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Eyes Wider Open [Kon | Quest]

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Adelaide Sokolov
Another day in Magnolia, another morning in the Bed & Breakfast. Alice definitely didn't plan to get out of bed soon. The day outside was gray but it wasn't cold at all and it didn't seem like it would start to rain, it just wasn't a very nice day. Although she shouldn't complain. She liked the bed and breakfast, at the moment she hated Magnolia but she didn't show nor tell. She was awake, although people could doubt to call it awake. She was aware, opened her eyes from time to time, shut them, turned around to try and sleep some more.

She got another hour thanks to that, it didn't make her feel very rested but she had to do something because tossing and turning didn't work much either and Ophelia would have fallen from bed had she not been sleeping on a pillow beside it already. The smart creature. She finally set up straight, tossed her braid over her shoulder and walked to the window to check the weather, that's when a knock was on the door, "There's a letter." She wondered if the letter was for her or Konstantin but she made it easy for herself, while she took the steps towards the door, her body gave off light because she was changing from her nightgown into a t-shirt and jeans. She would check later for other clothing but for now it was important to simply wear better clothes. She opened the door lightly and flashed a smile before she got the letter and closed the door again. Both their names were on it. She checked first if Konstantin was awake before she would inform him about the letter, which was a request from Saton about going to a meeting in his place to get a refund on a broken item, that's what she said out loud if Konstantin asked. "The meeting is in one and a half hour."

Wordcount: 339/1000

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Kon and Alice would once more be working for Khalash Saton, owner of the magic shop in Magnolia town, this would be the third time he had worked for this man and had developed somewhat of a rapport with him and even outside of work. Occasionally He come down to see by himself to discuss various matter regarding magic. At one point he revealed his abilities to raise the dead to the man which caused him large amount of discomfort along with confusion considering his status as a Rune Knight. After resolving the issue previously revealing he used his talents for good not evil he chose to remain friends with the blonde haired individual. Kon had first received the information from Alice directly after she obtained a letter from the man who wanted their assistance regarding a broken item. Whilst Alice had just recently awoke as it seemed Kon was unable to find solace in his rest last night and instead had remained up all night mostly out in the garden sitting on the grass looking at the stars.

The reason for his absence from their bedroom was to prevent the chance of him having a nightmare in front of Alice something he wasn’t just comfortable with revealing just yet. Yes Alice was going through her own issue but Kon didn’t want to compound her concerns with his own. Despite his fatigue Kon tried to put on a brave face and helped himself to a third cup of coffee. It normally wasn’t his favourite drink however it would hopefully get him through the day comfortably. Alice informing Kon that the meeting would take place in an hour would give him a bit of time to gather up all of his belongings he might need for a fight considering the job mentioned a broken item suggesting that there was a conflict.

Fortunately for Kon the blacksmith had completed the last piece of his centurion armor, the helmet, it had arrived at the bed and breakfast at the request of Kon when he last spoke to the man. Whilst he was currently wearing the under sections of the armour, he was yet to full suit up. Given the time required to reach the shop taking about thirty minutes and getting the rest of the armour on about 20 minutes, he rushed further and spoke bluntly to Alice as he staggered through the rooms into the bedroom where his armour was hanging up. “Damn I envy you sometimes Alice, not having to deal with getting armor on and all the various of parts that come with having such a bulky set.” Recognising that he might take long then he considered he spoke to her once more. “I’m probably going to be a while you can go on without me if you want so you won’t be late and I can catch up with you by riding Sparky or you could lend me a hand and we can go together.”

If Alice chose the former he would struggle but manage to get everything on as well as donning on his helmet and race after Alice though most likely without too much difficulty alternatively he would walk through Alice to the shop whilst refraining from wearing the helmet just yet and instead holding onto it with his left hand. Once at the shop however Khalash would tell the two of how they would need to look after both the shop once more along with an item where they would be dealing with original owner of the said item. Finding out that they would be doing more or less the same thing as just a few days ago, Kon let out a slight sigh and muttered. “Looking after his shop...I have preferred to be doing something a bit more adventurous to be honest.”


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice went to the kitchen herself to get some coffee, she totally didn't mind drinking coffee, she was sure she had moments that she drank too much coffee. Couldn't be healthy either, maybe still better than alcohol? She took a sip once it cooled a bit off and walked back to the room they shared. She couldn't help but chuckle once she heard Konstantin complain again about how easy it was for her to fix her outfits, "It is very attractive to see you in the armour though." she spoke from the bathroom as she was fixing her hair, so she had let the door open so she could see the rest of the room, Ophelia was sitting next to her while she kept on brushing and in the end fixed her hair in a high ponytail and moved her fringe away from her eyes, maybe a haircut?

She took a step aside when she heard Konstantin explain she should go ahead, "I will help you out if you don't mind. Besides we have one and a half hour, you have some time." Besides she wondered if merchants were ever on time considering the fact that the last time, the old man had returned at midnight. She would do what she could to help him, she would wait for him to tell her what to do as she was actually quite embarrassed to admit that she had no idea how his worked, mostly because of her magic, it made it very easy.

When they arrived at the shop after the 30 minutes walk, they got different instructions than the letter had said, as soon as she waved the merchant off, she checked the letter, "He did lie to us in this stupid letter," was all she muttered as she set herself on the counter because there was no one in the shop, she stared at the broken item that was on there as well, she had no idea what it was and she didn't plan on figuring it out.

It did take another hour before the original owner of the item came and she muttered again something, something that looked like: merchants should learn to uses watches. She made sure she was off the counter when he got in though and she would wait, the man would tell them that he came for the broken item, "We at least want a refund." She said as she crossed her arms, this job was indeed ridiculous.

Wordcount: 770/1000

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As it so happened Alice seemed to enjoy seeing Kon in armour which caused him to both smile and blush though as he was already wearing the scarf that came with the armour itself he used that to hide both expressions as much as possible. As it so happened he was aided by Alice when putting on the armour albeit it showed how inept Alice was to putting armour on without the use of Requip magic which surprised him to an extent. Seemingly equally displeased about the circumstances of the request Alice muttered something under her breathe though he couldn't quite make out what she said. Given that the pair would be Kon refrained from donning his helmet and kept his sword sheathed at least for now.

However, all things would change when the individual responsible for dealing with the refund. At which point Kon donned on his helmet as well to appear as intimidating as possible and closed the door. This was done due to the hostile nature that the man presented towards his partner. "I will not refund the broken goods and that's final." He shouted at Alice ignoring Kon who he assumed when he first came in was just simply a person interested in goods for sale. Wanting to prove the man wrong for believing he could get away with both mistaking his identity along with not giving them a refund. Unconcerned with the armour itself he moved hastily from behind the man and slammed his head and the rest of his upper body onto the bench. "Give us the refund or things will get violent." Whilst his body was prone onto the bench he still managed to reach out into his pocket and threw down some jewels onto the bench sufficient enough for a refund albeit with great difficulty. "Here take your bloody money." With the refund dealt with, Kon released his grip on the man.

The objective now completed the man soon left the shop after humbly apologising to the two of them which allowed both Kon and Alice to speak to Khalash through the lacrima that lay on the bench as well. Touching said device the man came into view removing his helmet Kon revealed their progress. Happy about it, he gestured with two thumbs up and informed them that they could take their reward from the refund. Taking a portion equal to what they were paid last time, Kon revealed his intentions to Alice regarding what he'd do with the money before leaving the shop. "I noticed that we're low on some food I'll use some of this to buy some more food, you're welcome to join me otherwise feel free to head on home."



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Adelaide Sokolov
It wasn't the nicest thing to wait again and she was definitely yawning at some point. When the merchant finally came, he was acting tough and definitely not friendly so she was not really happy about it. He made a mistake to think that Alice was the only one that seemed to take care of this job. She had jumped off the counter and asked for a refund, he had denied. Not even friendly, he shouted at her while she had just asked. She wanted to say something mean too or well angry as well but Konstantin helped her out already and that was maybe not nice either considering words but that didn't matter. She didn't feel sorry for this man for any second, if you were a merchant and you sold broken stuff, you deserved to be pinched and punched. She couldn't help though but jump up a little in surprise by the action but simply tried to hide it and crossed her arms, she had at least space between her and the two men. She quickly gathered the jewels that the merchant threw on the bench, she quickly counted and nodded because it was enough. That was at least something, it would be nice next time if it would be easier.

Alice called on to Khalash once they had everything ready and he would come back and informing them to take their money from the refund, she looked back at the desk and made two little pillars of the jewels that were theirs. She was recounting and put it in her backpack and went to walk to Ophelia who was in some aisle, she walked back to listen to Konstantin and nodded, "I rather go along. I could also pay for some groceries." So she closed of the shop once they were all out.

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