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Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]

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#1Tristan Cyrus 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:08 am

Tristan Cyrus

Era was another historical town full of twists and turns for the young fire mage. He looked at his map really confused where he was exactly. Tristan was trying to find the meeting spot where he had found the other day before sending out a invitation to some of the members of Blue Pegasus to form a team. He was in the guild for several years, but never really gotten to know any of the members. He needed to form new friends within his own guild. No one liked to be alone. The golden blonde man paused in his tracks to take a good look at his map without running into anyone. "Alright, I have no idea where I am. Where am I...I passed there...hmm..aahh...Ah ha! That's the place" said Tristan, pointing to the map.

He folded the map of Era and put it back in his pocket. He wore a long sleeved button up shirt with his black vest, kahki pants, black shoes, and a loose red tie with his long golden blonde hair. He was the definition of Blue Pegasus. Good looking and charming. Most would think he was a womanizer and he had the looks and personality of one. If he wanted to, he could have the prettiest and most beautiful woman in the world, but he chose not to. One he was a person who look for both looks and personality and second, he knew some woman were greedy for a good-looking man such as himself. Strolling down the streets, he would enjoy the nice spring sun and hte fresh cool air of the crisp late morning.

He neared a small cafe with outdoor patio with olive green umbrellas some of them were opened up to avoid the bright sunlight. This was the place. It was called "The Classy Smoothie" known for the best fruit smoothies and slurpies on the hotest of summer days. He would sit outside with open umbrella to avoid the sun shining in his eyes. "I wonder if anyone gotten my invitation to come here? We'll see in a bit, I hope they do" he said to himself with a smile.

#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:01 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
A young man was running over the small roofs of Era which were colored in a wide array from red to blue and even some pink ones. The streets flowed through each other without much structure at first but if you take a closer look to everything you would eventually start to notice the fine logic behind everything.  The man jumped from roof to roof in his white sleeveless hoodie with black tight leather pants. The young man had an odor around him from fresh fish and he was athletic build while pretty tall for a guy. He was holding a letter in his hands and looked at it regularly while he navigated over the city. The man was slightly sweaty and puffing from the hard running he was doing. He finally stopped after a while and was looking at a building in the distance with an intense look in his eyes. Behind him a small lizard-like animal showed up jumping up from the road below. “So we finally made it then, is this the place we are expected?”, the lizard said in a low voice while pulling his skin pants a bit higher. The man looked behind him and nodded to the lizard. “Yeah scraggy, this is the place where they should be waiting for us. I wonder who all came and who we are gonna meet?”, the man said in an exciting tone while his eyes were sparkling with interest and the corners of his mouth were perking up.

The man jumped down, landing graciously in a head roll and then on his feet in a matter of seconds which revealed a few of his agile capabilities. The building he was walking too was covered in olive colored umbrellas and wasn’t too big either. It seemed not too crowdy. The man had no idea who to look for as it wasn’t that much described in the letter. But there was a man standing out of the crowd. A man the ladies would call a handsome prince he thought. Well, hopefully, he didn’t have the mind of a charming prince. the young man approached the man and waved to him in a manner of greeting while scraggy was just looking around. “Hey are you the blue Pegasus mage who called out for other people?”, he asked the man while he was taking in the appearance of the person in front of him. He had a fancy look all written over him.

#3Venus Rosé 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:42 am

Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

“….A heavy golden chain lay around his neck. From it, cased in gold, hung an amber-coloured crystal larger than a man’s clenched fist, with a heart of flame.”

The maiden paused and raised her head upwards as her stormy eyes wandered aimlessly around her. The amount of people has increased and the day has only gotten hotter each passing second. In her hands was a book that she had been reading for the past few hours and so far, her companion had been enjoying the novel just as much as her. Vulpix pawed at her wrist, as if she was begging her to read more but Snow was too distracted by her surroundings.

Trees engulfed around her, shielding her from the sunlight that blared down upon the streets of Era. The wind blew through the land, lifting up the sand and dry leaves that were scattered on the road. She could hear the clamour of market even from this distance. The sellers yelling, ”Pears! Pears! As cheap as you could get! and Fish! Fish! Freshly collected from the sea!”, while the customers tried to bargain the prices as low as possible. Cheers and laughter roared within the area and men betted on games that were possible to corrupt their entire lives.

Her eyes glided up on the roofs of the town and noticed a tall figure dashing over the buildings. With long, silver hair blowing in the wind, Snow thought he looked familiar. ”Chel?”, murmured the youth, her eyebrows raised in curiosity. The last time they met was at Hargeon and she remembered how the two of them spent Halloween together at a festival. Closing the book on her lap, Snow placed Vulpix on her head and began following him. She wondered why he was here and what he was doing in Era. The other Blue Pegasus mage was fast but Snow could easily catch up to him without any trouble and soon she would find herself standing in front of a small café.

”Chelvaric?” She called out for him, his back still facing her. In front of him was a young man, seated at one of the tables of the café.

#4Tristan Cyrus 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:00 pm

Tristan Cyrus
Tristan looked up at the sky past the olive green umbrella just thinking. His mind wandered onto many different things such as what he should eat for lunch or what kinds of birds lives around here. The man closes his eyes for a second just dazing off taking in a moment to think about what his next song should be. Something calm and soothing, the type of song people would listen to when having a bad day and they want something to put them at ease. He was a musician. He always thought of new lyrics and beats that would spark his interest. He was getting the hang of learning violin as he just mastered the piano.

Little did Tristan know someone was jumping from roof to roof. He was too busy thinking up possible lyric for his next song. He heard someone jumping or rolling showing off their abilites. Tristan did not see this. Though, he heard something, but thought nothing of it. A voice then made her jump out of his skin. A few heart beats skipped making him twirl his head and sigh in relief. "Scared me there. Sorry. Yes I am actually. I called a new Blue Pegasus mages to meet here to form a team. Hello, I'm Tristan Cyrus and who may you and your little friend be? Your companion is quite adorable" he smiled, getting up from his seat.

Tristan held out his hand to as a friendly gesture to shake hands. His blue eyes smiled at the fellow mage before him. Right as he was about to shake hands with this man he heard a female voice in the distance. Tristan's eyes perked up to see a beautiful young woman with eyes like silver diamonds and hair blue as the sky with an adorable Snow Vulpix on her head. She seemed to be looking over in their direction. "Can we help you milday? Oh wait, do you two know each other?" he asked. Tristan's face looked relaxed and giving a smile to the woman seeing her beauty. Unlike most men, he was not going to hit on her just yet. It would have to be through his actions that spoke, not words such as cheesy pickup lines. He was not going to assumed if they were from Blue Pegasus just yet. The one that seemed to be named Chelvaric, seemed to be from the same guild he was, but the woman was unknown. A good possibility she would be, but she could also e from Fairy Tail or Lamia Scale or even a Rune Knight. They could know each other through a job or something along those lines.

#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:58 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
He ran his hand through his hair as he saw the man a bit jumpy from his sudden talking. The young man gave him a bright smile before grabbing the hand and shaking it energetically. “Oh sorry mate, I didn’t mean to scare you..”, before he could finish his sentence he could hear a lovely tone spinning letters that weaved his name. Chelvaric turned his head and saw the young and beautiful Snow standing not far from them. It had been a while that he had seen the rather cold girl but he still saw her as a friend so it was very pleasant to see her again.

“What a surprise snow! ”, he yelled to her but first turned back to the man that was also looking at Snow. He felt a bit of a lightning bold through his body but he ignored before grabbing the man’s hand and shaking it harshly. “My name Is Chelvaric and this is scraggy. The girl who’s coming is also a Blue Pegasus mage called Snow.”, he said and after shaking the man’s hand he turned around to snow who was close behind him.

“Snow it’s been so long! Where have you been, we should catch up! Oh sorry before I forget this is …. Trostan? Ah no Tristan , yeah he’s a fellow mage, Why don’t you join us in our talk’s here? If that’s not a problem Tristan.”, Chelvaric said in a long breath and smiled really big in the meantime. It seems a very lucky day meeting a new fellow mage and re-meeting an old one. Scraggy was looking suspicious to the little fox on Snow's head and they were both giving looks to each other. “Hey can you not forget to introduce me human!”, Scraggy said in an annoying manner of speaking. “Oh, yeah sorry this is Scraggy a little pest of a demon.”, he said to Snow and a bit to Tristan as well. Scraggy stuck his tongue out and crossed his arms but realized that his pants were gonna drop and pulled them back up just in time.

#6Venus Rosé 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 6:07 am

Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

As silver pools crossed over the gaze of sapphire, fused with diversity of colours, Snow found herself lost within his eyes for a brief moment. The young man was attractive; golden blonde hair that cascaded down his neck, gorgeous blue eyes and a tall physique. She exchanged glances between the two men, both handsome enough to attract all the ladies’ attention. The blonde broke the silence first, questioning her if she knew the other man. ”Ah, yes.” The girl responded while Vulpix remained silent and watched the scene before her.

Chelvaric would finally notice her sudden appearance and began introducing her to the young man in front of her and him to her. The blonde was called Tristan, or so she was told. Frosty hues glided over to Chel as she tucked a loose strand of cobalt hair behind her ear and directed her question at him, ”It’s a surprise to see you here. What brings you to Era?” How long has it been? She pondered. Both Chelvaric and Snow departed without each of them knowing the whereabouts of the other for months. The last memory of him was faint, yet it was still in her mind; the night when they watched the fireworks together at the festival.

It appeared that the other gentleman was a fellow mage, just like the two of them but she was unsure whether Tristan was from Blue Pegasus or from a different guild. ”By any chance, was it you who sent us the letters?” Snow reached into the pocket of her bolero jacket and pulled out a sheet of paper that was neatly folded in four.

Her attention shifted towards the creature standing beside Chel. Cerulean locks of hair fell past her shoulder as she bent down slightly to take a good look at the animal. ”Is that your new pet?” Her voice rose out of curiosity, pleased that she was finally able to meet a person with a companion. ”This is mine. I call her Vul, but she’s a Snow Vulpix.” With gentle fingers, Snow brought Vul down from her head into the palm of her hands. Vul began to curl up in her hands, hiding herself away from the attention she was receiving.

”Do you mind if I take a seat?” She questioned Tristan, her voice softly-spoken that the words were barely audible.

#7Tristan Cyrus 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Mon May 01, 2017 11:19 am

Tristan Cyrus
Tristan only smiled at Chelvaric seeing he was overly excited. This is what he wanted originally was to get to know some of his fellow guild mates. The true excitement came from when the beautiful woman came calling his name a few times. Chelvaric emitted with over excitement, more than Tristan had ever seen anyone. The two of them met eyes as she smiled with a calm yet caring gaze nodding his head. "I sent the letters. I don't know any of my fellow guild mates and would like to well... get to know then and perhaps for a team" he answered to her. He met eye contact with each of them and did not studder. Those speech classes really did pay off.

He smiled at the cute vulpix on Snow's head. "Oh your vulpix is super cute. What's her name" he asked, polietly. He was careful to not startle the creature but was gentle. He found Snow very beautiful with the color eyes that had never seen before. When she mentioned her name, he smiled at it as held out his hand to let her sniff. "Vul. That's a sweet name. I have heard of these creatures being rare or just not that common as the first choice of pet. All these companion makes me want to get one of my own" he smiled. Snow asked if she could take a seat as he nodded taking a seat himself. "How did you two get your pets anyways" he asked.

#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Tue May 02, 2017 1:01 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at Tristan first ,as he explained that he was the one that wrote the letters to them. It seemed Snow didn’t know it yet. He looked over the Vulpix closely as she was speaking to him. The vulpix looked realy cute and had a soft fur. It looked softer then anything Chelvaric had touched before. He wanted to pet the vulpix so bad. His hand was itching to reach out. “Oh, I am in era because I got the letter from Tristan as well. I presume you’re here for the same reason.”, Chelvaric said to Snow and then listened to her as she was speaking about her snow vulpix. He was interested but stil felt a bit uncomfy about Tristan. He didn’t know the man yet and he didn’t like strangers that much. You know a cat doesn’t like it when another cat takes a pee on his place. It sort of was that kind of feeling. Just not as strong as that. That didn’t mean he hated him or anything it was more an animal instinct.
“Oh I kindly gave permission to the human to tag along with me after he put up a good fight against some demons. I thought the human could come in handy”, Scraggy said really full of himself while holding his pants higher a sign that he was buffing himself up. “Hey Scraggy what did I say about lying.”, Chelvalric said as he gave a tick on the companions head. “ this is a small demon I captured not long ago. So I am still training him in his manners.”, Chelvaric said as he took the seat next to Snow who wanted to sit down. “Well I am sure you’ll eventually get a pet yourself Tristan.”, he  said and he motioned to a waiter that he wanted to order. “Now tell us what kind of mage are you”, Chelvaric said with a serious tone and a deep look into the man’s eye’s.

#9Venus Rosé 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Tue May 02, 2017 8:05 am

Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Once Snow was seated, she raised her hand in an attempt to attract the attention of a nearby waiter and ordered a cup of lemonade. A fruit juice was always refreshing on warm days, especially under this heat. Strands of sweaty hair struck to the back of her neck while her clothes clung to her boy like a child to its mother. Snow hated the summer much more than anyone else; how she can get sunburnt so easily, how the objects get so hot that she can’t even take a seat properly on a bench and even when she sits still, she will begin to sweat. Despite all the reasons, it was a season where the flowers bloom beautifully, the skies clear and the time when people flock up to beaches and pools.

Soon, the waiter would drop by with a cold glass of lemonade. She cupped the glass in her hands and sipped the drink from the straw. The juice traced its way inside her mouth and instantly, the coolness soothed her chest like no other as she savoured each drop of lemonade on her tongue. Vul was on her lap, reaching for the table with her tiny paws while Snow was too busy sipping on her drink.

In spite of sharing the same guild, Tristan was no more than a stranger whom Snow have just met. In fact, she barely knew any of the members of the guild apart from a couple who previously formed a team with her, which was disbanded just as fast as it was created. Since then, she had lost contact with everyone apart from Finn. When Tristan asked how they obtained their companions, Snow briefly mentioned how she discovered her in the middle of the woods. She was a woman with very little words which is why she choose to remain quiet most of the time and the words she speaks of are concise and straight forward.

”A team, yes.” She paused, taking another sip of her lemonade before adding, ”It sounds like a good plan.” Snow had accepted the offer although she wondered what teams actually do.

#10Tristan Cyrus 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Wed May 03, 2017 6:25 am

Tristan Cyrus
Tristan noticed Chelivaric was getting a little irritated with him talking to Snow about Vul. He only would back away know the signs. Personally, it was just his nature to be a gentleman towards any lady he sees no matter how old they are. They would take a seat as Chelvaric's little pet started to speak about his human tagging along assuming he owned Chelvaric which make him chuckle a little. "Of course" replied. Snow was not much of a talker from what he noticed and he wasn't going to push her to talk. He ordered a coffee and a small donut. The waiter was quick to get it. The coffee came with a few creamers that Tristan used to make the coffee less bitter and more to his aquirced taste.

Chelvaric wanted to know what kind of mage he was. He looked extremely serious as Tristan put down his coffee getting very serious himself. "That's a rhetorical question, Chelvaric. I could answer in many different ways, but I will answer how I first interpret this and will be honest. I am a low rank mage who holds simple fire magic skills. Personally I specialize in Offensive and Supplementary spells but I do have Defensive and Speed Buff: Spells up my sleeve. I take my job serious and do everything I can for my guild, been in the guild for a few years. How about yourselves? You may answer this question if you wish. I am not going to force anyone to talk" he said. Then a smile crept onto his face in a gentle fashion thinking about his father's words. One cannot make it alone, but a band of people can. The mage relaxed sitting back and took a sip of his coffee. His blues eyes went from Chelvaric to their pets and the Snow. "That's why I thought a team would do to help enhance Blue Pegasus's mages even further. Like the old saying goes 'Two heads are better than one' or more than that in this case. I know coming out like this is a bit bold for some of you, but how else was I going to ask? I only mean well and its up to you if you find my offer worthy" he smiled.

#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Wed May 03, 2017 11:59 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
When the waiter came Chelvaric ordered some cold thea milk mix. It would be perfect on a hot day like this. He needed some refreshment as he couldn’t bare a direct sun for too long without falling asleep. He could take a really nice and long nap right now and not care about anything in the world. He took a sip of the drink and felt first the sensation of the milk rolling over his tongue but deep inside it was a small hint of honey. It tasted marvelous he sighed out and listened to Tristan. Ah, it seems he was the type to filosofy about a lot of stuff. But fire magic that was interesting. “I am a technomancer. I use companions to fight for me and I use technology with magic. My magic is mainly other buff and supplementary so I am made to work with other people.”, Chelvaric said to Tristan and snow while taking another sip of his drink.

Chelvaric listened closely to what Tristan had more to say and thinked about it for a bit in tought. It was true that it was a bit bold to just come out like that. But chelvaric didn’t mind that it was better to get to the point than waste time by circling around it. At least he wasn’t a bluff talker. Chelvaric liked that in people. It seemed snow already had made up her mind and found it a good plan. Well if they all were sure of it already why not. “It won’t bother my naps much and we can get work done faster with more people so why not. As they say, a lazy cat is a good cat ”, Chelvaric said to rebound the saying that Tristan was making. Chelvaric let out a breath and became relaxed again. “Well, now that is out of the way we should think of a name for ourselves. Why not the merry cat’s”, he said jokingly while smiling about his own joke proposal.

#12Venus Rosé 

Calling all Pegasuses! [Snowflake, Chel/Private]  Empty on Thu May 04, 2017 4:24 am

Venus Rosé


Beyond The Sun & Stars

Her hands stroke the soft, gentle fur of her companion while the conversation continues among the three. Snow took another sip of her lemonade and contemplated about her magic for a brief moment. Tristan was a fire mage whereas Chelvaric was a technomancer, which were surprisingly interesting magics on their own. Snow had read about abilities relying on technology in books before but she had never seen it being used in front of her eyes. It seemed that she will have to observe the abilities of her peers and see how they should fight as a team together.

”I use Wind Magic, mainly on speed and offensive.” She spoke, tucking the few loose strands that fell on her face behind her ear. ”I’m C-Rank currently.” The youth added, her attention drifting away from the scene as she inventoried her surroundings. The town was as alive as before and beads of sweat glistened on everyone’s forehead and many faces turned red due to the sweltering heat. Snow wiped the perspiration off her face with a tissue and attempted to cool her face by fanning herself. The breeze blew warm, announcing the coming of summer’s hottest days. The spring heat was already unbearable to her, she wondered if she would even be able to exit her house during the summer.  

Does having a team mean having friends?

The maiden wondered. Snow had never been familiar with the concept of having people to talk to, not to mention – having friends. Somehow, the thought made her happy and she felt excited to begin her journey with the Tristan, Chelvaric and their own pets. ”Yes, we should decide on a name for our team.” Snow agreed to Chelvaric’s suggestion. ”Not the Merry Cats though.” She glanced over to Chel, clearly showing her disapproval. ”Do you have any ideas, Tristan?” Once the name was decided for the team, Snow stood up from her seat and prepared to leave. "We'll seen each other again soon, I suppose." With that, the girl and her fellow companion disappeared among swirls and eddies of people on the streets.


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