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Eyes Wider Open [Mission:Solo]

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Eyes Wider Open [Mission:Solo] Empty Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:10 pm

Again with this! She was to go see Khalash Saton, the old man that always seems to need help. She swears that she’ll someday see him as her grandpa by the time she’s done helping him. She already does call him ‘old man’ like some old friend. Her long brown hair was straight down as the chocolate color and caramel highlights shined by the rays of the sun.

Arisa crossed her legs as she sat down on it. She was curious on what was in the backroom, but she would respect his words She felt like she wanted to respect the old man’s request. Hours went on by though as she would sit there. Once in a while she would get up to wander around the shop with eyes on the door as well. Her ears would perk up once in a while to pay super attention to the noises around her. Nature was her own as nature was within. Surely her mind was lost as her vision went blank.

‘’Let’s go twinzy! We gotta find Alice.’’ Spoke a girl by her own age or so it seemed. She wasn’t sure. ‘Twinzy?’ she thought as she was listening to this ‘flashback’. Was it another one of those flashbacks that was darkened by her mind? Her vision was still dark though, she couldn’t see anything. ‘’Arisaaa-nee!’’ she would hear once more from some sweet voice. Who was it exactly? She wasn’t really sure, but then a blazing light blinded her eyes. The area was filled with sunlight and there stood a girl who looked almost exactly like her. A bright smile appeared from her lips as she saw the girl. Eyes watered as if she knew who she was yet her mind couldn’t comprehend names…just the face.
What was with that memory or flashback? She wished she knew what it was about or why she was getting them. Did she have a twin? Was it possible? Why would her memory or brain make a mess out of her life to where it’d forget something like that? There were a lot of questions to ask about all of it. She would continue walking towards the shop and this time she was to do something else. The last time she was there? That was another memory that felt like it was just yesterday. Was it yesterday? She believed so.

Before she could find it out, she was shaken out of the flashback by the doorbell. Her eyes saw some teens walk into the store. ‘Wonder what they want.’ She thought softly, tilting her head. They started to walk up to her. ‘’Yo, old woman. Let us through.’’ Spoke one of them in a rude tone. ‘’Excuse me?’’ she responds as she cocks an eyebrow. ‘’You heard him. We’re going to go see what’s in the back room before the old man gets back.’’ A girl spoke. ‘’Haha, yea.’’ Speaks another. ‘’Uh no…’’ she would say and glare. ‘’Get yo punk asses out of here.’’ She would say and stood up straight. Slowly she’d crack her knuckles and then walked towards them. ‘’Uh…yea…ok..maybe later.’’ The leader of the teenagers spoke as they ran out. ‘’So rude…’’ she spoke softly under her breath. Soon it was midnight with Khalash coming in. ‘’Hoho, everything seems fine and hey, I got stuff.’’ He’d say with an old mannish smile. ‘’Here ya go, Arisa.’’ He’d say and gave her the jewels. She would nod and grabbed the reward, leaving.

Or so that’s what happened last time. She swore if she had to go after those damn teens again, she would freak on them in the most calming fashion. She was wearing the same clothing from that day. She wore a black crop-top, latex black pants and some heel boots. Her eyes would look forward as she continued to walk and then he was there, standing by his door. ‘’Oh hoho, there you are again. So there was this item that I paid for fully. It appears to be a fake! How folly I say. ‘’ he started and walked towards her as she walked towards him. As soon as they were about five feet away from each other, they stopped. ‘’I need you to watch the shop for me and they may appear. Get my money back for me please.’’ He would say, bowing his head a little. ‘’I must be off. See you later.’’ He would say at least and left. ‘’Well then…’’ Arisa would say as she would corner her golden hues to watch him leave. As soon as he was gone, she’d enter the store and watch it again. Her boots would click clack as they hit the wooden glazed floors. Her heart would beat normally as she would try to relax. ‘Wonder will they’ll appear.’ Arisa wondered softly and tilted her head up. She was leaning against the same wooden desk as she sat on last time. Hours went on by with no one out of the ordinary visited. Soon enough someone roamed in quietly. ‘’I’m here to discuss the item.’’ The dark voice spoke. ‘’So you’re the one.’’ She spoke softly and yet calmly. ‘’You seem familiar.’’ He spoke and squinted. ‘’Mm? Me? I don’t know what you’re talking about.’’ She would say back and turned her head away. ‘’Mmm…’’ he would say thinking. Arisa wondered on what to say as she would then look at him… ‘’Well, I don’t think it’d be good for your business if someone, a bird perhaps would go on and say your wares are fake. False. Whatever they wish to call it. Let’s just give the poor old folly man the money back and be good.’’ She would say with her golden wide eyes placing upon the unknown man’s. They were dark to her for some reason. The man seemed to think of something, but no matter what it was, he agreed. ‘’Indeed. Fine. Here. Take it and I shall leave.’’ He would say as he would flash the jewels towards her and left with that like some shadow bombed by light. ‘That was easy.’ She’d think as her would lean over the counter, press her hand on the lacrima orb and alerted Khalash. ‘’Oh hoho. Great. Good indeed. Here.’’ He’d say as he appears, giving her the reward. Arisa would nod, take it and then left.


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