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Family Crest | Vulpix

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Quest: Family Crest

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Joachim Messer: Joachim is a young Seated Rune Knight and often spends his time scouting through Era looking for anyone that needs some help. He has a good heart but takes the regulations of the Rune Knights pretty seriously, which sometimes clashes with his moral compass in certain difficult situations. Despite that, his blind obedience is his strength and flaw.

Summary: The Messer family crest has gone missing, and the family honour has been lost. Joachim is unfortunately scheduled to raid a dungeon in a day or two and needs someone else to take care of it to ensure that his parents the happiness of his parents. In case you find it, give to a guard at the gates.

Enemies: None

Objective: Find the missing family crest.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Era Town.
  • At the moment you're standing in the streets of Era with a drawing of the family crest in your hand. It looks like two swans entangling their necks made out of a rare material.
  • Ask around local citizens if they've seen anything like the drawing.
  • After two to three people you will come across a person that has sighted such as thing in the hands of a criminal a while ago. He tells you that he wanted to sell it to him but that he refused, he then tells you to find Gaud cause he is willing to purchase anything that can be sold for profit.
  • Find Gaud, tell him the story and show him the drawing. Since he doesn't want any trouble with the Rune Knights he will admit purchasing such a thing and will hand it over to you. He then tells you that he did not know that it belonged to the Messers.
  • After retrieving the crest, move to the gates and give it to a guard there. He will have your reward ready and hand it over to you.


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Family Crest | Vulpix Street10

The Blue Pegasus mage stared down at the piece of paper in her hands. On the brittle sheet of the yellow paper was a drawing of a family crest; the necks of two swans tangled together. It was a rather strange crest but was made from a rare material – or so she was told. The girl titled her head at an angle and bored her eyes into the drawing as if she would get answers from the paper. A sigh escaped from her lips and wondered why she had taken up for the job.  

-A Few Hours Ago-

The town was loud and crowded as usual and the day slightly warmer than the usual. Frosty pools glided around the area, taking in the surroundings. There was a row of street vendors lined up on each side of the road and people would begin to flock to purchase whichever item they wanted before they go out of stock. In a distance just around the corner of the streets was a ice cream shop where children begged their mothers to get their desired flavours for them. Snow wouldn’t blame them, it was a rather hot day after all and in fact, she wished to have one as well.

The youth glanced down at the different coloured flavours of gelato that were laid in front of her in cold metal boxes. There were some she had not tried before such as the mint one or the rainbow ice cream. For a brief moment, the girl struggled to decide on which flavour she should go for. The one that would not wrong her was the chocolate flavour. Vulpix, who had been sitting on her head for the entire time pointed out her paw at a particular box. Cookies & Cream, it read. ”Do you want it?” She asked, glancing up at her although the top of her head was only visible to her. ”Alright, I’ll get it for you. It wouldn’t hurt to try a different flavour once in a while.”

”Could I have the Cookies & Cream in a cup please?” Snow pointed at the glass screen, that protected the gelato from the surroundings. The man smiled and nodded before taking a huge scoop of ice cream and placed it into the cup. ”A large one for a beautiful lady like you”, he winked. Without saying anything, she took her order from his hands and placed the jewels in front of him, leaving him stunned.

Snow never had reactions of men hitting on her and it seemed that she was used to the lewd gazes of young people that eyed her lusciously. Taking a lick from the gelato, Snow was surprised by how delicious it tasted and did not regret her choice one bit. She lifted up her hand a bit higher so that her companion could try it out as well. The fox would let a whimper as soon as she tasted it. ”Brainfreeze?” Snow laughed.

In the centre of the town was a young man, clad in armour and his hair blue, almost the same colour as her. He appeared to be one of the Rune Knights, seeing how he was being guarded by his escorts. ”Please, help me find this crest. I’ll give a reward to whoever brings me this lost property.” As soon as he finished his sentence, the Rune Knight was already surrounded by a mob of people, mostly the poor residents who have been unable to find any income.  



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Snow approached towards the scene and weaved through the crowds, edging through the dense flow of people. The scent of sweat mingled with the fragrance of flowers nearby and wafted in the air. Being a petite person, Snow was able to easily get through the mob and retained herself a spot right in the front. The young Rune Knight that she had seen earlier stood in the centre of the circle that the crowd had formed and help up a sheet of paper. ”This is the drawing of the family crest. It is really important for us so please, if anyone has seen it or is able to find it for me, you’ll be greatly rewarded.”

The girl placed her finger on her chin and pondered. It was a crest that she had never seen before and hell, she has only been in era for a few weeks, how was she supposed to know if the drawing was familiar or not. The crowd exchanged disheartening glances among each other, knowing themselves that they have no memory of seeing a strange crest similar to that. The people began to disperse and Snow was just about to leave the scene until a voice called out for her, ”Hey, you!” Snow turned around and interlocked gazes with the fellow Rune Knight. ”I’m Joachim. You’re a mage, right? I know you are.” The man smiled, almost breaking into a small chuckle as if he was satisfied with himself.

-Back To Current Scene-

”I don’t understand how I ended up in that situation.” The girl mumbled, clearly disappointed by the fact that she was being forced to do the searching. ”For now, let’s just go ask the residents.” She spoke and Vul, who had jumped onto her shoulder nodded in response. The girl advanced towards a young woman selling red apples and questioned her if she had seen the drawing before only to get the response she had originally expected; no. A few hours has passed and still, Snow has not met a single person who had seen the crest.

Snow decided that the next person she comes across would be the last person she would ask of. Much to her surprise, the person knew the whereabouts of the crest. It was a man around his early thirties and he was carrying coal and other minerals from the minefield. Apparently, he was just taking a break in the city before he takes the load back to the place he was leading to. ”Oh, I’ve seen that before. If I recall correctly, it’s in the hands of a criminal. He tried to sell it to me but I thought it’d be dangerous so I refused. But, I think you should find Gaud. The criminal must’ve visited him, no doubt.” All the trouble she went through was worth for since she finally obtained some precious information and all that’s left to do was to find Gaud and question him.

The whereabouts about Gaud’s shop was gathered from the residents who had met him and traded with him before. It was located just outside of the town, hidden away from everything and honestly, it was a tough area to search for. When she opened the door, she was greeted with a soft ring of bells that were hung up on the wooden doors. The place was old and antique with unique items attached to the walls for decoration. ”Can I help you?” A voice emerged from the shadows behind the curtains, deep and low and a man walked out revealing himself. He was dressed in robes, the hood of the cloak partly concealing his face. Snow progressed to the counter and placed the drawing in front of him. ”Have you seen this?” Her voice was stern and solid and her eyes icy cold. She noticed how the man’s eyes flickered down onto the insignia on her hand, a slight grin drawing onto his lips. ”I dare not mess with a Blue Pegasus mage. I have the item. I shall return it to the you.”

Snow exited the shop with the crest in her hands and Vul quietly rested on her shoulders as usual.


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