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Cold Day at the Park [Solo,Training]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Cold Day at the Park [Solo,Training] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 6:44 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori and her new friend had just arrived in Era, and the town itself looked the worse for wear. It appeared that some battles had taken place not too long ago, and Tori was beside herself that she missed them. But she supposed that it couldn't be helped, with everything happening with the Index and the loan sharks. At any rate, she figured that it worked out for the best considering that she got a new friend out of the ordeal.

"Well, we finally got here. This is Era.." she trailed off as she looked down to address her new companion, but had no idea what to call him."Psy. Duck?" it responded. That's all it said since the two came together; Psyduck. What did that even mean? "Is it ok with you if I just call you Psyduck until I come up with a better name for you?" she asked the creature, which earned a nod of agreement in response. "Fantastic!" she exclaimed before she motioned for Psyduck to follow her. Next thing on the agenda was to find someone to practice this spell she came up with. She had to find somewhere secluded, lest any other Dragon Slayers were around and picked up on the fact that Tori was one herself. That would give them a distinct advantage over her and she just didn't want those kinds of problems to deal with.

After walking around, the blonde found a small little park with an open field, hidden behind a large tree line. She figured this was as good as any other place, considering that she would not be able to completely hide someone using a spell like this. "Psyduck, why don't you have a seat over there on that bench and cheer me on?" she asked, not wanting to inadvertently hurt her new friend. He nodded excitedly, apparently looking forward to seeing what his new friend could do. "Oh, could you take this with you?" she asked, handing him her backpack. "You can have a granola bar or something out of there if you want. Just don't mess with the book that's in there, ok? That's only for ice wizards." "Duck." he said nodding that he understood. The small duck waddled over towards a nearby bench that was close to some monkey bars and took a seat. Finding a strawberry granola bar, he watched his friend do whatever it was that she was thinking of for a new spell.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the field, Tori stood perfectly still. She focused her magic, directed its flow, and channeled its energy. For a moment, she started to spar with the air just to get the blood pumping as she built up her energy for her new attack. She had envisioned it many times on the way back to Era, and she thought she had the idea down. The only variable, was the execution. After a moment, her trance was broken as a stranger entered the scene. A man about as tall as herself, dressed in white and green, approached her. "I'm terribly sorry sir, but I'm in the middle of perfecting a new spell. One that I kind of want to keep to myself if it isn't terribly rude of me." she explained.

"Oh, I completely understand. I just felt the magic of a strong ice magic, and being an ice mage myself, I felt a challenge. Maybe a good spar will help you perfect that spell, eh? You know what they say, practice makes perfect." he suggested, and while Tori didn't want to show this stranger her Dragon Slayer magic, he did make a good point. "All right, fine, but I'm swearing you to secrecy." she demanded, knowing she had no way to enforce that, but really hoping he believed differently. Taking a space apart of 10 meters, she braced herself for an attack. The man made a hand motion that seemed to summon a large array of icicles, much like her Diamond Storm attack, but much bigger. She started to dodge, but then something spoke to her..something she could not explain. Like an instinct that was only now waking up. Tori dug her feet into the ground and opened her mouth wide, inhaling greatly. Getting close enough, the ice started to break apart as it entered the blonde's gullet, which was an altogether new sensation. After Tori had 'eaten' the ice, she could feel it breaking down into pure energy within her, and she knew just how to let it out. "Frost...Dragon...ROAR!!!" she shouted, allowing the ice to escape as a large beam of ice and wind. The man then shattered the Fairy's dreams by dodging the beam easily. "Not bad, but it needs work. Like I said, practice makes perfect." he said before turning to leave.

"Well, that was certainly strange, wasn't it Psyduck?" she asked as the duck ran to the blonde woman. The two watched him leave before making their way out of the small park as well.


Spell Trained:
Name: Frost Dragon Roar
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Frost Dragon Slayer
Type: Offense
Element: Ice
Range: 10 meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Intant
Effect: Tori inhales a large gasp, absorbing any ice nearby if any, and releases a large cone shaped blast of icy wind containing tiny shards of ice within (purely for show with no additional effects). The blast is 5 meters in diameter at its peak causing C rank damage immediately to those it strikes. The blast will travel on the full range of 10 meters unless stopped.

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