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Family Crest [Solo/Tristan]

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#1Tristan Cyrus 

Family Crest [Solo/Tristan] Empty on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:07 pm

Tristan Cyrus
Tristan had taken yet again another job and was again for the umpth time lost in the huge city of Era. This town was a giant maze itself. The man looked at his map with a sigh. He folded it back up. The quest he had taken was to find a family crest of some sorts. He wander the streets with a detail sketch of what it look like on nice drawing paper. From his interpertations, it looked like two swans with their necks entangled with a rare type of material. For a second, Tristan thought that looked fimilar, but knew he was just thinking of something else. He paused looking around for some answer to pop up to make this easy.

Where to start? Of course, asking local citizens. He was a charming person and could talk to anyone without any problem. It was in his nature. He walked up a elderly woman with a smile. "Excuse me, ma'am, I was wondering if you seen this family crest before? Someone is looking for it, would know anything by chance" he asked. The woman shook her head. "Sorry, young man I have not" she said, wandering off. Tristan pressed forward to the next few people. So far luck was not on his side today, until it dawned on it. A man said he had seen it. It was in the hands of a criminal a little bit ago. The criminal was trying to sell it to him, but he refused. This finally gave Tirstan some lead as his hopes were soaring now to the sky. He smiled. "Can you tell me where you saw him or something more than that" he asked, politely. He was careful to not bombard the man with questions. Tristan put himself at ease and took a deep breath. Carefully, he lifted his eyes lids looking at the man before him. "You can go to Gaud and ask him about the stuff like that. He makes deals and will buy anything that is worth a profit" he said. Tristan nodded seeing that he should find Gaurd. The man told him where to find him. Era was a puzzle itself and it was a hard enough maze to do anything around he. His sense of direction was horrible enough as there is.

It took sometime looking for the place that man was willing to tell him. It seemed this Gaud guy held some sacred information about the crest. Tristan was determined to find out where it was and whatever information he could get out of it. Finally, the place was found. It was a small shop that was in decent condition in his opinion. Could use a little work. The Blue Pegasus mage nodded and pressed on forward to meet this Guad guy. He pushed open the doors as a bell sound was make. A man looked up with a smile. "Welcome pleasant customer, how may I help you" he smiled. Tristan gave his best prince charming smile to make it easier to talk to the man.

He put his elbow on the counter and leaned forward making eye contact with Gaud. "Yes, perhaps you can help me. You seen I am looking for a family crest. Not just any family crest, but the Messar family crest. You see it was stolen not too long ago and Joachim Messar is looking for that family crest. Unfortunately, he could not be here to do it himself so I took over for him. I am look for this crest" he said. He show Guad the detailed drawing of the family crest with the two swans to the nook and cranny of each line and in depth shading. The man looked distraught lost in all the words and looked troubled. Messar family were full of Rune Knights and he though he had a personal problem with Rune Knights. Tristan did not press on that situation. 'Y-yes, I did buy such a thing. Here let me go get it and free of charge. I am glad I had it while I still did" he said. He stumbled out of the chair and few minutes later came back with the family crest. Tristan happily took it and placed the priceless item back into his pocket for safe keeping. His kitsune necklace his sister gave him caught Guad's eyes. "Is that the rare kitsune necklace made of amber? There is only five known in the world. How much are you willing to pay for it" he asked, really intried. Tristan gave him a disgusted look and leaned back with his lips curled. "I would do no such thing! This is not any item! I would not give it up for all the jewel in the world. Its worth more than your own life!! Hands off and good day to you" he scoffed. He marched out that building like it was going out of style. The nature of that subject was really touchy and he hated everything about it. "Can't believe the nerve of him! Dare he even look at it! No one should ever ask a man about how much something is if they are wear it. People are so rude in these parts. How dare they have no manners" he huffed. At least he gotten the crest, he be happy with the payment for such a tedious job play seek and find in the middle of this huge town. Tristan would approach the gates of the Messar manor with two guards standing at the gates. "What do you want" grunted one. Tristan sighed. He approached the guard and searched his pocket of the family crest. Pulling it out, he held it out showing he found it and the mage his client hired to find it. "Family crest has been found and safe and sound. I was the mage your master or boss hired to find their precious family crest" he siad. The guard took it and without a word gave Tristan money for his troubles.


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