump and gave her a distasteful look, which she apologized for, explaining that they had somewhere to go. He jumped off her bed and made his way to the kitchen to eat before they left. Following suite, Alyssa grabbed a muffin off of the counter and sat in a chair, waking herself up with a steaming mug of coffee. She had bad dreams the night before, making it hard for her to sleep.

After she had finished her breakfast and woken up a bit, she changed into a pair of dark wash jeans and a red tank top before lacing up her matching red tennis shoes. Throwing her bag over her shoulder, she whistled for Arcane, who met her at the door moments later. They headed down the street to the shop that was about a mile from where she was staying in the town. They walked in, noticing Khalash finishing up with a customer. After he had said he thanks, he motioned her over to the counter where he had a little trinket sitting.

“I am sorry for having to call you in, Alyssa, but I had no one else to get this done for me. This little trinket here, I bought it from a man yesterday.” He picked it up and showed it to her. “However, as I went to test it today, I realized that it does not work. I need to get some things done tonight and I told the man to come in to discuss it. I do not think he will be so forthcoming about giving me my money back for the item. You know I do not take broken items, and so did he. Could you possibly stay and get my money back for me? I do not care how you have to do it, just please do.” He said. Alyssa did not want to watch the store again, yet she could not say no to the old man, so she simply sighed and nodded.

“Alright, we will get your money back. Though I cannot promise that I will not hurt the man to do it.” She said truthfully and Khalash nodded, leaving her the keys to the store. As he gathered his belongings, he simply told her to leave the keys under the false rock outside after she locked up. He was off moments later. Arcane had taken up his spot at her leg, waiting to be pet. She placed her hand upon the dog’s head and patted him.

It was only an hour later that a man with a suit and a fedora wandered into the shop, smirk plastered on his face. He made his way to the counter, confused at the fact that there was a young woman there instead of the old man. His eyes landed upon the trinket in front of her and he frowned. “What was I called here for? My business here is done.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“The device you sold Khalash does not work. He went over the rules with you once you first arrived to sell the item, he does not take broken items. You now owe the store a refund of the money that he bought the item to you for.” She explained curtly. The man had the nerve to laugh, picking up the small item.

“He should have tested it, should he not? It is no longer my possession. All sells are final.” He said, tossing the item back on the counter. “Though, I am willing to refund the man...for a price.” His eyes swept over the woman before him and he reached forward to pick up a strand of her hair. “You spend one night with me, and I will return the money he paid me.” Alyssa was appalled. She knocked the man’s hand away and looked down at Arcane, who growled, stepping into a defensive position.

“You will return the money or you will not like the outcome.” She growled lowly. The voice in her head was going crazy for her to give it control where it could teach the man a lesson. If her other personality managed to break free of her mental barrier, it would be very devastating and she knew she would be cleaning up a dead body. The man must have seen the flicker in her eyes and the approaching growling Arcane as he quickly dug into his pocket and threw the money on the counter.

“Here, you can tell the man I will never be shopping here again.” And with that, he was gone. Arcane took his place back at her side as she placed her hand upon the lacrima orb on the counter. Khalash quickly thanked Alyssa, telling her to take her cut from the refund and put the rest in the drawer. She did as she was told and made her way out of the store, locking it behind her. She put the key under the false rock and began the short walk home with Arcane trailing behind her.

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