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At first sight [Vanadis&Thane]

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#1Thane Starstrider 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:23 pm

Thane Starstrider
The sky was covered in light clouds with a slight orange hue to them, indicating that the sun was setting. It was still quite chilly outside, but not exactly freezing, quite perfect for the young man, who was walking around the city of Era. This was his first big trip and he was hoping that it wasn't his last one aswell. He was taking in anything and everything as he walked about - from the variety of shops and people to the bright or shady alleyways. He was storing every bit of information he was gathering for probable future use. The young man hasn't been in this kind of a city before - grand-looking, with people mingling around the streets. It was enchanting, in a way, but not what the young man felt like he could quickly get used to.

The young man had been exploring the city of Era since he had arrived - just a few hours ago. He felt like he grasped its general, mountain-y layout. This, however, didn't bring him any closer to knowing where he could spend the night. As such, he was walking around in his usual attire and a traveler's leather bag on his left shoulder. From what he could observe so far, though, he rightfully assumed that a big city such as Era is not barefoot-friendly in any means.

He was walking around, looking at the many different plaques that hung above doors, desperately looking for a place to stay as the sun was slowly setting in, adding light darkness to the sky. The young man had no idea how to spot an inn or a tavern - things looked so much different to his eyes. He felt a light ping of sadness at the thought of him spending his life up north. /"No use thinking about this right now."/ He thought to himself as he passed a rather dark alleyway that he wanted nothing to do with. /"C'mon. It really can't be that hard to find an inn, right? Or I might be just blind or something."/ He sighed at the thought, a bit too loudly, judging by the looks of few passerby's. The young man would stop walking and look around him, desperation apparent on his face.

#2Houren Vanadis 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:06 pm

Houren Vanadis
The Fire Dragon Slayer wore an inscrutable look of indifference on his features as he ventured around the town beneath the waning sun. He was in no particular rush as his lodgings for this night, and all the nights between now and his eventual departure from Era had already been settled; a small tavern inn near the outskirts of the town that he had first managed to stumble into when he arrived in Era. It was not a particularly large tavern inn, a decent sized reception area, a homely bar that seemed to have been ripped straight from the pages of a small town setting novel set half a century ago, and a smaller lounge made up the bulk of the downstairs. Upstairs was where all the guests stayed, but from Houren's quick tour of it, he couldn't see any more than thirteen or so available rooms, and even then, many of them seemed to be unoccupied.

For those who had the good luck to be able to stay at that particular inn, there was really not much to do. The tavern itself seemed to be a hub for middle aged men of all sorts, even the ones that didn't actually stay in the inn, so it was fairly lively regardless of time. Still, that was not the kind of atmosphere that the Fairy Tail mage could easily appreciate (ironically) and as such, he was more than content to hang around the town of Era, taking in the sights, until the tavern inn's last call timing.

He knew that his days in Era were, for the most part, fairly numbered, and there was not much left for him to accomplish in this town. He had already exhausted his share of requests, met up with some enforcers from the Rune Knights' organization that he had admired for so long, and even had a scuffle here and there with Fiore's more sinister forces. All  in all, he was satisfied with what he had achieved in his short time in Era, and wished his adventures in an unknown town could have gone on for just a little bit longer, but alas, it was true when they said that all good things must come to an end. Since his fight with that guy, Houren had spent his days in idleness and had only just recovered the necessary strength to loiter around like he was doing now. It was during one of these loitering sessions, near sunset, that he had spotted a man who's visage was forlorn; against his better judgement, Houren approached the man.

"Is something the matter?" he had asked casually.

#3Thane Starstrider 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 2:42 am

Thane Starstrider
As the young man was looking around for any signs of a tavern, he was instead approached by a person. The person in question was only a bit higher than himself. It was a male, with the visage that he could only describe as a rugged warrior with light hair, not unlike himself. /"A fellow man of sword, most likely! Not that I look as cool as him, though."/ He thought amusedly. The young man was slightly torn at the situation, however. Deep down he wanted to keep exploring and find a place to stay on his own, but the ever so darkening sky was urging him on, so he couldn't really complain about somebody noticing and approaching him.

The young man would turn to face the approaching person completely. "Ah, greetings, sir!" He would politely greet the other. Albeit a bit too politely, perhaps. "I.. Um.. I am not from around here and I am looking for a place to stay the night, 'sall." He would say with a light sigh and an apologetic look as he finished speaking. He knew all-too-well that he sounded like somebody who has been living under a rock, but... That's exactly how he felt, when he first entered the city of Era.

#4Houren Vanadis 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 6:17 am

Houren Vanadis
A foreigner?

The man that Houren had decided to approach did not seem like a local of Era, be it in manner or appearance, and his speech only served to hammer home that point. There was the off chance that the boy was a member of law enforcement, a soldier who worked for the Rune Knights; his disposition certainly seemed to suggest that he was handy with a sword. However, that didn't seem entirely right too. The Fairy Tail mage had found him looking lost, with a desperate expression on his face that you certainly wouldn't have expected from a Rune Knight on patrol duty.

It wasn't a horrible guess, he supposed, as people had mistaken Houren for a Rune Knight before, a comparison that flattered him but was ultimately untrue. Or perhaps this boy was a hopeful or possible initiate? Someone who had been looking for the barracks, but had somehow lost his way since he was unfamiliar with the layout of the city.  Eventually, the stranger cleared up any misunderstandings that Houren might have had, saying clearly that he was simply someone who was not from around these parts and was looking for a place to stay the night. It was an exceptionally predictable and boring scenario, but fairly common.

"Is that all?" it wasn't exactly an amused expression on his face, but it was far from the indifference Houren was known for. "I know a cheap inn that's around here. I can't guarantee you'll have a good sleep, but a futon's a futon, right?" he chuckled.

#5Thane Starstrider 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 2:32 pm

Thane Starstrider
Much to the young man's pleasure, he wasn't dismissed the second he said he was in all seriousness lost. Although he had grown up in a friendly environment, he heard stories from passing travellers back home. That not every city was welcoming, not every person was friendly and hospitable. He knew, that one day he is bound to come across somebody or something like that, but he was glad that that day wasn't the one.

The other man's face showed the faintest hint of amusement as he replied. He really didn't seem exactly bothered by the prospect of sharing his apparent knowledge of an affordable inn. The prospect of having a roof above his head for the night filled his tired limbs with newfound energy. /"I'm kind of hoping that the inn isn't TOO far.."/ He thought as he was reminded of the amount of time he had spent wandering, looking for a tavern of sorts.

The young man would offer a smile and a nod of his head. "Ah, do not worry. I am used to sleeping on rough surfaces." He would say with a chuckle of his own. "If it doesn't trouble you too much, would you mind taking me to the said inn? I am afraid that pointing me in the right direction isn't going to help me that much." He would sheepishly request with an another apologetic look. He didn't like asking people to solve the problems he induced on himself, but he didn't really have much of a choice in this matter.

#6Houren Vanadis 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Tue May 02, 2017 9:38 am

Houren Vanadis
The other man seemed to be more receptive to Houren's goodwill than others have been in the past. It was a gesture that did not go unappreciated by the Fire Dragon Slayer, and when Thane requested that Houren physically show him the way to the cheap inn that he had mentioned, the Fairy Tail mage decided that it was worth cutting short his nightly stroll if it meant he could help this kindred spirit. "I don't mind," he decided to keep mum about the fact that he had only finished half of his walking route and turned back to the direction he had come from.

"It's getting late, isn't it? I should be getting back too, just follow me," Houren didn't bother waiting for an answer before he began to walk, fully expecting the younger man to be not that far behind, although he did not look back to confirm anything. Once they had walked for a bit, Houren began to get slightly bored; generally, when he was by himself, he had no trouble with humming a tune or daydreaming to himself as he strolled along, but the mere presence of another person made it difficult for him to relax. Instead, he decided to inquire about Thane, and why he had come to Era.

"What brings a person like you to Era? Mind sharing your story?" he asked without turning back.

#7Thane Starstrider 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Wed May 03, 2017 3:44 pm

Thane Starstrider
The other man pondered the request that had been laid before him briefly, before going along with it. The young man was glad that the request didn't fall on deaf ears and wanted to express his thanks. This intent, however, was cut short, as his newfound guide of sorts didn't bother waiting for his response and started walking in the direction that he presumably came from. With a soft surprised yelp the young man sprinted a few steps to catch up.

They walked for a little bit, but the young man didn't dare speak up. He felt an aura that emanated from the other that spoke of preferring solitude. Because of this he felt kind of bad for asking him to guide him to the inn. /"I wish I had noticed earlier..."/ He winced, but the thought was interrupted.

To his surprise, he was being asked a question about himself. It did make sense, at least to him. His story...? /"Surprisingly boring, actually."/ He thought amusedly before he answered. "I have always wanted to travel and learn new things, so I finally worked up the courage to get out." He said as he quickly recalled the memory. "Ah!" The young man would gasp. "I have completely neglected to introduce myself! My apologies!" He would bow his head to emphasize. "I am Thane, pleasure to make your acquaintance."

#8Houren Vanadis 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Sat May 06, 2017 9:43 am

Houren Vanadis
So he was just a bored traveler? Houren held a certain amount of respect for people who shunned overly great ambitions in favor of a simpler lifestyle, but he was somewhat disappointed to find out that this boy was simply a curious kid who had wanted to see the outside world. The Fairy Tail mage supposed that was admirable in its own way, but at the same time, it was uncharacteristic of him to give up his alone time for a guy he's never even met before. It wasn't as though he regretted the decision to help the guy out though, but he was just as surprised as anyone about that.

"Is that right, then? Was there something in Era that you wanted to see?" he asked, trying to think of the city's tourist destinations. Nothing in particular actually came to mind though, but Houren was sure that there was a castle ruin lying here and there that was previously used as a fortification for the Rune Knights; yes, Era was home to the Rune Knights, the country's own military and because of their presence, it could easily be said that this was the most well guarded city in all of Fiore. That was nowhere near true though, and Houren knew better than anybody. It was because of the heavy Rune Knight presence that this place seemed to be a hot spot for troublemakers.

The Fire Dragon Slayer was actually somewhat surprised by how proper the boy's greeting was, and acknowledged it with a curt nod. "You can call me Houren. Do raise your head now, we're not far from the inn," he spoke, continuing at his previous pace.

#9Thane Starstrider 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Tue May 09, 2017 1:37 pm

Thane Starstrider
Something that Thane wanted to see in Era? He honestly had no idea. He had just heard about the city as being a headquarters of sorts for some knights or whatever, but that was extent of his knowledge. He made a mental note to read up on some well-known locations in his spare time. He didn't want to feel this dumb again.

Thane got to know the other man's name - Houren. The young man felt like it may come in handy in due time, that he knows somebody outside of his little circle of people. Like last time, it was probably for the best, that he answered Houren's question truthfully, as he raised his head, as per Houren's instruction. "In all honesty, I am hoping that I will find something that is worth seeing." Thane would say with a light chuckle. "Unless you happen to know of a place that I definitely should not miss during my visit here." The young man felt slightly conflicted, being both curious about the city, but being excited about the prospect of having a much needed rest.

#10Houren Vanadis 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Wed May 10, 2017 6:40 am

Houren Vanadis
The man rubbed a bruise on his forearm as he listened to Thane speak, only a slight smile forming on his features. "There probably wasn't a more exciting place in the country than Era a few weeks ago, but it looks like you've missed it," the Fairy Tail mage was being purposely vague, almost regretting his choice of words lest the other man would begin to question him. In any case, Houren had no intention of opening up about his experiences with Thesus and Cell, both of which had happened smack bang in the middle of Era. It wasn't so much as embarrassment, but he knew if he became engrossed in telling the story, he would keep Thane for a lot longer than he should have, and by now, they would almost be reaching the inn anyways.

"A place you definitely shouldn't miss while you're here?" the Dragon Slayer mused over it for a while, but nothing in particular came to mind. Besides housing the HQ of the Rune Knights, Era wasn't really a ''happening'' place. If that was the kind of destination that Thane had wanted to visit, then he would have been better off in Crocus. "Era is just your normal town, I guess. It's built around a mountain, if you hadn't noticed, but that's about it," he hoped he didn't dash the man's hopes too much, but as he said that, they arrived just down the street from the inn, the lights of the establishment could be seen from where they stood.

Houren pointed, and spoke. "Well, there she is." his voice was low.

#11Thane Starstrider 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Thu May 11, 2017 11:14 am

Thane Starstrider
According do Houren, something big happened in Era a while back. It didn't surprise Thane that he knew nothing of the event, as he was still up north, but preparing to head out, at long last. He'd have to ask for details, but perhaps some other time, as the young man felt the short-lived energy burst dissipate. He was slightly sad to learn that Era wasn't exactly a happening place. Thane just had to explore for himself, it seemed. Take a hike around the mountain a bit or something. Who knows? Maybe something would happen.

Thane didn't say anything to that, but his attention quickly snapped back to present when Houren said that they've reached the inn. He was pointing at a building, which was their destination. Thane's destination, at the very least. The building itself wasn't exactly impressive, but seemed cozy, in a sense. It reminded Thane of the countless times he helped out at the inn back home, while gathering stories from passerby travelers. The young man would again snap back to present and bow to Houren in thanks. "I appreciate your help, Houren. Is there something I could do for you? Or would you rather have a favour to ask of me later?" Perhaps one day, Thane would stop bowing to people out of respect to anybody and anything.

#12Houren Vanadis 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Fri May 12, 2017 9:21 pm

Houren Vanadis
Once again, the other man's politeness overwhelmed Houren, bowing to him after being shown the inn. The Fairy Tail mage could not immediately tell whether this man was polite simply because of his upbringing or whether he was just out of sorts. Houren had been a young traveler before, and one of the first rules in regards to that was to be skeptical of anybody who you felt was being overly nice. In any case, this guy did not seem to possess a bad heart and Houren decided to accept it as being sincere. Again, he gestured for Thane to lift his head; it was dark and nobody was likely to spot this scene, but it embarrassed him nevertheless.

"Is it too much for me to ask that you remember me?" Houren rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. If someone was going to offer him their help, then he was not wont to refuse. "I get into trouble often, so I'll count on your help when the time comes," he knew that there was a possibility that Thane would misunderstand Houren's intentions, and without context, one could easily assume that the Fire Dragon Slayer was some sort of criminal who needed to be bailed out of prison often. He didn't want Thane to misunderstand though, and as such, left him with the parting words.

"I'm in Fairy Tail. Stop by if you're ever in town, aye?"


#13Thane Starstrider 

At first sight [Vanadis&Thane] Empty on Sat May 13, 2017 6:28 am

Thane Starstrider
Once again, it was Houren that had Thane to straighten himself up. He may have looked ridiculous at times to strangers, but Thane was still going to treat everybody with all due respect that they deserve, even if people are going to look at him weird. Of course, Houren was no exception. Thane was just secretly really glad that somebody decided to help him out.

It seemed that Houren settled on the latter of Thane's proposal - guidance to the inn, in exchange for a future favour. Thane was glad that he didn't have to do anything at the time, but such a deal was a double-edged sword. He could be asked to do anything. Naturally, Thane would only agree to a favourable favour and Houren was very much aware of the fact, judging by his parting words. "You can count on me, Houren, anytime. And I'll make sure I stop by and say hi!" Thane would offer his own parting words, before taking off in direction of the inn, in hopes of getting some much needed rest.


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