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What is Magic | Alek

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

What is Magic | Alek Empty Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:07 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Thanks to Magnolia Alice remembered a lot more than before and even though she still suffered from amnesia, the most important cases were now known to her. She couldn't remember how she survived, she could only remember faces, no names yet, apart from Lacie and Selena. Besides that there was enough other things to think about and with her amnesia she definitely learned to live in the here and now. Or well that's what she tried.

Dressed in a dark green pair of trousers and a white coloured crop top together with her leather jacket, she was outside, walking towards the city from the bed & breakfast. She wanted to find a new book to read so she planned to go to the bookstore first and see what else she would do. She was thinking too much about the past to figure out the future that today she wasn't looking at the here and now.

She was walking slow for Ophelia was walking herself. It was nice to stay outside Magnolia a little and walk to the city and the busy streets that came with that. It didn't take that long to arrive in town and it also didn't take that long to go to the bookstore, it did take quite some time to find a book that she wanted to read and it also took quite some time because she had to keep her eye on Ophelia as well. She simply picked one of the classics that she had not read yet and went to pay. Before she left the store, she put Ophelia in her backpack, her companion was still having her head out of the backpack as well as her tiny little hands which she swung left and right as she was humming a Cleffa song.

Alice was now outside on the busy street, looking left and right to think about where she should go. She could go back to the smith and view his weapons and armour to find something interesting but she didn't have enough jewels for that probably. She sighed, what to do today?

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#2Aleksandr Sokolov 

What is Magic | Alek Empty Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:15 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr was standing in the street across the library. He had just got himself a book from the library about Magnolia. It contained the history of the town, places to visit, a map and detailed information about the geography. It also had information about the economy. In short, it had all the information about the town. Tarkus was sitting on his right shoulder while Alek was reading the book. He was currently reading the history of the town, he was pretty interested in history. After all, it was his favorite subject. Suddenly, Tarkus decided it was a good idea to disturb him while he was reading and run free in the market. Well, it wasn't. Alek got distracted and his book fell off his hands when Tarkus used his shoulder as a platform to jump into the ground and run away. Now, he had a choice to either run after Tarkus, or pick up his book. Finally, he decided he would do both.

He picked up the book as fast as he could and chased after Tarkus at full speed. He was literally running as fast as he could, little did he know, that Tarkus would be do something Aleksandr would regret. The little creature would ram into his brother's 'girlfriend', on the stomach. Or if she had dodged, then Tarkus ram into the ground. However, it was unlikely that she would be able to the dodge, but it was possible. The reason was because she would not be expecting a creature to come out of nowhere, and ram into her.

In one of the two scenarios, the first one in which Tarkus rams into Alice's stomach, Alek would run to find both of them collapsed, or not depending on if Alice had the endurance to still be standing when Tarkus rammed into her. If that happened, he would mutter to himself while she was on the ground or in the sub-scenario of the first scenario, standing "Well, that was unfortunate. Oh wait, she's Konstantin's girlfriend. I hope he doesn't get angry on me because my pet rammed into his girlfriend's stomach. Let's see what she says." and if Tarkus didn't ram into her and rammed into the ground, he would pick Tarkus up and rub the creature's head, he would chuckle "Good job, man."

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

What is Magic | Alek Empty Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:58 am

Adelaide Sokolov
As she finally made the decision that it was no harm to simply look, she turned to her left and take a few steps, she frowned as to why people were parting but before she noticed why, as she was not looking at leg height but more towards shoulders, she felt a pain in her stomach, a push and some other collision feelings and she fell backward on her bum. She had one eye closed as in to collect her feelings of pain and stare at the creature, it was a Cyndaquil and this one looked familiar, mainly because she had never seen another one before. Thank god for herself and Ophelia did she only fall on her bum instead of completely backwards for the Cleffa was in a backpack on her bag.

She held on to the Cyndaquil to look up and indeed see Aleksandr coming towards them, "I hope this means he likes me?" She said to greet him, not entirely sure waht this would mean as she find it quite an awkward moment. She let go of the Cyndaquil and got up, her stomach definitely felt sore and you could see a red spot on her stomach as she was wearing a crop top. She quickly sipped up her leather jacket to avoid showing off that red spot. "Nice to see you again." was the best she could say right now.

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#4Aleksandr Sokolov 

What is Magic | Alek Empty Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:57 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
"Wow, I'm happy Tarkus didn't anger her to the point of insanity," Aleksandr muttered to himself. He then smiled and replied to Alice "Yeah, I think he likes you.". What Alek actually thought that his companion just rammed into her accidently. He wasn't really aware as to how he rammed into her. But he knew that his companion did ram into her. He smiled and decided to help her up and offered his hand to her, it was up to her if she would take it or not, though. He replied to her "It's nice seeing you again as well, how have you been?"

He started looking around where he was and smiled, almost all people here was gone, probably because of his companion. He found it pretty amusing that people had to go because his companion was raging wild. He was barely containing a chuckle right now. He had noticed the red spot on her stomach before she put her jacket on it, and said: "It must have hurt, right? I hope it doesn't hurt too much."

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

What is Magic | Alek Empty Mon May 01, 2017 8:50 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Aleksandr offered her a hand and she accepted it gladly, it wasn't as if she couldn't get up herself but a nice gesture was well obviously nice. She looked over her shoulder first to see if Ophelia was doing fine, she even let go of one of the straps to get her backpack half in front of her and lift the little Cleffa out of the backpack and placed her on the ground since the street was almost empty. "Oh I'm doing fine, doing every day business and so on." she answered his question about how she was doing, "And you, enjoying Magnolia?" man she hated this city but she tried to hide that, no one had to know, Kon might have guessed but that was out of the question, she didn't want to ruin her mood by simply being there. It wasn't as if the city had done her wrong, it were some people in it. She tried to refrain herself from sighing as she thought about such heavy things and simply smiled at Aleksandr as she quickly hit the spot on her stomach, not fast enough.

"Oh no, it's fine. I can handle some things." She was actually rather curious to know him, for now she was trying to casually check if the brothers looked like each other apart from hair colour. She would have to figure that out through time, because she agreed that they didn't for now. She wasn't good with comparing people, only with Lacie and she didn't want to think about her poor sister much longer. She watched Ophelia shortly before deciding it might be nice to ask Alek to drink somewhere, whatever he wanted, he probably was fan of Vodka too... she would rather go for a coffee right now. "Would you like to go for a drink somewhere?" They had only met once before but she was dating Konstantin, it might be nice to show some effort to get to know his brother, for as far as she had seen they were very friendly to each other.

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#6Aleksandr Sokolov 

What is Magic | Alek Empty Mon May 01, 2017 10:16 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
"Well, I'm glad you are," Aleksandr said with a smile and looked at Alice. They were meeting for the second time. Alek didn't know much about her.  Of course, he did want to know more about her. Tarkus climbed up to his shoulders and Alek didn't even move slightly, it did tickle a bit though.  She then asked if he was enjoying Magnolia. This town was fine up till now, nothing bad had happened to him. But, nothing good had happened. He just shrugged and answered, "Nothing special has happened to me, but I'm doing quite okay here." She was his brother's girlfriend, so of course, he didn't want to look like a douche in front of her. Which in turn can lead to him getting a scolding from Kon or something else. He didn't want that, not one bit. He looked up at the sky and said: "The weather's quite pleasant today, don't you think?" He was just trying to instigate a conversation between them.

Aleksandr also wanted to know more about Alice, seeing as she was Kon's girlfriend. He wanted to know her well, so he could maintain a better image in front of people he meets, or family. His reputation was bad enough already, he didn't want it to be completely ruined. That was when Alice asked him if he would like to go for a drink, what? He stood there trying to form an answer with his left eyebrows arched up and his right eyebrow where it was. "Umm, sure." was his answer only because he wanted to actually get to know her more. But, of course, a drink can't hurt? It'll be pretty good if its Vodka, or maybe she had something else in mind, He wasn't gonna be picky here, and let her choose what she wants to drink.

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

What is Magic | Alek Empty Thu May 04, 2017 12:18 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was quite interested in his Cyndaquil so she was a little bit slow when answering about the weather, "Oh definitely. Better than a few days ago with all the gray clouds. I'm glad spring is coming along." DON'T! talk so much.. she thought to herself, how to make good impressions, how to keep that smile on her face because damn she wasn't happy at all with Magnolia, alright answers were there but that was about it. Entering a church where they tell you, you are a demon in front of yourwell boyfriend, not the best thing to do.

To distract herself from thinking about the disaster that Magnolia brought on her shoulders, she invited Aleksandr without thinking to have a drink with her, she wasn't entirely sure why she did it apart from the fact that she was rather interested in getting to know him for well a few reasons, one because he was obviously Konstantin his brother, two he was a Rune Knight as well and three his magic. They used the same magic and she had never met anyone else that used Requip magic like she did. How did he learn it, was he born with it? Was Magic something you were born with? She had been very bored and stuck with not being able to do anything when she was sixteen and it had taken her two years and well it was now again two years later after that and she still hadn't been able to find the best armour nor weapons that she would like to.

So she invited Aleksandr, she wasn't entirely sure if he wanted to or if he said it out of politeness, "If you have something else to do, please don't worry. We could perhaps meet another time. I do know however that there is a bar close by. We could go there?" She didn't feel as confident as she always did, which was technically speaking a shame if you asked her at that moment. She picked up Ophelia in case Aleksandr made sure that he would come along and they would go to that bar, she wasn't entirely sure what she would drink but she would see once they were inside. She held Ophelia close to her chest as she want to let her be free of the package of her backpack, something that she always used as a way to transport the little Cleffa.

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#8Adelaide Sokolov 

What is Magic | Alek Empty Sun May 14, 2017 11:13 am

Adelaide Sokolov

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