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A day on the town [Tori/Private]

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A day on the town [Tori/Private] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 12:08 pm

Sakama sighed as she once again made her way around the little town of Era. The streets were bustling with excitement once again. Sakama had been here about a week now, only getting out when she had to eat or take a job. She figured it was time to become a bit more social around the town and make some friends, and possibly, some enemies if someone wanted to cross her.

She was in a much better mood, reflected by her choice of clothing, a green dress matched with a pair of blue tennis shoes. Her bag, as usual, draped over her shoulder. She sauntered through town with a pleasant grin plastered on her face. The crowds, somehow, weren't as annoying to her as usual. She could find herself craving social interaction, which was strange.

Stopping at a small cafe on the edge of town, she stepped to the counter to order something to go. With nothing to do that day, feeding herself was a first priority. She ordered a sandwich and a drink and sat down beside the counter, waiting to collect her food.

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A day on the town [Tori/Private] Empty on Tue May 02, 2017 2:24 pm

Tori Lancaster
It appeared that Era had regained its status as a busy city, having overcome whatever calamity had befallen it several days ago. When Tori had first arrived back to the magical capitol, some parts of the town looked a little worse for wear due to some kind of battle that had taken place. Tori still kicked herself that she missed it, but alas she had her own dealings at the time. Speaking of which, she needed to find a Rune Knight around to find if she needed to report to anyone regarding the status of her failed assignment, but that would have to wait. Because at this moment, Tori was just starving. She had been looking around town for some kind of paying work, but to no avail. After wandering around town nearly all day without eating, it was starting to catch up to her.

All of a sudden, Tori found herself on the edge of town and found a small cafe on a street corner, no doubt to attend to travelers entering and leaving the town. She walked in and perused the menu a moment to get a feel of what kind of place it was, and discovered it was a small sandwich shop, a smart idea if given a moment of thought. Sandwiches were quick, simple, and had an option for everyone; ideal for a place whose clientele consisted primarily of travelers. Walking up to the counter, she looked closer at the menu for a moment as she decided what to have. It didn't take her long to decide on a turkey sandwich on wheat with aged cheddar cheese with a diet soda. The cashier directed her to a seated waiting area and gave her a number. Considering there was only one other person waiting, she figured it wouldn't be too long of a wait.

Taking her place next to a girl with a light green hair and a white and green jacket, Tori looked over and smiled. "So what did you go with? So many options, I almost couldn't decide." she giggled, hoping to strike up a conversation with the woman. Tori was always like this, trying to chat up anyone who would give her a few minutes. She just loved talking to people, and if she was honest with herself...this girl was pretty cute.


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Sakama had only been waiting a couple of minutes when the door opened, signaling the entry of another customer. She crossed her legs and sat her head back against the wall behind her, mind still reeling over the possibilities of what she could get into that day. The woman who had stepped into the shop spent a few moments looking over the menu before ordering. All the while, Sakama had begun looking her over. Though all she could see was the back of the female, she seemed familiar, almost an exact copy of a friend she kept in her younger days. She had already decided, before the female had even turned around, that she needed to befriend this woman.

Once the blonde haired beauty turned around Sakama could not focus on anything but the beaming smile plastered on her face. She slightly smiled herself and looked at her feet to hide any possible blush that might be coating her cheeks at the moment. As if to make matters better, or perhaps worse, the woman sat down right beside her. Sakama began thinking about the correct way to approach starting a conversation with the woman, and was extremely relieved when she took the lead herself.

"I got a BLT." She muttered. As she realized how unapproachable she sounded, another blush coated her cheeks. She turned herself where she was better facing the young woman and shot her a smile. "My name is Sakama, and yours, beautiful?" She hadn't realized how simple flirting came to her, and she wasn't exactly sure why she was flirting with the female, yet it felt right. The blonde was beautiful and Sakama was not going to let a chance to flatter the young woman slip through her fingers.

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Tori Lancaster
As Tori smiled at her fellow sandwich lover, the girl responded that she went for a BLT, something simple yet flavorful. But the way she said it was laced with an unapproachable tone of voice. Maybe this girl wasn't the conversation type. Damn unfortunate, that. Tori felt a shock of sadness run through her, slightly upset that this cutie next to her didn't want to talk. But a moment later, almost as if to counteract that feeling, she turned to Tori with a bright red hue painting her face. The girl introduced herself as Sakama and asked the ice mage's name, now with a cheerful tone completely unlike the one from a second ago. The compliment she ended on made overwhelmed Tori and, though she didn't realize it, painted her face with a matching color as her new...crush? Was that really all it took for Tori to develop a crush on someone? A simple compliment?

Tori was reeling but she had no idea why. All of a sudden, she was the shy one. She had never been shy in her life, but now, she was a total door mouse. "Hi...I-I'm Tori. It's nice to meet you..Sakama." she replied, her voice low and submissive, while tracing a circle on the table with her finger. She couldn't believe it. One word from this girl made her as nervous as she had ever been. But then again, one doesn't get called beautiful from someone who is the textbook definition.


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Sakama flashed a brilliant smile at the young blonde. "Tori hmm? Suits you well." The blonde did seem like the name fit her well. A beautiful name for a beautiful female.

"Sakama, your sandwich." It was the woman at the counter. She excused herself from the blonde before she grabbed her sandwich. Instead of walking out as she had planned, Sakama sat herself back down beside Tori, ready to engage in some type of conversation, and at this point she did not care what they talked about, she was simply happy to be talking to the woman. Their time in the sandwich shop would be short, she knew that. Out of a whim, she faced the mage once again and rubbed the back of her own neck.

"Do you have anything going on after this? If not we could, you know, do something. There's a bowling alley down the street...and I've got nothing better to do." She stated, still coated in a red blush. She opened her sandwich and took a bite, smiling. "They always have the best sandwiches here." She watched the blonde closely as she took a drink of the soda in her hand. It was extremely strange that Sakama found someone she wanted to get to know more. She knew that her time with this woman is certainly going to be interesting.

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Tori Lancaster
This girl could feel her face deepen in red as his girl continued to compliment her. Telling the blonde that her name suited her wasn't even all that flattering in retrospect, but it worked all the same. She would take a bite of her sandwich as Tori nervously took a drink from her soda. Sakama then gave a brief but good review of the place, saying they were always the best before Tori heard her name being called out. She excused herself was the green haired girl did previously to get her sandwich and the butterflies in her stomach told her to leave right then and there, but she just couldn't. Something about this girl was pulling her back like a magnet that she simply couldn't fight. Sitting back down, she opened her own sandwich before taking a bite. She couldn't believe the words that followed. Sakama had asked if she wanted to go do something after they finished their meal, suggesting a bowling alley nearby. She was so surprised, she choked on the sandwich for a second, unable to swallow. She took a drink of her soda to force it down, and after she caught her breath would reply. "No..I mean..no I don't have anything going on today. I'd..I'd like that...Sakama..." she spoke hesitantly, never recalling herself being this nervous about anything, let alone a girl. As the two ate, Tori would make small talk until they finished and decided to leave the restaurant, however long that took. When the time came, she would ask Sakama to lead the way. As she followed the girl to the bowling alley, she decided to fess up. "Sakama, just so you know...I actually have never been bowling before. So I probably won't be very good..." she said, her voice low and head down slightly ashamed.


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As Sakama led the way towards the bowling alley, Tori made the confession to her, which caused Sakama to chuckle. With a shrug, she turned to look at the woman outside of the bowling alley. "I've never gone either, guess it'll be fun to fail together." She said. With that, she held the door open for the woman and walked to the counter, gathering her shoes and paying for a lane. She quickly entered their names on the little score board and then collected a ball for herself. Weighing it in her hands, she realized that this might be a bit more difficult than she had imagined. But, at least she was getting to spend time with the blonde. Sitting down beside the blonde after her first failed attempt, she allowed her knee to graze the side of Tori's. "It's your turn, beautiful." She said quietly, with a flirty grin. She could not believe that she was still flirting with the female. She had never been interested in another person in her life, but this girl made her want to try, and try hard.

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A day on the town [Tori/Private] Empty on Mon May 22, 2017 8:11 am

Tori Lancaster
The two women proceeded to get on with the game, Sakama flirting with Tori every now and then. She wasn't sure if her new friend was intending to throw her off her concentration, but she was definitely doing just that. Tori had always been the kind to hate losing, and this time was no different. As she tried to focus, she couldn't get Sakama's face out of her mind. She shook her head to try and keep her composure, but she could feel her face heating up as it got as red as the ball she was holding.

After about an hour, the game was finished and Tori looked up at the scoreboard to see how badly she did. To her dismay, she only scored 83 points while Sakama scored 104. Her face dropped for a second before smirking at the green haired girl. "You're going down next time, beautiful." she said, using her own line against her. She motioned for them to exit the building, and could tell it was getting to be sunset as they did so. Walking down the road, Tori grabbed the hand of her new friend, her new crush. She couldn't fight it anymore. She tried to be subtle, but more than likely failed as they walked towards the sunset, taking in all its beauty.

She stopped, which would likely cause Sakama to give her a look of confusion as she turned to face her. "Sakama, today was great." she said, unaware of any other word to describe it. She felt something burning inside her and just couldn't help it, and could not control herself. She leaned forward without warning and gave Sakama a kiss, hoping in the back of her mind that Sakama would return it. Whether she did or not, Tori would be overcome with embarrassment as her face deepened into a dark shade of crimson. "I'm so sorry. I just really like you. I couldn't control myself." she explained, talking a mile a minute. Unable to take the embarrassment, she turned and ran from the girl. But she just had to see her again. Turning her head, she shouted "If you're ever in Magnolia, come find me at the Fairy Tail guild!" Tori hoped with all her heart that Sakama would show up at the guild. Anything to see that green hair again.



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Sakama touched her lips where the girl had kissed her and smirked.  She had just gotten a kiss from a beautiful woman.  Fairy Tail huh?  Her own guild too.  Finding her would hopefully prove to be simple. She was such a beautiful woman, and hopefully she would be hers soon enough.  With a smile, she walked back towards her home deciding what to do next. She had heard about some type of event going on in the mountains, she might as well check that out because she had nothing else to do besides sleep or eat.


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