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Troublesome Transitions [Tristan/Mission/Solo]

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#1Tristan Cyrus 

Troublesome Transitions [Tristan/Mission/Solo] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 10:09 pm

Tristan Cyrus
Tristan took another job for today while it being the night time in Era. Great! This made things even worse for the Blue Pegasus mage. He gave a long heavy groan. He hated this city so much since every where looked the same to him. Every corner you turned it was another obstacle to hurdle over for him. He was never one to have a good sense of direction in the first place. He looked around seeing that he had to meet up with a shady guy to buy something for his client since he was too skittish to really do it himself. Either way, money was money. Tristan shrugged and pressed forward. The good looking man took a glance at his distrusting map for a pathway to find him. It was probably some shady alley for all he knew about. This was the one that Gaud had given him as last time he scared the poor guy who was trying to buy his necklace his little sister, Laella, had given him as a present before or after she had died.

Either way, it was actually a priceless item in his eyes. Him and his sister were quite close when they were younger, but life had other plans nad took her off to the Rune Knights. He did not particullary like them since after the accident kinda blaming them for his sister's death. Even though it was wasn't really their fault ot begin with. Tristan looked up from the map and off to his right was a shady alleyway. With a tilt of his head, he folded the map back up and placed it into his pocket. The curiosity in his eyes were flaming with anticipation now. Carefully, he walked down the creepy, dark alley way just waiting for something to jump out at him without a moment's notice. Tristan could barely see anything with a simple whiff his his hand a small flame appeared. The benefits of having a fire magic you could lit dark places such as this one up like a night light. He neared the end of the alley way to a dead end when he saw a creepy fiure just waiting there.

"Hello there" he called out to the figure confidently. The dark figure gave him the creeps wanting him to just flee right now, but he had a job to do and had to finish it to get the money. Money was important to stay alive in this cruel world. "Are you here to pick up for Guad's item" he asked in a creepy, raspy voice. It made Tristan cringe on the inside much like nails to a chalkboard. He did not show it on his face, but only a sweet smile. He tried to remain polite as much as possible and it was very hard to even do that. The golden blonde man smile and nodded without a problem, at least how it appeared. "Yes he hired me to pick it up. Gaud was busy and needed an extra hand to pick it up. I have the payment right here good sir" he smiled. Tristan would double check he had the merchandiee Guad had requested for. It was clear he had it. "You have it right" he said not believing his eyes. The cloaked man held it up and gave it to Tristan shoving it into his gut. While doing that he swiped the money out of his hand extremely rude then vanished. Tristan held the package blinking a few times wondering what in the world just happened. Oh well. He shrugged and moedo n with his time to find his way to Gaud. He was lost yet again. No surprise there. "Sigh. If only they laid out this city a bit more differently when they built it that would be nice! Glad this was not my home town" he complained to himself. It was also another habit of him talking to himself. At least he never answered back then his parents would be worried about him. Though, Tristan was never worried about mental illness that ran in his family. At least his mother's side, his biological father's was sorta a mystery in the first place. You see, growing up he never knew his real father, but only step-father who took him under his wing with love and a role model to look up to. Tristan was very much like him. He was a man of his word and protected his sisters since he was the only male out of all their children. Tristan just wandered until he saw the bar that Guad said he would be at. Tristan gave another disgusted look thinking about alcohol and the bad times he encountered even drinking it. He regrets even let a drop hit his tongue. A chill went down his spine thinking about it. A gulp came from him as he entered the facility with nerves and butterflies in his stomach. Tristan's blue eyes shifted from left to right scanning where he could spot Guad. Though, every man in this bar looked the same to him. Drunk. Dumb. And loss of respect. His father was not fond of his drinking and when he did Tristan would of been scolded till the end of the world. It was not a thing a man of the household should do in the first place. Finally, he spotted his client. He was careful to dodge flying bottles and stumbling bodies. "Aye boy, over there, is that the man I hired to get me that package" roared a voice. Tristan turned around and blinked to see that it was Gaud. He sighed. "Yes sir, it is. I gotten the package liked you ask safe and sound sir" he replied. He set down the package carefully in front of him on the table. Guard gave a pleased smile. "I like how you think, here is some jewel for your troubles" he smiled. He handed Tristan the jewel and went on his merry way.


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