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Eyes Wider Open [Ace]

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#1Ace Brookes 

Eyes Wider Open [Ace] Empty Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:35 am

Ace Brookes

Ace should know better than to come back to Khalash's Mag Drug Shop. He wanted to thank the man for the remedy he gave him two days ago, but little did he know that the man would require further assistance. The last time he passed by his shop it was because he was sick. Two days later and the gas mage is as healthy as ever without a trace of the flu he was infected with.

He was just patrolling the streets of Magnolia under the disguise of a little kid. However, he was getting recognized mostly by mages more than often due to his work in central Fiore. It didn't go quite as planned but he still did start the job and delay Theseus' escape. Ace walked around Magnolia's market street through all the stalls and shops with his huge afro standing out between the pack of people walking around the street.

Just before reaching Khalash's store, he walked by a small stall to buy Anax some food. The canine seemed to be eating way more than he did back when Ace first met him. Mostly growing and working harder with Ace since his fire magic showed two days ago. The young gas mage bought Anax a can of tuna and a can of sardines. "This is something you haven't tried eating before, but I'm sure you'll love them. They're rich in flavor and protein. Should keep you goin long enough A" he stated as he crouched down to talk to his companion. Ace popped one of the cans open outside Khalash's store and left Anax to eat it while he would pass in to thank the old bearded man.

He walked in and saw the old man using a lacrima to talk to someone. As usual he was shouting out loud trying to convince him of doing something for him. Ace shook his head slowly thinking it was funny of Khalash. His facial expressions were plain as usual as he walked in. "Thanks old man... Your remedy got me feeling as good as ever" the gas mage spoke out just as the man ended his conversation. "Damn kid, you're all healed up in time!" He bellowed after laughing loudly. "Uh, why does this happen every time I walk in your shop?" Ace muttered. Khalash chuckled and said "No no! Stop it with your nonsense! Here's the thing. The day you were here I was out closing deals on equipment I need for the shop, however, one of the large muslin I'll use to hold tinctures is ripped... Not that I expect you to understand any of this kid, but just stay here and convince him to refund me for it. I've got no one else to take my place and I have meetings to check on other equipment I've got ordered". Ace's eyes squinted as the old man talked, "Well actually I do know that muslin is used to hold extract of medicine in alcohol solutions, but, I wouldn't expect you to know that I know that", he put his hands up as he finished his sentence. "I'll refund you for it, you go get your job done and I'll do mine" Ace stated as he walked back to the door to let his companion in. "Hahahahah, alright kid! You've been spending too much time around me and getting smarter" Khalash said with a grin. "I'll be back later kid, make sure you get the money". Ace nodded as he let his growlithe, Anax, in the door. "Come on A, we're doing another job for this man" Ace said to his orange furred companion.

He watched the old man leave once again as he walked around the shop, avoiding the back room like before. He got four books from the closest bookshelf to the counter and set them on Khalash's chair to be able to see over the counter. Ace patiently waited for the salesman to show up as he read on one of the hefty books.  After around an hour of waiting, Ace got one orange haired customer. Anax stood up straight to the new comer walking in the door. The orange haired male flashed a request paper at Ace and said "I'm here to do the request for Khalash?". Ace looked at the request for a brief second before realizing what was going on, "Uh no he's not here, maybe try coming back tomorrow". He didn't bother explaining that the request was gone as the male probably won't take it lightly that someone took his job after he'd snatched the request paper off the board. The dark skinned boy thought it'd be a good idea to leave it up to Khalash to deal with him when he comes back. "What time?" the mage asked. Ace replied by telling him the same time as now, and that Khalash just got busy today. The man left and Ace was left there alone again with Anax to wait for the salesman.

A few minutes after the man left another skinny individual with dark black hair and eyes walked in through the door of the shop. "Can I help you?" Ace asked as the man stood at the door peeking over the counter. "I'm here for Khalash" the man replied. "No the request is put off till tomorrow" Ace said implying that this man has taken the request from the other mage that put it back up. "What request? I'm here to talk to him about the equipment he bought from me". Ace bolted out of his seat and stood up to talk to the man, "Yeah he told me to handle it. You see this muslin you sold us was broken, so we're asking for a refund for it" he said as he pulled out the large cotton knit from behind the counter. Ace was usually the type of person to choose the peaceful way out instead of violence, so he was planning on sticking to that while he convinced the man to refund the shop.

The man paused for a second. "Well he agreed to it and you know it's not intentional that we sent you damaged goods, so he'll have to take the losses into account himself...". Ace's grumpy face still stared at the man as he replied, "No problem with us man, we'll just let everyone in Magnolia know that you couldn't refund a couple jewels to the most renown drug shop in town". Ace looked away to go put the book back in it's place and said "What do you think about that?". The man stuttered for a second as he agreed to pay the shop back fairly quickly. "That'll bring me way more losses than this... Fucking brat..." he thought to himself as he paid the boy back.

After the job was done Ace waited for Khalash to come back and thank him with a sack of jewels for his work. Ace talked to the man for a while about the job before leaving out the main exit.


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