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Beauty at its Most [Tori]

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#1Tristan Cyrus 

Beauty at its Most [Tori] Empty on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:26 pm

Tristan Cyrus

Tristan was on top of things as usual. The prince charming was making his daily rounds of coffee and donuts at the local cafe. Jelly filled donuts to be exact. He was a bit of a sweet tooth after all. The coffee held lots of creamer in it to make it taste less bitter. The golden blonde man sighed happily after swallowing his last bite from his donut. He got up to pay for the bill that only came out under twenty jewel. Not bad in his opinion. It was a light breakfast for now until he knew what he actually wanted. The morning sun was bright as the crisp air was still a little chilly. To him it felt a little cold, but enjoyable. "I could really use another walk to get my blodo flowing" he told himself. He was just standing there.

Tristan started to walk along the sidewalk with light morning traffic. He looked around in the windows of displays of stores and models of the latest fashion. Tristan may of been stylish, but clothes weren't always everything. The fire mage wore basic blue jeans with a light blue t-shirt and black sleeveless open jacket. He pushed his hair back out of his eyes. A group of girls walked by smiling and giggling as he walked by saying to each other how cute he was. He winked at them as one of them blushed. Afterall, he was a Blue Pegasus mage. It was in his blood to start things like that. "Oh I am sorry miss,
here let me open the door for you"
he smiled as let opened the door for another girl.

#2Tori Lancaster 

Beauty at its Most [Tori] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 9:40 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori was walking the streets exploring, doing what most women enjoy: shopping. She was looking around for some new outfits and she found a quaint little boutique. Walking up to the door, there was a small group of three or four women walking up to the shop, and a guy walking by held the door open. Tori was soon behind them, and the fellow blonde continued to hold the door for her, smiling as he spoke to her. She returned the smile and thanked him for his generosity, as she walked past him into the boutique.

She would search around the little shop before she found the lingerie section, where some cute underwear caught her eye. She normally didn't pay much attention to such things, preferring functionality to appearance, but these bras were just too cute to at least not admire for a moment. She grabbed a light blue one covered in lace and held it against herself to look in the mirror before she smiled and set it back down before moving on to search the rest of the store. She was curious if there was anything in here she would actually buy, but it couldn't hurt to check.

#3Tristan Cyrus 

Beauty at its Most [Tori] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 9:53 am

Tristan Cyrus
Tristan didn't realize what store he was walking into since he was so distracted by his own thoughts. The woman who walked by caught his eye particularly. She was beautiful. Blonde hair with that was to her shoulders and blue eyes the color of aquamarine. He felt his heart patter as a bust of glee came out of his heart. She was very beautiful. He had to get to know her. He just had to. Tristan looked up to see it was a woman's lingerie store. Standing in the doorway, he looked at all the lacy bras and sexy panties for woman to wear. The overwhelming sight made his turn red face turn red with a nervous look. Tristan couldn't help but feel blood coming from his nose.

He felt a heaviness in his head like the kind that was out of daze. Tristan swayed back and forth. Tristan blacked out while on the floor with a nose bleed. He lied there for quite sometime with a blushed face and slightly pleased smile.

#4Tori Lancaster 

Beauty at its Most [Tori] Empty on Tue May 02, 2017 2:05 pm

Tori Lancaster
Unable to control herself any longer, Tori turned back around and grabbed the light blue bra she had passed by a moment prior. She just had to find out how it looked, and more than likely she would buy it, since she was out shopping after all. Taking it into a small room to the back of the store, she locked the door and proceeded to try on the adorable undergarment. To her delight, it fit perfectly and she decided then that she just had to have it. Before she could remove it, she heard a crash outside. Without thinking she rushed to a man that had just collapsed in the middle of the boutique. It appeared he had suffered a rather severe nose bleed passed out from the lack of blood. "Oh my goodness, are you ok?!" she asked worriedly, unsure if this man needed a hospital or not for his current condition. She really hoped he was ok, but couldn't help but wonder why he came into this store in the first place, as it was obviously a store for women. Was it by mistake? or was he just a pervert? She continued to lightly shake the man, trying to bring him back to the realm of consciousness, but failed to realize that, in her rush to check on the man, she had forgotten to put a shirt on and was leaning over him topless, save this lacy blue brassiere...

#5Tristan Cyrus 

Beauty at its Most [Tori] Empty on Thu May 04, 2017 8:46 am

Tristan Cyrus
Tristan was out cold for a good few solid minutes. It was not like him to feel this way so out in the open or to even have a nosebleed like this. It was just too much for the man to handle. The man heard a voice that sounded muffled asking if he was alright. He felt something poking him or shaking him gently. Slowly Tristan opened his eyes seeing a Cieling the a girl with blonde hair...in...a blue...lacey bra. Tristan's face turned red from embaressment knowing this was not like him to wander in here. Perhaps everyone here would think that this Prince Charming was a perv and that's not how Tristan was. The Nose bleed stopped as he held his nose really embarresed.
"Oh my god I am so sorry...I didn't realize where I was walking. Gods I-I better get out of here. So sorry ma'am didn't mean to...h..." he studdered. He was lost looking into her eyes memorized just by the color. Tristan stood there lost at words for a few good few minutes.

Tristan shook his head to break from the trance as he could only just stare at her without words. The man sighed "I know this is sudden, but you have beautiful eyes" he mentioned out of the blue.

#6Tori Lancaster 

Beauty at its Most [Tori] Empty on Mon May 08, 2017 10:38 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori was relieved when the strange man regained consciousness, almost assuming that he keeled over right there in the middle of the shop. Upon opening his eyes, the man turned bright red from blushing at the sight of her, which made her realize her tragic mistake. She completely forgot to cover up before leaving the changing room! Raising her arms to cover herself, Tori wasn't paying attention to the man speaking, only hearing mumbling over her embarrassment. But when the mumbling trailed off, she looked over to see the blonde man staring intently at her, not saying anything, which set off the creeper alarms in Tori's head almost instantly. After solid minutes of silence, other than onlookers chatting among themselves about the strange occurrence, he finally spoke, saying that the ice mage had beautiful eyes. She was taken aback by the random statement, hardly thinking that this was the time or the place for such an arbitrary compliment.

Tori smiled before excusing herself back into the changing room in a rush to put something on that wasn't so revealing, and came back out to purchase the undergarment. She assumed the man would run away out of sheer embarrassment, goodness knows that Tori would have in that situation. But if he did decide to stick around, she would offer to walk with her as she still wanted to explore the town more and would love to have some company.

#7Tristan Cyrus 

Beauty at its Most [Tori] Empty on Mon May 22, 2017 10:43 pm

Tristan Cyrus
Tristan had only just turn red now realizing he was still in the store. He got up and turned bright red just by staring at her. This was the most he ever had trouble with just talking to someone. Usually he was not that shy. He turned away from her still pretty red. "I-I think enough has already happened here I am just gonna go. Sorry again ma'am" he said then ran off in embarrassment


#8Tori Lancaster 

Beauty at its Most [Tori] Empty on Tue May 23, 2017 8:57 am

Tori Lancaster
It appeared that Tori's initial thoughts would ring true as the man would excuse himself from the boutique, still crimson with embarrassment. Tori shrugged it off and went back to her business. Having dressed back into her original attire, the blonde would approach the register with the lacy blue bra, and a matching set of underwear that she found on a shelf in passing. A girl has to have matching clothes after all, even if they were unmentionables. Paying for her merchandise, the clerk wished Tori a good day and the ice mage departed from the shop, making a mental note to return someday.


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