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[Private] Singing in Era

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#1Faust Noire 

[Private] Singing in Era Empty on Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:45 am

Faust Noire

Era. A town that was often considered a city thanks to the landscaping and structuring of the skyscrapers in comparison with the rest of the country of Fiore, the only exception to the comparison being Crocus. Just outside the Rune Knight headquarters was circular field, capable of housing enormous loads of visitor. It totaled to be about ten meters in diameter. The scenery was a great sight for most eyes, had there not been an anomaly in the equation. The nude warrior paced the outskirts of the Rune Knight headquarters. His hand clasped around a wooden instrument and the instrument clasped around him, courtesy of a black strap. With his acoustic guitar, the Coyote strummed up the basics four chords and proceeded to sing his song.

It wasn’t everyday that someone saw a naked man playing the guitar strumming along to Spanish songs, but Faust made dreams into reality. An unspoken calling was thrown out to all the women in the plaza, particularly those who had a thing for his accurate pronunciation of the complex words that escaped his lips.

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#2Constantine Librorum 

[Private] Singing in Era Empty on Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:35 pm

Constantine Librorum
Well... he said he wanted a change of scenery... And looking around... a bit of the same. His face held a bit of a glum look about it as he practically spun around, his dragon companion had flown off after dropping him off within the city proper and he had taken it upon himself to study the sights so to speak. It seemed Era took after Crocus a bit, though not as fancy as the capital city obviously due to being the militaristic capital of Fiore. Teiho honestly felt a bit at home here, with the random military drills and odd research officer scurrying about, he could tell this was a place of purpose and expansion. But as he approached the headquarters of the military police for Fiore, a strange sound began to fill the air and pierce his ear drums with it's foulness.

"What in God's name?" He whispered to himself, unsure what the commotion was but knew it was something he wanted out of his life immediately. As he searched for the source, he missed the clearly naked fellow playing a horrible spanish guitar in the middle of the clearing as it had apparently garnered far more attention from the locals than it should have.

#3Faust Noire 

[Private] Singing in Era Empty on Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:18 am

Faust Noire

Most people considered a man like the Coyote the weird one, but his definition of weird was brought to his very eyes the moment a man with the spunkiest hairstyle set foot in Era. How the guy wounded up here was a mystery itself, but not one that piqued the Coyote's curiosity. What did get to him, however, was the Illumin-forsaken mess that he could call hair. The only resemblance it had to anything 'normal' would be the color; snow-white, matching the very hair that enveloped Faust's head. As his eyes were glued to the freak show, the nude warrior didn't realize the crowd that stepped foot into his safe space.

As he turned and saw the multitude of people hanging about, the Coyote realized that people may recognize him from the event that had only happened weeks prior. The terrorist that ignited the whole bombing act could be spotted in a flash, despite the fact that he was in a totally different uniform back then. Thankfully, the Coyote always had a back-up plan! As his head pierced through the guitar, the fox mask situated within the guitar slipped onto his face. It was an almighty plot from Faust's eyes, but to everyone else, the naked man just became ten times more idiotic, needless to say.

He let the birds from the bash fly away, coming back to his senses fully, before he made the next move. "Hey, you!" he called out. Pacing over to the kid with the crazy hair, he decided to start stuff that may or may not have been ideal, considering he was just outside enemy territory. "Your hair is U G L Y."

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#4Constantine Librorum 

[Private] Singing in Era Empty on Tue May 02, 2017 6:54 am

Constantine Librorum
The crowd seemed to be far more interested in the singing of the young man situated in the middle of the garden, something that Teiho was quite honestly not really trying to deal with. The situation had already slightly ruined the wonder of the moment. Sighing, he was turning around to head in a different direction, having mentally planned on returning when the area wasn't so noisy when the singing was stopped and then replaced with a rather smashing sound of someone reacquainting a face with lacquered wood. Stopping in his tracks, he'd turn towards the now stunned crowd as the man at the center stumbled out with a mask on his face in the visage of a fox. Well this was a new and rather interesting development. Whether someone had struck the man out of lack of patience or he had decided to show his own skull the broadside of his guitar Teiho would not know, but he did know one thing, the man's skull would hate him for it later.

He was going to go back to walking away when he was addressed by the young man, the boys poor attempt at anthologizing him about something that he had had only a short while fell rather dully on his ears. He shrugged at the young mans assessment of his hair before finally turning towards him, "And what of it?" He'd ask simply. After dealing with that man Roman he knew that these kinds of folks wouldn't stop until they got what they wanted and thus decided to humor the man for a few minutes as he glanced down at the underside of his upturned wrist, the gleaming watch face displaying the current time to him before he nodded. While he was of course wandering aimlessly, he did have a schedule to keep to mind you so this would have to be quick.

#5Faust Noire 

[Private] Singing in Era Empty on Wed May 03, 2017 7:34 pm

Faust Noire

"It's ugly, I said." Faust repeated once more. He'd had enough of the boring lifestyle that Era Town presented him and decided to take it upon himself to be the change. After all, the saying was 'if you want the change, you gotta be the change.' As to regards of the man with the mohawk, he had a few words of his own to say. It had no accordance to the personality of dark mages like Faust Noire, having been in a number of more intimidating scenes. Nevertheless, something about the freak of nature did not click up with the Lycanthrope. Continuing the taunt once more, he'd question the brat. "Are you deaf?"

But again, something about the fellow albino-haired male was off. In fact, he turned to Faust as he asked Faust what about the crazy hairdo. That took guts, but guts don't exactly put you in the best situation. And in the eyes of the Coyote, this was where the brat currently laid. In a horrible situation. Faust decided to further push the problem, advance in a way that would form the drama he was in search of. With a wave of his hand and a flick of his wrist, he attempted at a push at the chest of the brat. "You're ugly."

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#6Constantine Librorum 

[Private] Singing in Era Empty on Wed May 03, 2017 11:35 pm

Constantine Librorum
The young man seemingly moved closer, a threat intended and met with ample response as a blade materialized within Teiho's hand. He wasn't too keen on being walked up on and a good offense was as good as a good defense. He'd take a precautionary step back away from the young man, his sweeping blade held within his right dominant hand. While it was held behind him out of view, it was still positioned in a way that if he was accosted he could still attack with it quickly enough to injure or maim someone. While he normally wasn't on edge like this, he didn't have time for people to test his ability to fight, and after dealing with Roman, he figured that taking the necessary measures to keep people away from his personal space were more than sufficient.

Of course, it seemed the young man was adamant about antagonizing him about his hair, as if that mattered at all. He wouldn't let it get to him as the boy would step into his bubble, hand raised to push him albeit lightly as the young man wasn't in the necessary stance to do any damage. Teiho had two options at this exact moment: He could de-escalate the situation, back away and not remove the young man's hand; or he could ramp it up to 100, and say fuck the police. The hand inched oh so closer as a decision was made, and it was either a sigh of relief, or a gasp of indignation, neither could be understood as his body moved on it's own, his defensive measure seemingly enough to keep him out of harms way as his body slid his left foot back behind and to the appropriate side of his right, keeping his shoulder width stance and allowing his right hand to come to the forefront as his blade swept about below and out of eyesight of the young man just before it would potentially come resting just below his right side of his in the nape of his neck.

It was a warning gesture, and postured as such, of course if the young man moved forward into the blade, that was not his fault, and if he continued his act of aggression, that was also not his fault. He would not speak, allowing his actions to be a warning in and of themselves as the blade would keep him from making any extra gestures with his limbs without warranting a swift response from him in kind, and with his left hand free, he could still willingly react and counter attack if the young man somehow found a way around his blade.

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#7Faust Noire 

[Private] Singing in Era Empty on Fri May 05, 2017 11:01 am

Faust Noire

Teiho responded accordingly to the situation presented to him; a blade formed at the end of his right hand, an act unbeknownst to the Coyote because his line of sight did not permit such an action. An action that Faust was able to perceive, however, was how the opponent took a step back. Thoughts flung through the Coyote's head like bullets on a battlefield. Scenes from the events just a few weeks prior were still vivid as day in the brightly-enveloped mind of the nude warrior. They were reminders of what ruined him, breathing out and eating him from within. His hubris was his downfall, a fact undisputed. While it was a constant fear to lose, it was also an unspoken drive.

In the short moment that the push was attempted, the opponent pulled some fancy footwork and took a step off to the side. A physical weapon was brought into the equation, able to be discerned due to the wonderful nose and smell of steel. Faust realized then and there that he shouldn't have pushed his luck like he did with his first mission handed from Icarus himself. With that in mind, he also took into account that backing down wasn't the plan either. He started it and it was up to him on when it ended.

His back straightened, acknowledging then and there that the brat deserved more credit than Faust gave credit for. The straightening of his posture looked conceding, like a white flag of sorts. The goal there was to lower the enemy's guard. Two fists down at his side, the left arm immediately turned into an elbow strike to the abdominal area of the man of color. Whether it connected or not, the Coyote's barrage wouldn't stop there. A little footwork of his own, the Coyote placed his own left foot behind the right and with a fabulous twist, his right fist would connect to the same position as the initial attack. Jumping back three meters was how he'd end the flurry of hits. His left leg was placed in front of his right, shoulder-width apart. Weight was constantly shifted from foot to foot as his form bounced to and fro, to a rhythm. His hands were open, palms that also bounced about. His eyes solely concentrated on Teiho, Faust would see how the events would play out.

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#8Constantine Librorum 

[Private] Singing in Era Empty on Sat May 13, 2017 12:45 pm

Constantine Librorum
[Hit Claim]

The altercation would be over in an instant. Whatever the young man thought he was doing or planned to do was for naught. Having already decided what he was going to do to the boy before he was even assaulted. He tilted the blade suddenly so that it was a flat plane before flicking it up into the boys chin, slamming his lower jaw into his upper jaw with enough explosive force to send his head jarring back. There was no flicker of movement from his arm as he did this, thus making the whole action invisible until the shock of pain would course through the boys body. Due to the location of the strike, the boy would be immediately jarred, his brain literally jarred against the back of his skull rendering him unconscious instantly. His body would likely slide back onto the cool grass behind him and lay there as the crowd looked on with shocked faces.

It was a common enough thing for Teiho that he wasn't even phased by it as his blade dissipated into the ether as he stood up from his stance. Not even bothering to regard the young man with a second look, he'd turn away and head in the opposite direction. Maybe a bar or book store was open further down that he could go to?


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