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Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 9:36 am

Bianca Fleur
It has been a while since Bianca has taken a request. After being hospitalised for a long time, all she could do was wait for her wound to completely heal in an inn that was located near the black market of Era. Even though it was the magic capital of Fiore, there were still black markets and things like that here which Bianca was already aware of. Since her wound was pretty much healed and she could walk and bend and do normal things normally, she decided to take a request from this guy called Gaud Teller. They met somewhere near where she lived, because he was in the area for business as well, so it was perfect. She had an idea of what she was supposed to do but she still had to talk to Gaud about it since he was the client and he probably had a few things to say to her. She wore pretty normal clothes to meet Gaud, a white blouse and shorts that she usually exercised in, tying her hair into a ponytail. Gaud was probably late for the meeting because she had been standing there for like about twenty minutes, so she decided to get a drink from a shop nearby. They were selling coconut juice so she bought herself a bottle and sat at one of the tables at the shop watching their meeting spot to see if a fat bearded man appeared. Another ten minutes and he still didn’t show up, so she got up to leave, thinking that he found someone else to do it for him.

The sound of glass hitting metal brought her attention to her right where a fat bearded man just like in the request description stood with a glare. She stood up immediately, facing him with a blank face. “Are you Gaud Teller?” she would ask in an emotionless tone. She didn’t know what he thought of her, since she was a dark sorceress after all and the majority of people didn’t like dark wizards. Gaud Teller wasn’t associated with any illegal organizations, it seemed. The only reason he was probably here was to get back what was taken from him. Bianca had a very awkward chat with him. He didn’t seem to like her very much, but she didn’t care about that. As long as he paid her for the work she was about to do for him, she didn’t mind the way he was talking to her. She spoke in the same tone to him as well, so it looked as if two robots were talking to each other. Robots might have seemed more lively than Gaud and Bianca. She finished her drink and threw it in a bin nearby since they were done talking and she would start the actual job now. Bianca went back to her inn and changed into her normal attire, letting down her hair and thinking of what item to use. Since she had never done something like this before, she decided to do some research.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

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Bianca Fleur
Her research didn’t take long. All she had to do was pretty much just announce selling something that was valuable even though she wasn’t really selling it, so it would be rumor, but only she knew. Keeping only the flower from her usual outfit, Bianca clothed herself in black robes. She would leave the hotel after she was sure of what she was doing and headed back to where she was at earlier. She bought another bottle of coconut juice and headed deeper into the district, keeping her head down until she reached the part where she knew an arms dealer resided. It was a dirty, rotten place but she couldn’t help it, she had to do this to finish her job. There weren’t many people around and the arms dealer was home it seemed, the lights in his shop were on. Bianca tapped on the window that showed her the lights through a curtain. The shop was a small building made out of stone, and the door was on the left side of the establishment. So if they didn’t hear you at the window, you couldn’t get in so good luck with your day. Bianca waited for a while but no one showed up so she just knocked again, this time three times. A lady in a weird outfit showed up, pulling the curtains open and giving Bianca a onceover. She didn’t look like she was here to joke, so they came to the side door and turned on the intercom, asking what she was here for.

The talk about the item was made rather fast. Bianca didn’t want to stay there any longer in there since it smelled like shit. The guy who lived there probably didn’t have a working nose or he just didn’t care about it anymore. Bianca felt like she would have been able to breathe better if she was in a sewer that in that horrible place. Even though it looked all nice and fancy from the outside, it was a disaster inside. Bianca took in a lungful of oxygen and breathed out, letting go of all the bad smells that she had just smelled from that room. It was cramped too. She didn’t like how she was the tallest there too. The men were all short and grumpy looking, every one of them being under six feet, so she easily towered over them. That was beyond the point, however. She had spread the rumor that she is putting a diamond bat for sale, basically a baseball bat lined with diamonds, real ones of course. If that didn’t catch Jarjar’s attention, then she would definitely have to keep trying with another item, maybe not a weapon this time. But she didn’t really know what kind of stuff Jarjar was after, since Gaud didn’t exactly tell her that, so she was just testing at the moment. Bianca walked deeper into the district and not out of it, going to a place she knew where she could access the online dealing networks with a good internet connection and one hundred percent cover.

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#3Bianca Fleur 

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Bianca Fleur
There was another drinks shop further in the district and surprisingly they had coconut juice there, too, so Bianca sat at one of the tables that weren’t even standing properly on their four feet. She tried to balance it properly on the uneven ground, but it didn’t work so she just let it be, bringing out her pack of cigarettes together with a lighter. She lit a cig and started to smoke while drinking her coconut juice, casually observing what was going on. Soon she could hear her rumor in whispers in the streets. She had started walking around the area which looked like a city center if this place was a city. There were benches to sit, pigeons everywhere around them, also pigeon shit. The benches were empty, though, so Bianca just walked past, giving a man reading the newspaper a quick glance. She walked past the little center and into another part of this web like place. “Okay, talk to me…” she spoke under her breath as she listened hard to hear what everyone was talking about as she walked through a crowded area. They were indeed talking about the latest items there were being sold, and her diamond bat was part of the gossip. You would think this is pretty damn easy, wouldn’t you since her rumor is spreading like she wanted it to. But she still needed Jarjar to take the bait. She was basically walking around the place like a madwoman looking for her lost son or something. She looked like that to people who saw her.

So now she was roaming near the arms dealer’s place, hoping that Jarjar would show up or something. She did tell the dealer that she would be around the area cause she needed to have it sold fast. Plus everything was going pretty fast, must to her satisfaction. She sat back at the coconut juice shop she was at with Gaud earlier. The shopkeepers was now giving her weird glances, like they were suspicious of her. She gave a glare back every time they stared at her, so they pretended to be minding their own business. She drank her coconut juice slowly, waiting and observing. This was like her fourth bottle of coconut juice but she was loving it. To be frank, it was her first time drinking anything from these parts of town. She only stuck to seven eleven food and drinks, eating them in the inn room she had been living for over a week now. She already felt like leaving this horrible place. Era was definitely not one of her favorite towns in Fiore. Her favorite town? It was Oak Town. Her guild was there, and she could do whatever the hell she wanted there without worrying too much about the damn police. But fuck the police, really. If she wasn’t in a weakened state, maybe she would dare to live in one of the inns in the real town, and not hide in some dark place.

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#4Bianca Fleur 

Insurance's Insurance Keeper [Quest] Empty on Tue May 02, 2017 2:09 pm

Bianca Fleur
Soon one of the shopkeepers, of the male gender to be specific, approached her as if he was here for the bill or something, even though Bianca already paid for her drink. She raised an eyebrow at him, her guard suddenly up. The reason he was there was not to harm her or anything of that nature, but to relay a message from the arms dealer who seemed to know that Bianca was here at this shop. She smiled, nodding at the man and saying her thanks. She finished her drink and headed for the location that she was to meet Jarjar. She was thisclose to getting the money she was supposed to get from Gaud. Jarjar wanted to meet her in an alleyway, which was perfect, they wouldn’t grab anyone’s attention and Bianca could do whatever she wanted. Of course she had brought the item she was going to sell, although it wasn’t exactly like the description that she had given to the arms dealer. It was a bat, but it wasn’t lined with diamonds. She wondered if he was going to bring backup to beat her up if he found out she was lying about it. That would be a disaster since she wasn’t prepared to fight more than two men. Hopefully Jarjar was an idiot and actually showed up alone. If he didn’t, then the idiot was Bianca. As she turned into the alleyway soundlessly, she noticed a short, orange-haired man waiting for her, tapping his feet probably nervous. He was actually alone. She allowed a smirk before stepping out of the shadows, allowing the silver of her hair to reflect the faint moonlight that shine into the small alleyway.

“Hello, Jarjar. I heard you were interested in my item,” she said, approaching him casually while she held the bat hidden under her cloak. She wouldn’t show it until she got close. Pretending to check if anyone was around, Bianca finally reached where Jarjar was standing. He gave her a suspicious look. Of course he was suspicious, he was a conman so he probably knew not to trust every person who had announced to sell something so fancy like a diamond bat. He told her to show him the item, which she did, swiftly bringing out the ordinary baseball bat and hitting him straight in the head. She gave him another whack, and another. It took about four hits before she could control herself, her fangs protruding from the bloodlust. He could see clearly now that she wasn’t of the human race, which helped in instilling fear. The conman whimpered, raising his arms and asking why she was doing this to him. Bianca was actually expecting to be jumped at that moment but she wasn’t. It was still just Jarjar and her. She then told him about her business here, which almost immediately made him widen his eyes. “Remember now?” she asked. He nodded and whimpered as Bianca raised the bat to hit him again. He brought out some cash, then a bit more. When Bianca gave him the ‘you’re good’ look, he ran off, straight out of the alleyway. Bianca arranged to meet with her client Gaud Teller and return the money. He took some of it to reward her for her job done.

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